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“Music applause applause look here hold on let me read this applause. How did your your friend become a dragon amir always no friend of mine. Mr. Ostrow was a source of annoyance amongst a seer and body of her life never had some voice question head how did this dwarf become a dragon.

I don t know for certain though i m wager his penchant for stealing magical artifacts had something to do with it must have stolen a trinket from the wrong banyan goddess applause yes sir oh yeah wheeler or bug let s do it well scrounge around a bit more and we ll build something whoa that well. I don t think she can hear you lad the helms must only retain. But a small portion of their owner..


And we do the rest is in transit to valhalla to try and fix the mess left by their absence. Music music music music. Thank. You friends you have saved.

The valkyries citroen. How did this happen well here is that you you have been freed that freedom comes at a price milady you speak truly countless winters. We serve the old father..


But only through his union to the queen did we ever taste some measure of freedom. But aren t you the queen. There has only been one queen of the valkyries the goddess freyja when odin severed her wings. I served in her absence.

But it wasn t enough for the all father he used an archaic piece of magic corrupting. My sisters i tried to contain the damage by imprisoning them in places where they could cause no harm. But soon i lost myself as well seeker and i m sorry for being so worthless..


I could have done something or tried at the very least what will you do now. I must reunite with my sisters together we can restore balance to the realms you have the eternal blessings of the valkyries well we did it i suppose you don t sound. Very happy about it it s difficult to be happy about anything when you re a reanimated head. I m grateful we were able to set the valkyries free but so much of this could be avoided only you said it yourself head it does not matter anymore.

But past is the past wow. It s awfully cheerful coming from you i am in a good mood. The doors will make use of this out..


It dies. A wee bit single minded isn t alive. ” ..


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God of War 2018 has 332 Collectibles – 51 Odin s Ravens, 45 Artefacts, 21 Nornir Chests (Health / Rage Upgrades), 34 Legendary Chests (Runes), 15 Favours, 11 Jotnar Shrines, 9 Valkyries, 3 Dragons, 39 Lore Markers, 38 Mystic Gateways (Fast Travel Portals), 16 Shops, 18 Realm Tear Encounters, 7 Hidden Chambers, 13 Purple Language Cipher Chests (unlocks Mespelheim / Niflheim), 12 Treasure Maps (covered in separate guide).

Finding all collectible locations unlocks the following 13 trophies:
Beneath the Surface [Bronze
Death Happened Here [Bronze
Trilingual [Bronze
Idunn s Orchard [Silver
Quick Tempered [Silver
Dangerous Skies [Silver
Like Oil and Water [Gold
Curator [Silver
Allfather Blinded [Silver
Unfinished Business [Silver
Treasuer Hunter [Silver
The Truth [Silver
Chooser of the Slain [Gold

God of War 2018 Collectible Guide Playlist:

Full Overview u0026 Text Guides:

Nothing is missable! You can collect everything after the story in free-roam.
This all-in-one guide shows all collectibles per region. There s a collectible tracker on the map for each region (but shrines/language ciphers/treasure maps aren t tracked). By following this walkthrough you ll get 100% game completion and all collectible trophies.

This guide assumes that you have already beaten the story. It s recommended that you collect everything after the story in free-roam because some collectibles require skills that are unlocked later in the game. In many areas it s impossible to get all collectibles on the first visit. There are a few areas you can t go back to but none of them have collectibles. Note: there are more purple language cipher chests than you need (only 8 required to unlock Muspelheim / Niflheim, after the 8th they just give you upgrade materials, so it doesn t matter if you don t pick one up).


#1 – Raven 1/1 – 0:05
#2 – Purple Language Cipher Chest 1/1 – 0:40
#3 – Realm Tear Encounter 1/1 – 1:15
#4 – Lore Marker 1/1 – 1:26
#5 – Dragon / Favor 1/1 – 2:16
#6 – Shop 1/1 – 4:46
#7 – Mystic Gateway 1/1 – 5:31
#8 – Valkyrie Queen 1/1 – 6:25

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