FTB Sky Factory 3 Maximum Size Extreme Reactor! E34 (Modded Skyblock Minecraft 1.10.2)

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“My name is aekta welcome back to skies factory. 3. We are in the nipple nipple hub. How are you doing how is everyone i hope you doing well.

I you have a great all day. And i m having a pretty good day today not too bad now. Let s episode. We did all of this we did all this it is still going up let s just have a little gander.

I haven t really let this run much and but let s have a quick gander. So yeah. It s just just over cor a quarter now each which is it s pretty good and we are totally we are totally not losing any coal whatsoever. So that is keeping up with coal production fine like i haven t increased my coal at all.

But i think would be amount of them of coal that again from the void. Miners and from the quantum quarries. Not smart not a problem. Now.

There is there is a new thing. Let s have a look. So. This is this is the new platform new platform new build means new platform.

And you can see it is black. Where it s actually grey such a grey from random things so that would kind of i thought it would kind of suit. The can of you now. It s a basically we are building an extreme reactor today.

And that is you know industrial and i just that means waste. And you know all of that kind of business. So i thought some grey grass would look kind of cool. If you don t know how to do great grass.

That s how look grey spelt with an a not an e and where are you where are you so. If you click on that it doesn t actually show up. But what it does do what you can get is grey grass seeds. Now which i made from well grey die and grasses and grasses you just get by putting a grass block in that like that so i made a bunch and it does spread so i kind of laid out a lot of them and then just kind of spread them out now this platform.

There is something different about this platform that all the others and well basically yeah. This one is different from wheeler s and that is that this one is even so this has a diameter of 50 not 51. Not 49. The 15 that s because the extreme reactor that we are then the big building has it is basically it s 32 by 32 and kind of wits and links and then 48 high.

So yeah so first first even one so i just thought i d put that out there well put that out there. So let s have a little look. See what we re going to be doing is meet make some we need to make some patents extra lean. So i m going to be needing raptor.

Another cult casing definitely some that i m going to half and replication cook. Now very quickly that casing core loss. That s that is that okay bam. And we re going to have to make a process to make graphite.

Which is smelting coal. So that should be pretty easy again. What we re going to be using a lot of coal. But you know that s fine and then we have wrapped casing with any kind of glass.

So that should be just glass yes excellent there we go and then we need need some control rods. There we go i think our fuel rods reactor fuel rods that is the other thing that we need a lot of so there we go so that should all be good no come on there we go boom look at that look at how much space. I still have loads of space let s go to the factory let s let s just do this have i got any yes. I do yes i do excellent.

I need to actually smelt some coal so that i get actually let s err a smell a stack because we can put this in the ultimate coil and bun there we go look at that look at that that was so fast. I love it there and now let s get a speck of you and then a stack of whether it s called graphite. There we go oh actually man did that did that yes..


One for one is one for one yes. Okay good good good good there. We go right. So we put that in there that in there boom processing pattern.

Excellent stuff would put you in there bam. And then we yeah. We can make we can make all of it so. What i m going to do i m going to make a load of this and then i m going to kind of lay out the kind of design of it before i can start building this and we re going to be building this and i think two maybe three blocks off the actual grass and there s a reason for that which i will get to i will get to you just be patient and we ll get to that and so yeah and this design.

I found them let. It is not my own i have kind of tested it and it kind of does you know i m not too bothered about the efficiency of it. There s probably better design for that. But it kind of it takes a few boxes swimming first of all it kind of does the size thing.

Which is just the max one that you can and then the amount of our less excuses. Also is the thing so let me make some of the stuff. Let me lay. Some of this out and then there yeah we get to building.

It okay look at this beast. It is huge like it almost. I think yeah. It s just a little bit smaller than the top of the nipple hub and this thing is massive.

So it s 32 by 32 by 48. It is ridiculously large and it just and look here if we go here. See how the corner starts just one in here. And it starts just one in here.

It s like a perfect fit. And i didn t even measure that a total guess on my part. So i m kind of just going around now and kind of doing so the reason and the reason. I built it off the floor.

A little bit come on you know what i was thinking about doing a time lapse for this build. I thought hey not done one yet and this is the kind of build that is good for time lapse. But i find it really annoying that every now and again. Like you see i get the messages saying.

Oh you re not building it right. And what yeah hang on like i m i might i m in the process of building. It you don t have to kind of keep telling me and but apparently apparently it does so um. So we re not going to be doing a time lapse.

Sort of thing. I m just going to kind of build it but the reason. The reason i built it off the floor is because and the vapor of liberty. I found was doing my test world that it s way easier to kind of fill it from the bottom and from the bottom like this it s just easier so you can put your bucket like there.

