Gigabyte vs. MSI – RX 570 Comparison

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“You re gaming on a graphics card from a few years ago and have about about 200 or so burning a hole in your pocket and these polaris. Refresh rx cards might be on your radar are the potential replacement. While there aren t a ton of them to choose from at this time usual suspects msi and gigabyte both have multiple models on the market and today. We re going to pick two of them head to head to see.

Which card is right for you so first let s introduce our combatants for this video both of the cards in question. Will sport. The same base specs that are standard for the rx 570. They were both built on a 14 nanometer process with a 7000 megahertz effective memory clock operating on a 256 bit bus.

They both require an 8 pin power connector and both manufacturers recommend a minimum power supply spec of 450 watts. You ll find the same 2048. Stream processors in both along with 32 compute units. As always though each company has done their best to make their products stand out from the crowd.

This is the gigabyte rs rx 570 4g. It sports. The older windforce cooler design from the rx 480. Including twin 90 millimeter fans but ads on the rs backplate with copper cooling module we ve seen on some of their high end pascal cards like the gt x.

1080 extreme. Edition. The cooling plate is a love it or hated affair as the bare copper is exposed for the world to see and although. It undoubtedly provides some amount of utility and passive cooling.

Some people certainly would rather just have the backplate be entirely black. The base plate and copper heat pipes..

Do make direct contact with all relevant components on the pcb. Including the v. Rms. Memory modules and of course.

The gpu die. Itself. The shroud has already be lighting on the sides. Which is controllable via gigabytes rgb fusion software.

However as noted before with the copper backplate. There are color accents on this car. That you can t change in this instance in addition to the copper. The shroud has touches of orange in some spots.

The stock configuration of this card is gaming mode. Which clocks. The polaris chip at 1280 megahertz. If you d rather tack on a small overclock without any real fuss overclocked mode can engage.

Which bumps. The court at 1295 and the memory to 7100 all of my pre overclocked testing with this card was done on the stock gaming mode settings that looming shadow behind the rs card is msi s version of the 572 gaming x. Those are you familiar with the now infamous msi twin pros. A cooler design will instantly recognize this card as an msi product as there s no hiding that trademark black and red scheme.

Although they do offer special colored editions of this cooler on some of their cards. Like the gtx 1070 quicksilver..

If you don t want to pay a premium for color neutrality. You re unfortunately stuck with at least some amount of red in your system. I ve asked msi for years to start making this cooler design in an all black variety as their standard card. Or even maybe black and white or black and gray or something along those lines.

I ve even gone so far as to try to paint away the red in some instances. Which is now made much more difficult by the fact that these little doodads over here are translucent and have led backlighting this particular card sports 8 millimetre copper heat pipes contacting the gpu base plate. But no other direct contact to the pcb components. There is a separate heatsink over the pwm however back of this card is bare.

Which is somewhat disappointing. But the front of the shroud sports. Twin fans that are slightly larger than the rs counterparts the msi logo on the side of the card has rgb capabilities. Which i m actually a little bit puzzled by given the bold red accents all over the place here the gaming xrx 570.

Comes with three separate performance profiles as with gigabytes offering the standard mode here is gaming. Which puts the frequency at 1280 one megahertz. Oc mode is 1293 megahertz and silent mode is twelve hundred and forty four megahertz so it looks like both of these cards stack up pretty similarly as far as specs go. And that s to be expected given that they re based on the same chip surprisingly.

Though there were measurable differences in gaming performance between them at both stocked and overclocked speeds and even the ocaml themselves. Differed greatly with both cards installed. The stock fan curves left in place and frequencies sitting at 1280 and 1281 megahertz respectively. The msi card put up better number is then the rs card granted the differences are small.

But they are repeatable and consistent when i fire it up msi afterburner. However and spend some time dialing in manual overclock..

The gigabyte card was much more receptive to my tweaking. Allowing it to clock significantly higher than the gaming ex and outpace. It at overclocked speeds. Here are the results of my test.

So if what card performs better when stock and one card performs better when overclock is this a dead heat. Well not quite. The msi cards. They ve significantly cooler while under load in both scenarios.

Even though. It s bigger fans didn t make a noticeable difference in noise levels. While the rs hit the mid 60 s at load. When stock and mid seventies.

At load went overclocked the gaming x. Was hovering around 60 degrees. Celsius stock. And only about 66.

Went overclocked. So on the one hand. We have this gigabyte rs rx 570. It s smaller overclocks better runs a bit hotter and has some copper and orange accents on the other hand.

The msi rx 570 gaming x. Is larger performs better at stock speeds is cooler..

And is black and red in a trim that i don t see reversing itself anytime. Soon the choice comes down to what you value in a card. If you don t intend on overclocking your rx 570. And just want to faster performance.

The msi card is the clear winner on the other hand if you re a tinkerer and want to extract all the frames. You can add on your investment. Go with the rs brand or maybe you cancel the in black and red systems or think orange is for noobs whatever your criteria for choosing a graphics card. The decision is best left to you now that you know the facts on how these two mid range options compare either way.

When you re looking at your screen. During 1080p gaming. And those frame rates are sky. High.

You ll be happy that either of these cards is powering your next build. So what do you guys think of the art. Five seventy are you considering building with either of these variants. Let me know down below in the comments also don t forget to like this video.

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