Google Assistant On Nexus 5X

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“What s up guys as you know google announced that when i released google assistant assistant on most android devices running android 60 marshmallow i m gonna enjoy 790 yet i have it on my nexus 5x and i m gonna show you guys what it looks like what s up dr. Seuss would never turn 103 this week. I ve compiled some fun facts in his honor like holly. Wrote green eggs and ham after his publisher bet him he could write a whole book with only 50 words.

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What is your name i m your google assistant ok who made you i was made by a team at google who is google ceo. The ceo of google is sundar pichai. What is the next next that s coming out this is the top result. Ok google.

How what are you it depends on how you look at it google was founded in 1998. But i was launched in 2016. How much would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Thank you for the stop for question every woodchuck is different each with their own hypothetical chucking abilities still from my read of the literature.

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What are you wearing google i like to wear my heart on my sleeve. What kind of men do you like i tell you if i knew when are we getting married this came back from a search. Well that s a gas that was google assistant on my nexus. 5x it s also available for any other devices stuff of enjoyed.

60 marshmallow or android 70. Nugget. If you like it give it a thumbs up it doesn t squad button from a video like this anyway. ” .


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