And it just shoots up and that is just it s a lot simpler and i think it s cool. We ll we ll build some kind of stands for it or something yeah to make it look like it is ben. It is grounded it won t just be floating. Because that that won t do we can t have all of this cool stuff.

And then just like a floating thing like that i don t think that will do at all so i will be i will be rectifying that and but let s just get this filled in we ll be taken. We ll be removing a little bit of this at some point just so that we can actually get the air. The vapor of levity in is that all of it i do believe so i do believe so so now need the control rods. So the fuel rods that s it that s and this is where the actual fuel goes into and you can actually see it go into at the actual reactor does look cool.

I do like it it s a cool like a cool little animation. Thing and so we re going to do this. This is the kind of this is that the basic structure. See look there it again not enough control words.

Yeah. I know i m like i m building. It..


How d you expect me to have controllers immediately and i know it s because you know i m kind of i m doing stuff like that. Which is kind of annoying to it. But still bugs still bam okay like that go i missed one i missed one there we go. And there we go like that bam.

Okay. Now we have that so then we have this kind of a this kind of a pattern like that so you can see that s like all around so in these kind of sections. Here. A is going to be going vapour of levity.

So actually i shouldn t have i should have put this all all this glass here because we re going to have to remove all the leather no mind foot for now. It s fine. If i and then around here and we ll be going vapor of levity that s that s the kind of main spaces for it and then we have i think so we have another two here like that and then that there like that and then a double line here like this so. This you should be bring all the way across bam.

Like that and then you should have to like you and then you look at two and two and one in the middle is that correct have i done that right i believe i have and then this repeaWh here again. So we have we ll have that back and then a line across here like so oh eight half and let s not be you right now. And then we have another double line. Here.

Let s just do this. I just wanted to i thought it d be nice to do the beginning bit with you guys just in so you can see just so you can see i ve never done extreme rappers before and like i said a couple of episodes ago. So we have that like that and then we have so we d have that there and then another line here and that should be that should line up so i did that yes. It does huzzah and so let s go yeah all right all right with the messages.

I get it i get it you re not happy you re not happy. That s fine. So let me quickly do that i ve finished this off right. Then i have finished that so you can see all of this is kind of done.

And i ve also taken the glass out which is why you get the yellow rim and but it looks pretty decent and the reason. I can i say to do it like this is because once you get your builders. Wand is you can basically just pile. It up like that now unfortunately in this design.

It doesn t move the center columns. So we ll have to come back and do back and who ve all of those already so this is what i m going to be doing for quite a while now i m just going to kind of come and get all all of these. As many as i can go come on now it there. It is little bit more little bit more one more there we go and and yeah building up pretty much not right to the top till just just one block under that that s how it works.

So it s going to be a lot of fuel in here. And we get a lot of kind of crazy textures. Oh oh. I m getting.

I m taking again too close. Too close to the factory. And but yeah. This is what i m going to do and then at the tops of these go the air.

What they called the control rod things or something like that right at the top and at the side on the side. We re going to have glass. So that s something i will do and then i think we ll start to do the vapor of levity together at the same time. I thought that would be kind of nice to lightly start together and this corner hasn t done so yep.

This is what i m going to be doing for awhile. And there we have like an almost completed massive extreme reactor look at that it is huge. It is huge and it is absolutely massive. So now comes the laborious task of basically buckets lots of buckets of vapor of levity at the roof 544 buckets.

I mean i ve got one three yep that is it so my thoughts were to basically kind of do it like let s get my inventory sorted out what i m doing and sort it a little bit better there we go something like this so and the way it happens is settles there so that goes straight up like that see this can do a thing. So we just kind of go round like this basically. And i figured i would start with the easy ones and who do these sections here first because oh hang on hang on i ve done that wrong i ve done that wrong i think i ve done that totally wrong all that is irritating. That is irritating.

That is not a good start so obviously this yeah. This is the actual where that block is the actual thing itself so when you start there they need to stop there okay. So you can keep that in mind you keep that in mind..


Let s just do that that and that then get then get new ones. Then go bound much organize that that will be easier there we go and then come on come on that way that way yeah. There and there so that that is quite that is quite a task actually and then once that is done we can close it off there we go like this bam bam bam. And it s kind of hard to see you there you go so that should be basically done now.

So let s go to the top that s all the way up yep and and then on here. I ve already put the glass. So i m going to have to do that for basically all of these four sections and these sections are going to be attained to do actually and then all of these as well so that s a lot of that s a lot of buckets that is well 544 buckets. So that s what i m going to do with my plan now right that is all of those done that took like a minecraft day and night to do so now.

