[Gaming WTF – Walmart cancelling FALLOUT 4 Pip-Boy Edition Preorders?

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“What s going on everybody my name is mundane matt and i just received a a very disheartening letter from a fan. He showed me a email he received from canceling his pre order for the fallout. 4 pitboy edition. Without any real explanation.

Other than sorry we re out of thuc and we re probably not going to get any more in but here with your money back okay thanks bye have a good idea don t forget walmartcom. Happiness happened. I shit like that is retarded stuff right so he asked me to make a video about it. And i wanted to confirm everything as much as i could so i contacted walmart myself spoke with one of the representatives provided the order number that he had given me in the email.

And yeah confirmed that the order had been cancelled he followed this up with an email back from walmart saying. The exact same thing. No explanation here none whatsoever they just cancelled it..


But it s not like he pre ordered the game yesterday or like a couple days ago. He pre ordered the game on jun 18th on jun 18th almost a month and a half ago. Almost two months ago closer to two months ago now he pre ordered the game so i m wondering at this point in time. How many other people are going to be affected by walmart com.

Or just walmart. In general not being able to facilitate the amount of pit boys now we don t know how many bethesda is manufacturing. We don t know all we know is that they re sold out and that they re not making any more now granted. If you are really really really inclined to get one.

If you have a 3d printer. There are some cad files available for it you can get that i guess looks pretty good actually. So this is what s going on right now if you are a walmart com..


User and you have pre ordered the game you are going to want to double check that your order is still valid is still accurate additionally you may want to reach out to bethesda to question them as to why. This is happening especially in the case of this particular gamer who pre ordered this item. Almost two months ago. Almost right after it was released or announced at least and is getting shafted.

I pre ordered mine days before he did so i am a little bit worried about mine as well. But i got mine through amazon. And i i think i m in ok. I haven t been contacted.

I did just double check mine to make sure my pre order was still available now granted. This is where the problem with pre orders. Lie is you ve got people that come into it early on and because of a rush of these physical items they get screwed and i feel really bad for this gamer because he got in before everything was probably sold out or he got in really really really early in the game and is now getting screwed because walmart simply can t figure out what stock..


It has so you know hopefully bethesda can come through. I ll be tweeting this video off to them tweeting. The information off to them. Hopefully you guys can help me out with that one help this gamer out because that is unfair.

It s not like this guys coming in late to the party. It s not like this guy showing up at eleven fifty nine on release day. Right and going like oh yeah. No i want to get my pitboy copy.

It doesn t work. Like that he got in early and is getting shafted. Because bethesda didn t bother to figure out how many units..


They were gonna need or they overdid it and he s not even being compensated anything by walmart here great they don t have to okay in the default. The fault here isn t on walmart let s be clear about that the fault here is on bethesda not closing off the amount of pre orders that they ve had by just letting it go crazy. And then this is a result of that okay because they can only ship how many how many numbers that you know how many units they get and unfortunately they didn t prepare properly so this is what s going on check your pre orders. If you ve got them and and definitely contact bethesda because this is fucking bullshit.

This is stupid and it needs to be addressed. But those are just my thoughts. What are yours let me know in the comments. Below and as always please remember to thumbs up the video subscribe to the channel share it around and if you like what i do here please consider supporting my channel in other ways links below in the video description.

Thank you guys again have yourself a great day and ” ..

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