Forest Portrait Shoot Sony A7iii + 50mm f1.8

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” s it how s it hanging you guys in this video. I m gonna be be back out here shooting with christina doing a punk scene shoot yeah we re be shooting digital. This time my nikon. My sony a7 3 with the 50 millimeter.

So i m gonna be challenging myself this filter is a pro mist to kind of soften up the image a little bit make the lighting. The highlights blow out a little bit and that s a beastie boys in the background. I m out here shooting. Christina.

Here. You re gonna be mainly shooting. With my sony a7 ready back out here at this location gonna be going for a nice contrast with the sun clothing that i used to wear got in my school horse out. Here.

You see where we get all over her right. Here. Instagram. Delicious.

Yeah. She has a bad guy. She s a real bad guy takes a nice foreground right here you re getting in the brush. I m getting in the brush.

While i call this video of the de millimeter challenge. This is honestly my go to focal length in most situations. It s usually the cheapest lens across all brands of cameras and despite some complaints of the autofocus being slow with this specific lens. It s actually lightning fast coming from someone who switched over to sony from nikon.

Mcdavid and also for all the film shooters. Watching this i will be addressing..

Why this shoe is strictly digital later on so stick around for the tea. Local news model and youtuber mountain keep in mind. While you re viewing. These photos.

I am using a promess filter. So any sharpness you see is already being pulled back a bit before any post processing crank you hello. It s nice to see you there don t try anything stupid. I m recording.

Oh. My god like don t do this at home you guys in this video. My model falls cuz. She s just trying to be wow.

Hey. I m a lady alright. So wait wait wait how did i do that like so you just had on my club. Yeah.

That way or should i go this way so either way. I m just gonna actually set it over to high speed. So i can get that except six already yeah and go. Oh my god we re both like hold on did you hear that something s going on out.

There. What it is we do not know oh what s a dog not happy so apologies for the lacking footage. But the gopro died at this point. And i left my spare batteries in the car.

But for anyone wondering that dog appeared to be okay other than being scared for whatever reason. And while christina and i appeared to be getting into the groove of the shoot..

We still needed to make it back to the car before nightfall. Almost wrapping up the shoot how you feelin so far pretty. Good. Just did a bunch of jumps.

No chillin little sweaty yeah too bad. We didn t get it on this guy. Cuz uh. The battery died put it against you yes.

That s right i totally forgot about them are they in the car. I m just hungry tired how lot of fun ten out of ten. What s your instagram handle elevated dreamer follow me done the gopro battery ran out so there i am now wearing this jacket. You re gonna change up the looks.

But that jackets actually right i did bring my strobe with me so i m english speaking in i just got food in my mouth inhaling food good as i forgot to mention this my strop setup comprised of a godox 8200 and a super cheap. Diffuser and stand. Why would i spend the money on a strobe and flash then cheap out on the standard diffuser because unless you re already a pro. Some high priced brand.

Name. Diffuser isn t gonna make up for any lack of experience especially in the beginning and while we re on the subject of me being a cheap bastard i am also using wasabi batteries on my sony camera. And it still hasn t exploded well why am i mentioning that because i am tired of the scare. Mongering involved with third party photo gear.

If this stuff was crap. There would be complaints from users not some childish company warnings just some tips for anyone wanting to save money who owns at a 7 3. Back to the shoot you can t see at this point. I gave up on trying to balance the ambient and artificial light and instead embracing the darkness.

Forcing me to focus entirely on posing christina instead of dividing my attention between her and the background. It felt awesome fyi and i do recommend picking up a strobe even if you are a natural light shooter..

You might awaken something in yourself kind of like this did for me. And now for us. The film community first thank you for sticking around through this digital photography propaganda. I promise i haven t sold my soul in that this actually isn t all that setting.

I know some of you caught a quick mention of this in my last video. But in case you skipped my channel update video. I for the most part think i suck as a photographer that isn t me fishing for compliments. It s just something i want you to accept before i get into explaining my thought process i turn to film thinking it saved me from editing digital files not for some pompous reason like being honest with my photo because i felt like life felt more real captured on celluloid.

It was actually because i really suck at post processing. My edits are minimal if only color correction. Which is why film was perfect for me. But even with that in mind sometimes my digital photos just had more heart to them despite my shit edits.

I owe that entirely to the fact that it is so much easier to experiment on a photo shoot. When i m shooting digital. Which i can t deny anymore not if i want to keep growing it s not that i m planning to abandon film and start hyping up the latest camera here and lenses. But i do want to stop ignoring how beneficial it is to my growth as a photographer.

Because there s just no argument digital is always gonna be cheaper than film regardless of that initial cost people keep talking about so you can fuck off with that oh you need to buy a computer and have a photo editing app. And constantly buy new cameras shut the fuck up dude. You have to buy those things anyways. If you edit your scans and especially.

If you re watching this video. And don t get me started on all the gas when it comes to us. Always pursuing new film cameras to add to our collection. Even that lessen.

The film slowing you down is kind of half true and not always a good thing. I could get into this in death..

But well film teaches you to get shots right the first time. Digital lets you take more risks. And possibly open your eyes to some variation of you know. The photo that you weren t thinking about initially.

Yeah you can end up with a thousand shots of the same you know composition or same photo essentially. But that s on you not the medium personally well i still struggle with things like color editing and lighting and digital sometimes it s a better choice especially when i don t always know what to expect on a shoot and considering i love to play with high and low angles as someone who is 5 foot. 7. It is amazing to shoot with a flip out screen not that that s always gonna stop me from climbing shit.

But anyways. I obviously have a lot of things to say on issue and i don t want to make this video trash in film. Because i love the medium to death. But after seeing my recent shoots uploaded.

It s hard not to feel like i ve plateaued at a very low skill level. And i need digital to let me practice without breaking the bank. And that s pretty much it. So yeah sorry for this left turn in the video for anyone watching for the digital portion.

But io anyone watching for the film photos and explanations what better way than to actually show what a shoot looks like on film versus digital especially since i ve already shot here before so thank you to all who stuck around and a big hug to everyone who isn t pulling out the pitchforks photography is photography after all and well i think it s easy to shit on the quote unquote casual shooters. I think it s important to remember how hated 35 millimeter was in the beginning especially when it opened up the medium to the public and took it out of the studios. There definitely is an issue with the bar of being a photographer being so low these days. But unless you re some jerk off selling yourself as some pro while taking skeezy photos of college freshmen.

I don t think. It s such a bad thing not in the very least women get to see so many of these beginners turn into these amazing photographers. So yeah. Thank you for coming to my ted talk keep chasing.

” ..

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