GOODBYE Nikon Trading in $13,000 in Lenses

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“Are we going we are on our way to allen s camera. Because i have have a shit ton of nikon f gear f. Lenses to trade in and i a lot of people sit there and they re like well you re gonna shoot sony now and you gave up on nikon and the truth of the matter is i ve got like 13000. An f glass that we use in the studio with our z6 is adapted.

But the truth of the matter is i want to trade it in so i can bank the money now in store credit. So that when all the new z glass comes out like the 70 to 200 28. And the 1 4s and the one twos. I can just roll that money right into new nikon glass because even though i m shooting sony now that doesn t mean i ve given up on nikon or that i ll never be back because i still love the freakin nikons.

I love the colors i love the tones. I love the clarity. The glass is awesome so that s really why i m just trading this stuff in to brandon at allen s camera. How much gear you draining in a.

Lot what s it like seven lenses or. Something it s like 13000. New. I think i paid for it.

But that that s interesting because one. I never thought i would own so much gear. Because when i when i worked at allen s camera you know as a salesperson. I would somebody would come in on a tuesday and be like yeah i like to get that new 24 to 70 and that 70 to 200.

And that s four thousand dollars. And i d sit there and be like how the hell do they afford that you know i m standing there as an employee in my mid 20s. I m like i have no money like how is this even possible this is what i hope to have to be able to do one day and the whole point was while they re working photographers that s their profession. That s what they were able to do and it was pretty cool.

Where it s pretty cool now to be able to be like oh..

I want to go buy a lens. Because i work and have some money and can and can go do that everything you know back here hold on my dad s calling let it ring down. Yeah. It s mambo number 5.

Yeah dad we re recording in the car. Yeah hi. I m bass. We re recording in the car.

Ah. But what are you recording well taxicab confessions. The taxicab confessions as steven says. I m on the way to that s why i m on the way to alan s camera to trade in like 13 thousand dollars worth of nikon glass okay and what are you trading it in for i m trading it in for store credit.

So that in the future. When nikon comes out with newer glass for the mirrorless systems. I ll be able to just use my store credit. Yeah you ll have a credit for it.

The whole time yep. That s cool. Yeah okay all right do you remember the first stop you re going to stop over no. I m not gonna stop over today.

We re not doing i don t have time to do that today you didn t bring the hatch. No the hats. I ll bring tomorrow okay that s right you re doing you re a loser tomorrow. Yep.

Alan s appaloosa is tomorrow okay we ll be there very good do you remember the first lens..

I ever bought no it was a an 82 202 eight that i saved up like 900 for okay. And the point. I bring up is that part of you were trading today no i actually traded that in a long time ago. But that brings up a good point and the point is that i couldn t afford a lot of stuff back in the day.

So i started with one good piece of glass and then i traded that in for another good piece of glass basically you upgraded every time along the way yeah because you save money that way. And i always tell people it s glass glass glass glass glass. You never trade in you never trade in glass towards camera bodies because bodies get ready for class. Yeah always trade in glass is that anything shit.

Some artists world squirrel squirrel. No i don t know what that is is that alright. Wow. And i was trying to be on my party.

Obviously i m seething yeah failing yeah. That s true that s nice. But not succeed downloaded that all right oh you couldn t worry i m losing you in the car. Let me call you back when we re done filming all right all right he s gone anyway.

That s what happens my dad calls and well yeah so anyway just what what what we were talking about right. There is that it s all about the the glass and when i couldn t afford to buy new. I would go to allen s and i would see what they hadn t used like an 85. One for that i could get for 500 or 600 off the regular price and that s how i build up my bag of glass.

I couldn t afford new so i just invested it in good glass that was used that was basically clean and good to go so that s how that s how i built everything up and and now it s time to trade in what i ve got to prepare for the future of mirrorless and that s why we re on our way to brandon s at allen s camera. So the funny thing is i have this hoarding mentality. Sometimes when it comes to gear. I just like to look at it on the shelf.

But then i also learned that you can t be romantic about your gear..

And that s why i trade bodies and as soon as i as a new body comes out and in this case. This this all of these lenses. Though they work great adapted. I hate using an adapter especially when i switch over to a z lens.

And so. It s just smarter for me right now to trade in the stuff that we re not using like the 35. One four or the seventy two twenty literally the entire hebrew trinity. Because i actually like using the the 51 eights and the 85 one eight and the 35 one eight even though i gave you know a lot of shit to nikon for making those one eights.

They re very good lenses and i prefer to use say the 35 one eight over the 35 one four on the on the full frame on the mirrorless just because i think it s sharp as hell. Though i can t wait till. The z lens is upgrade to the one fours and the one twos steven red light means stop if it s yellow. I stopped because i don t want to go through a light.

Most of the time i just feel like it s safer you stopped at a red light. I mean that s why it s there when it turns yellow. I don t want to speed up or i don t want to go through the red. I d rather be a cautious safe driver especially because i m blind enough as it is like i want to make sure that my depth perception is on can you read that i can t even read that sign can you read that so what s it say wait for green probably.

I m just assuming that s what it says cuz. I see a green thing and i can t read the the letters. Oh. I got a turn signal yep.

There you go and here. We go we re pulling up to allens a mom and pop store. That is one of the last of the mom and pop stores to be around in the united states. But i still go here because i want to support the mom and pop store even though a lot of us do shop at the big places online for things that we need quickly sometimes or if allens doesn t have something.

But if you want to trade in some gear..

Like i m doing definitely check out allen s camera give them a call tell them the fro sent you drop them an email do whatever you need to do because i want to support the mom and pop store as much as possible and you could always train in that stuff for new stuff. And it just makes it better. Oh yeah and always back into parking spaces. Because it makes it much easier to get out when you back in because if you need to like get out of here.

Quickly you can just pull straight out unlike. The guy next to me. Which is stephens car. He just pulled straight in yeah.

The proper way is to back in. I i kind of learned that from greg cos. Ill. Oh.

So there you have it traded in those seven pieces of glass nikon. F. Mount stuff. As much as i love looking at that stuff on the shelf.

And having access to it it was just time to trade good glass in to bank the money and store credit. So that when the new z glass comes out i can just come back into allen s use my store credit and walk away with some of the new mirrorless glass. But somebody s gonna be happy when they come in here and pick up my used glass because i took really good care of all that stuff so if you want it it s here at allen s if it s not here. Anymore.

They probably have some other use glass for you to pick up or you could always trade in some of yours towards something else. But i m happy now it s time to go home. ” ..


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