Getting Free PNG Images And Using Them In LumaFusion

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“Hello. There ladies and gents. I m tammy sip new skein. Thank you so much much for popping by mid channel.

Okay. This one s a request from omar alvarez of my subscribers. He asked how he can get some of the pee. Angie s going over into luma fusion.

Without having that white border that can be around some of them. So. What i m gonna do is basically walk you through what i do to bring over what i call a clean png over into luma fusion and one of the most important things that you need to look for before you even do the whole process of going through google images and checking out the different png s. That are available for free make sure that it s what i refer to as a clean image make sure when you re looking at that particular image.

It doesn t have that white border before you ever even start to download it and bring it over in so luma fusion. So let s go ahead jump over into google images and see what we come up with alright and the very first step is we want to get online to search for some of these png images. So let s go ahead and get online. And what we need to do is touch that little compass looking icon and that s going to bring us to the internet.

So in the search bar let s go ahead and type in youtube. Bell. Because that is the specific png icon..


That omar was interested in downloading so this is going to bring up google search so what i want to do is get to the images section of google and all i d have to do see right here right now. It says all let s go ahead and just tap the images portion of google. And this is going to bring up a lot of different options for that bell icon. What i m looking for now is something that i would deem a clean image.

So when i m looking at this image and he wanted something that does not have that white border outline around it so when i look at this image. I can see right off the bat. There seems to be a little bit of a white border around that so i wouldn t call that a clean image. But i see this particular image.

And you see this checkerboard back that means whatever program that you bring that into that s not going to be there that s going to be transparent. So that looks like something we re very interested in so. Let s go ahead and hit that and see what it says okay. And it says free download.

And that s exactly what we re looking for we want to download something for free. So let s go ahead and hit the visit icon right there. And this is going to bring us to their website and they re probably going to throw an ad at us or you know try to coax us with something else. And that s why they re giving it away for free.

But i m not interested in any of that so let s just go ahead and hit download right here. So you re just going to have to wait a little bit until that s done downloading it and this is going to show you what this particular image looks like how i save my images is anything that i m interested in bringing over into luma fusion. I put into my icloud drive..


So what i m going to do is just touch the screen. With my apple pencil and hold it there until a little option box is going to pop up now what i m going to do is hit copy. So now i basically have this in my ipad as a copy. So what i want to do is bring this over into my icloud and paste this to my folder.

Where i have all of the things based on my youtube channel. So now i m in my gear channel folder. So what i want to do is hit anywhere. That s not a video in particular just like in the corner here.

Where it s white and blank just press down your apple pencil or your finger and this new box is going to pop up just hit paste and that is going to paste whatever image you ve copied from your internet. And it s going to drop it right there into your folder. So let me go ahead. Now.

I m going to bring this up. And i am going to open it in luma fusion. Okay so it s still on the last project that i worked on that s fine and then you would just come in here. And this is everything that you bring over from wherever you import your footage from and here s the bail right here.

So i just want to grab the bail and bring it down onto my footage. And there it is so what i want to do obviously is make that a lot smaller. So i m just going to shrink down the size make it nice and small and that looks good and we ll just go ahead and put it right in the corner..


There that s how easy. It is you just have to copy and paste from the internet. Let s go ahead and see if there s anything else. There.

That we might be interested in let s just hit the back button. So they pretty much all look the same right. I think we can all agree. But let s just go ahead.

And do just one more i like the way that one looks that one s cool so let s go ahead and hit. But it doesn t say free so let s let s see what happens when we choose this one we might be prompted to purchase something no it says free download perfect. So let s go ahead and hit free download. And there we are so once again.

We are going to just tap. This and hold our pencil down hit copy bring it over into my file folder once again in the corner in the white. Where nothing is and just hit paste. And there it is so why i say up in the corner.

Where there s nothing where it s totally white because if you just hit anywhere you could tap on one of your already existing files. And now your going to see all of these other things here. There s nothing there that says paste it might be confusing..


That s why i always recommend that you just touch up here in the corner. Where there nothing else is paste and that s how it s done once again. I m just gonna go ahead and erase that because i just wanted to show you guys what it was let s go ahead and again bring this over into luma fusion. We re just going to size this down to size put it where we d want to put it oh.

And it s got a cute little shadow. There why i even like that better that s pretty cool and that s how simple it is to bring a png from the internet over into luma fusion. Listen if you re not utilizing your cloud. Why not you should you have five free gigabytes of space.

There just waiting for you to fill it up if you have an ipad. If you have an iphone. This entitles you to five gigabytes of storage on the cloud for free every month go ahead and utilize it especially if you re working with luma fusion. This is one of the best ways to work with your videos and quickly drop them into luma fusion to organize them it s i love the cloud.

I really don t know what i would do without my cloud space. Obviously i d have to find a workaround somehow. But using the cloud. It just makes it so much easier alright guys well.

If you have any questions or requests for future videos please leave them in the comment section below. I will try to get to them just as soon as i can ” ..

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