Galaxy Tab A 7 0 – How to Move Apps to a Memory Card

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“Guys waiting here from h2 tech videos today. I want to show you how to to move an app to the sd card on the samsung galaxy to have a inch to do this we re gonna swipe down from the top upper right corner click on the settings wheel right here. And then we re gonna go to applications application manager and then in the downloaded list here. I m going to pick the app that i want to move to the sd card so i want to do netflix i m going to tap on netflix and you have this option here that says move to sd card go ahead and tap on that and give it a second make sure your sd card is in there and as soon as it s done you know it will change this button and then it ll say move to internal storage.

So that s how you know it has successfully moved to the sd card. So this is a great way to save space obviously this tablet doesn t have a ton of storage on it they played only has about 8 gigs and and the user availability you don t even get that much so definitely check out our other video as well and we ll show you actually how much storage. The device actually has as well alright..


So that s about it guys you see right here. Now it says multi device storage. That s how we know it s done it successfully. I do want to add a couple more things so we re gonna go back here.

So here s the thing you cannot move every single app. That you download to an sd card. There are limitations..


There was an update with android that was done this sort of limited which apps couldn t couldn t be moved to the sd card for example if i go to hulu. You ll notice the button is blurred out so i can t even move it so this is one of the apps. That are on the list that you cannot move and in fact if you check out this list right here. I have a list of these are apps.

That are not compatible to be able to be moved to an sd card so hulu yahoo mail spotify twitter uber these are some of the biggest ones however on this page i have a list of all the really popular apps that are compatible we ll see your facebook your snapchat your netflix your candy crush. All these apps can be moved even pokemon go and subway surfer so these are just a couple. I wanted to make that note because every app is not compatible so it s just important that you know this tablet is able to do it you just have to know which ones..


I did try to search online. I couldn t find a specific list of every single app. It really depends on the developer. What i encourage you to do is download the app and follow the steps.

I just showed you and then you can check to see if you re able to move it or not anyway guys. I hope you did find this video. Helpful make sure you like favorite and share the video..


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