Fossil Q Nate Gen 2 Hybrid Brown Leather Smartwatch first look

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” s up and do speed of hampi into here hate showed me some letters apostle apostle qs and i want to show you this one. I ve used it it a nate. What s up nate and it s a hybrid watch. And i wanted to show it to you because this one has actually become kind of my daily wear when i wear apostle q.

Now. I will point out a couple things here as i m unboxing a first of all this uh inner holders in the shape of q. Which is pretty cool. That s where the watch come and then you have all your books and guides.

Here you also have on the bottom a battery cover removal tools. However comes up. But you can also use you know a coin or screwdriver. Something like that but this is basically a nice little stinging steel piece and it s used to open up the back here so when your battery dies.

You can replace the battery so just kind of cool that they include that i think. It s nippy so all of that comes when you buy a possible q hybrid smartwatch. I m not going to go into all that if you want to see a full review not only on the watches. But then how to set them up how to use the app check out one of my previous videos now as i was mentioning you can see by the picture.

This watch does not have this strap on that anymore. I ve actually i you know the strap was fine. And it has kind of like these burnt edge. It s kind of this ornish orange brown.

And then it has kind of this black edge wasn t a huge fan of that sort of replaced if it didn t look bad at all..

But i just wanted to go with something a little more vintage ii saddle leather and here s what it looks like now. I do think these watches are pretty big you know in the fossil brand now if you know fossil owns several different brands they tend to be pretty big in the diesel hybrid watches as well they tend to be pretty big. This is like a 47 or 48 millimeter. And so even the air may not like that.

But i do like the black you know wears a little bit big. But i tend to like that. But it s also pretty subtle. You know as you can see there the gray hands.

The gray numbers and all that are pretty subtle. Now is this the band. I ll wear with this forever. No is that mean maybe maybe not first of all it just goes on with spring bars there 24 millimeter band so anything works with it you can definitely take it out looks like a stainless steel case and plated in black.

It has a little bit of a brushed finished all the way around kind of a standard style case looks like a chronograph because you have a couple pushers and then the crown protectors here as well hiding this crown here. But that s really only for activating your functions function. One function. Too and then also calibrating the hands and as you can see here.

Even. The bezel. Which does not move has a little bit of like this coin gear edge to it also brushed. You have a mineral crystal.

Sorry about the fingerprints flat slightly raised above the the case and then i like i said the screw off back portion here..

So you can get to that battery. And if you re wondering what kind of battery uses. I guess i can t tell you right here. But it s on the packaging get them at any drugstore.

So here is the the face of it again all black you know it s actually kind of a little bit like my diesel watch in that you know that one was like a gunmetal everything was gunmetal including numbers. It was actually really hard to read especially in anything other than perfect lighting. This is obviously better because the black helps contrast with the this gunmetal gray. So you have you know raised applied our markers and numbers.

Those are all in like a gray. They help stand out a little bit again depending on your lighting. It may not be the most obvious thing when you glance down. I do like that you re you know fitness meter.

An activity meter here is in orange. The alert and then the modes down here are in gray. Those are a little hard to read. But you do have a little orange nib on the end of the minute and which is kind of nice helps break up and kind of identify where it is so that s kind of a nice to draw your eye in there.

And you can see here. We ve got 24 hour markings around that outer dial. There s a little bit of texturing on this like kind of secondary chapter. Ring and then obviously a big wide flat dial here with the sub window.

I you know the sub dial..

There i really like it i think you know the reason i picked this one up is to be honest. I wasn t really impressed with a possible q hybrid watch selection. I do like them you know. But some of them were a little too colorful for and everyday wear and especially.

When you re a little older. And you re trying to match outfits and things like that and be a little tough and this one was kind of a verb you know if you just remove the band like i did here. It s just kind of comes down to a black watch. And then you can kind of match.

It you can put a black band on there if you wanted to eat it go very colorful and so the black kind of goes with everything. And it s a little bit more stealthy and and kind of blends into a professional environment. Whereas. Some of the like the blue one i really like the blue and the orange depression in the yellow.

But it s just a bit in your face. And so it s a bit bowl. Now you can go to like the armani brand as though saying or diesel or any of the you know chaps or any of the other brands. That fossil.

Essentially owns and find a style and a size up a little bit more suited to you like the skagen or skiing or what however you pronounce. It swedish. One is probably the style. I like the most but as we saw my issue with that is unlike all of the rest of the fossil q hybrids for some reason they don t do calendar words.

That s actually the only alert..

I have activated on the watch and that s because i don t want to miss my next meeting. You know is you have a three o clock. Meeting a four o clock meeting a lot of times those three clocks. Run right to the four o clock.

Markings. You don t want to be late and so. That s why i really use it now you could do something like that with a chronos wearable disk. I reviewed that too and it just didn t work for me it just the thing was not primetime ready and so this is nice because it gives me that solid vibration.

The hands move in my case to the noon position and it tells me that i m running late for my next meeting. So it s kind of a nice little tap on the shoulder to get up and get ready for your next appointment. So i really like that i think that s what they re really useful for you can have these leave them for text alerts phone calls and various other things. But i just use them for calendar.

Reminders so there it is it s a quick look at the fossil queue hybrid in black. I really like this one check it out i ll put a link to it in the description. If you want to pick up any one of the fossil queue hybrids follow the link and pick one up. I think you will be pretty impressed and the price point on them is ” .


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