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“Everyone you re watching new egg tv. My name is jennifer and today. I m m going to be giving you a product overview of the fujifilm s. 8200 finepix.

So here s everything that comes in the box. We have your data transfer cable. The usb data transfer cable. I should say here s your software cd from fujifilm you can insert this or go to fugees website and download.

The latest version here s your product registration information. And also if you have any problems with the product fuji would like you to contact them directly. And they give a list of contact numbers for their company you get some multilingual manuals. The first round of double a batteries is on them.

It comes with your lens cap with your lens cap tether and also a detachable neck strap alright. So let s go through the features of this camera. I m going to start off with the physical specs. You have a length of four point eight inches width of three point four two and an overall depth of four point five six.

It weighs in at one point four seven. Pounds the rear screen is a three inch lcd fixed screen with 46000. Dots resolution it comes with four triple a batteries out of the box and it does not include your sd card. But it supports one storage slot for sd sd.

Xc and sdhc so talking about the lens..

You take the lens cap off. And take a look. We have 40 times. Optical zoom.

With a 24 millimeter wide. Angle and 960. Meter. Millimeter.

Telephoto the aperture for. Wide angle. Is. 229 and the aperture for telephoto is to 65.

With a macro focus of one centimeter. The sensor is a cmos. It s six point two millimeters by four point six millimeter. With 16 megapixel.

You have a native resolution of 4608 by 3456 and a light sensitivity of 12800. Iso. The motion capture is 1080p at 60 frames. Per second.

And a high speed frame rate of up to 480 fps max alright..

So going through your wheel here of choices we have full auto is at the little red camera sr auto comes pre programmed with six different scene settings for example if you want the cameras defaults for shooting. A landscape or sunset. That would be under sr auto. We have a programmable mode.

That s auto with programmable. Features. This is the shutter priority so giving you access to manual shutter control. While everything else.

Remaining auto and then the same here for aperture. This is full manual is on the m and c is custom mode. So you can set up a manual mode and then save it under custom this is for your panorama assist and this sp means smiling point so it s your smile facial recognition it takes pictures. When it detects that someone is smiling or all the people in picture are smiling.

This is your advanced mode. Which has a few different filters and also a 3d picture taking ability. So let s go through the rest of the buttons on the camera here you have your video recording button in any of your camera shooting selection modes. If you want to switch to video.

Recording you just press and hold this button here s your playback. So that you can see the pictures you ve taken or the video. You ve taken here. Now.

This is your wheel for scrolling through your menu options so you have your function selection here and then you re at the bottom..

You have your auto. Timer flash and macro setting and then this little trashcan indicates. If you are viewing a picture and you you know you don t want it you can select your little trash can and throw it away this switch is the display back so it ll go from one menu to the previous menu or to whatever you are previously looking at so. If you want to shoot back to your shooting mode that will take you there also if you re in any menu.

And you want to get back to shooting mode. Very quickly you can just hit the shutter button it takes you back to you know whatever picture. You were trying to take at that moment and here. We have you have your zoom in and out your tele and wider here on the side and also here on the top so depending on how you re holding the camera.

You can actually use it in two different locations now taking you around the front of the camera again when you re in full manual mode. This button. Here will scroll through your different options. So you hit it once to shoot your set your iso hit it again for aperture hit it again for shutter speed this is for your continuous shooting options here there we go that s better here and then of course on and off and before i show you some of the pictures that i ve taken with this camera recently i kind of wanted to go through some of the on the fly setting features.

When you re in manual. It s kind of nice up here. I showed you the plus minus button before well when you re in manual you can adjust these on the fly without having to go into the full menu of the camera by pressing it once you get shutter speed twice aperture and then for setting your iso on fly. You just hit it for the fun in here and then you can just wheel through and select okay or to get out of the these menus.

If you re in one of them as i said before you can go through the you know the regular menu system here and if you want to get back quickly to shooting. Pictures you can just select the shutter button. And then be ready to take a picture with whatever your last setting was all right so here. I have for you guys and a few examples of pictures that i took for a family trip to the aquarium.

The first one was at the restaurant..

We ate at and this was testing a low light on full auto and the camera selected an iso of. 100 an aperture of 29. And a shutter speed of 1 10. I think i probably would have chosen a higher iso if i was on manual.

But i have an example here of another example of the interior. Which is a crab inside the aquarium kind of difficult to shoot through the plexiglass. But i set the iso at 6400 and then gave it aperture. Priority the camera selected a 34.

Aperture and a shutter speed of 130th and it actually this came out pretty clear. The last example. I have is from the shutter priority setting and the camera chose a shutter priority of. 140th an aperture of 32.

And i set the iso at 200 well that wraps up this product overview of the fujifilm finepix s. 8200 camera. If you found this video informational or helpful please like it and subscribe to our youtube channel. Until next.

Time my name is jennifer and thank you for watching you egg tv. ” ..

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