Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working After Update – Fix (Chapter 2)

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“You re having issues with voice chat since the new season. There are some settings settings you need to change. I m gonna go ahead and show you them real. So we can go ahead.

And get the voice chat. Working. If you re new here. And you re like tech.


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I would really appreciate it if this helps you out here. We go let s go ahead just jump right into it so. What we want to do is go ahead. And choose the three ellipsis up here and go ahead and choose settings.

We ll go to settings..

We want to go ahead and choose the speaker here and you ll notice voice chat will probably say push to talk and on and it s good to keep it on. But you are going to need to push a button to activate it each time so i m just gonna apply. It here so if you re okay with that you can go into here. And let s see what the default button is believe.

It was t to you for talk. But i don t have it set up anymore. I think i use that for traps. So if you re gonna use push to talk it would be t and then you want to go in here.

So what you want to do is leave this on if you want it and just change it to open mic that way it will stay on all the time choose apply..

And you should be all set you can go ahead and leave this the default input default output that should work fine and then if you want in game or party chat. You can go ahead and choose that i usually leave it on game chat. And then if you want to voice notifications to pop up if not you can go ahead and just turn them off. I m gonna go ahead and keep them on and we re gonna go ahead and choose apply.

I m really enjoying this season. So i can t wait to go ahead and start playing some more games. Let me know how everything s working for you please leave any comments down below. If you have any issues.

I m currently going through and fixing everything i find so you can go ahead and enjoy your gaming experience and then later tonight..

I m gonna be playing like crazy. So if you have any other questions or if you want to check out anything else if you re having an fps stutters or if you want to know the patch notes here are the videos. I want to thank you so much for the view. ” .


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