I ve got to do these sides. And i ve kind of realized that i m they re going to be worse to do that i kind of planned because i was just going to kind of put stuff there you know like i was doing around the edges. But that means the center will be done obviously and so what i m gonna have to be is i m actually going to have to put a floor in and they go in here and kind of do on here. Which will be that yeah.

It s going to be irritating. So that s i think how i m gonna have to do that so. Oh. My god i ve got some glass.

Let s just get a little bit of glass and just start this process with you so. And what s going to have to happen is that i do something oh my god no i don t let s just get that out quick because this will be a little bit faster. No go and is i m going to have to do this kind of thing on time basically. Which is kind of another small annoyance in doing this but hopefully hopefully will be worth it so yeah.

So i m gonna have to kind of do it like this like that i ve already put the glass up there so that is okay. But yeah. I m gonna have to go through and do that so and then basically do the sides as well and then i have to do that on four times. This is probably going to take a lot longer than the middle and because it s a lot more kind of buckets.

I mean it is in like one in one section. But um and i know it s a lot more bucket. So we shall see. But that s what i m going to be doing now and then we have it it is done.

It is a multi block structure you can see that you can tell because basically this kind of changes texture and you can see you get corner blocks. Here. Now. I had to do quite a bit of extra fastening to get this to work because a a the biggest thing that i didn t realize is that under the fuel rods you can see the fuel rods.

There you have to have reactor casing. So i had to take out a lot of the glass. Under here and put in reactor casing. Otherwise it did not work.

It jacquet can i coming up with an error. So keep that in mind. I did not know that and another thing is once that had happened at this bit in here. This is empty.

And what happened here you can see a book glass here and that s because there was snow that was there and the controller basically wouldn t turn on because it said snow is not a valid interior book for the thing so apparently problems from glass there kind of stops the snow from forming it can t form on the glass. So that all kind of keeps out it kind of looks a little bit ugly looks a little bit early. But it does work now here. I have my network receiver and i ve got an importer and exporter.

So i can import all of my area laurium. There this is a redstone flux power tap so i have this flux plug. Which will send all of the power. Absolutely ignore limit on and i put that nine and a nine just in case.

I don t know and so this should be basically going to our our storage energy storage. More up there that should work so i m gonna turn this on there we go and yes let s get not got as much yellow room as i had this actually takes a lot of your laurium to actually do i think i used about six thousand delorean just to make s so bear that in mind if you want if you want one of these now we are going to do this and that should be filling up well while stuff is happening because for the lag. There you go. It is filling up you can see it s filling up look at that look at that and i m doing like three frames a second.

But it is filling up. I think once that is full or you know i ve got no more you laurium left let s see how much it is using. If anything is at all..


Oh wow. I m almost. I m out come out. This is not even gonna fill wow.

Wow look at look at how much yeoreum that took just to do that. And that can go right up. Now the big thing. The big question is how much am i doing and i need to i need to put this i think to woods.

I believe i believe does that work is that work. Oh oh. I don t think. This is working for whatever reason.

Because of this no come on come on does this not work. The way. I thought it. Did.

Ha ha. Well. That is a bit of an issue. Okay.

Bear. With me okay. So stuff is happening. Now.

So basically. I think i needed a another access port. Not the corn port. I was i was silly so i think.

This is now set to explode expunge anything that i have this should take stuff this should put stuff in i do believe yeah now i think that seems to be working. Because this is producing that much and it s not as much as i want to because clean. I don t have the you laurium. I don t have to yell or in enough you know room for that so that is a bit of support.

Monk i am getting like a lot more. Energy though 300000. And so having 1 million. I need to work on i need to work on to make more well i need to basically make more a lot more getting a lot more you laurium and then we can fill this bad boy up.

And do that but otherwise. This has been a successful project like it s like a semak of kress. A demi success and an almost thing if we can fill that up which i m praising we ll be able to i might make a few more your own chickens and i don t know see if there s a another way to make this. Rat but once this is full this should make about 16.

Million. Our ethic which will be awesome so that s going to be pretty great so thank you so much for watching. I hope you ve enjoyed it if you know a lot about extreme reactors then i apologize to you space bombing. If you don t know anything about extreme reactors then i hope you enjoyed me making mistakes.

So that you don t have to and anyway. Thank you so much for watching. If you did enjoy a like a comment. It s always so much reciate.

If alle course make sure to subscribe to keep up to date with ryback 2 3. Still lots to do still lots to do thank you so much for watching. I ve been active this has been satisfactory three and i will see you in ” ..


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