Funny DirecTV Commercials Collection (Cable World Series)

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“Right listen up we all know that directv is better at this whole tv thing thing so to beat them we re gonna get bigger. We re gonna merge with world cable world i can t stand those guys little world they re totally incompetent that company stinks and i mean they smell i used to work there i had to breathe through my mouth. The whole time. This is going to be fun firing everyone get rid of cable and switch to directv call.

1 800. Directv all right now that we emerged with cable world. We are so excited to hear your big ideas and how we re gonna take on directv so over to you thank you full disclosure. We forgot to come up with ideas.

I mean we got messed up last night you re lucky. We re even here..

But we did bring breakfast bagels nope deal and eat shrimp. That s how i would have gone. But it s good its innovative and that s what we want here get rid of cable and switch to directv call one hundred directv this guy girl engineering says directv is so advanced that you could put tvs anywhere without looking at cable wires and boxes. In every room are they always one step ahead of us well because their technology s far superior or because they have someone on the inside.

It s not right kill. Sir i would never he s what i m saying to wyatt all right i m putting you in charge of the holiday party get rid of cable and upgrade to directv call. 1. 800.

Directv. Well directv beat us and customer satisfaction again for the 15th year in a row..

But we have a plan when our customers are on hold. Let s up their satisfaction with some new hold music that s glen from the mailroom. He s deejays on the weekends. So who is it it s glen from the mail room dj.

Billed wedding. You want he goes. By dj glen. He works.

Way downstairs. Get rid of cable and upgrade to directv call..

1 800. Directv. Our research shows that people really like how with directv you can put tvs anywhere and not see cable wires and boxes. In every room.

Why can t we get people to just say cables mabel s hold on hold on i really like what you re doing there because if we just add smaw in front of something it just doesn t seem like a big deal office monster. There you go cold sore cold smart. Yeah scotch much what i ll take some of that smart. All right thank you get rid of cable and upgrade to directv.

” ..

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