Free Tidal Music Premium – How to Get Tidal Music Premium for Free – Android & iOS

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“Wood is going on guys in this video tutorial i m gonna teach you how how to get title premium totally for free see if you see over here. I have it i can watch. I can listen to every single song that i want for example if i want to listen to lady gaga. I can simply search for the singer and again i can tap on it i can press on play and if you see here.

The song is already starting and it is very awesome how i can get all these amazing songs and how i can watch them for free and in this video. I m gonna show you how i got this amazing app and how i got a subscription for free. I didn t have to pay anything at all and i m gonna show you every single step that you need to take from the beginning to the end on how to get on the premium version of title and this video. So if you see here.


Let me go to my account settings. Wait a few seconds. Let me find what the settings are all right let me go. There see if you see here.

I already have the premium version. It says here title premium. So let me show you how i got it. So you can also get tied the title premium for free in your phone.


You see here. There are all the features of the pre new version of the app. So first you need to close everything down open your browser and go to this website. Which is premium apps.

That vip so premium apps that vip is the website that you need to go once you re here you simply need to search for title. And i m gonna do the same thing right now once you do that you re gonna see that title is going to show up here you need to tap on it and then you need to tap on the start injection button basically we re going to be injecting the premium version of title in our phone. And that s gonna take just a few seconds and i m going to show you all the steps that you need to take for the injection process to start and to be completed successfully let s wait for a few seconds. If you see here it is asking us to complete the human verification for the injection to be completed.


We need to verify that we are not a part and that were an actual human. The website. So the completely human verification. You see of the offers from the list in my case.

I m gonna choose to download two apps and run them for 30 seconds each but depending on the country watching. This video from you might have different apps or different. Let s say offers to complete for the human verification to be completed and accepted alright. So once you re done with the first offer or the first app you need to go back to your browser choose a second app or offer to complete for the humor verification to be accepted so let me first for this part of the video.


While i download install and run the second app for 30 seconds. Because that s the way that i have chosen to complete the human verification right guys once you re done with both apps simply go back to title and you re gonna see that premium is gonna be part of your account so guys thanks for watching this video and don t hesitate to go and try it yourself. ” ..


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