For Honor: Warlord Changes, Memory Leak Fixed, and More! Hotfix/Live Update 1

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“What s going on everyone bounce fenix here. I hope you re having a wonderful wonderful friday. Today. On march 10th ubisoft released a pc.

Specific hot fix and a update for all platforms. So to clarify pc. Got a hot fix and an update consoles just got an update. Anyway in the update that all platforms received they tweaked a few things here and there.

And i wanted to go ahead and cover those for you guys today. So you go into your weekend of medieval warfare. A little more educated so first things first. We re looking at a few more tweaks to hell guard break works with this new update.

If you try to guard break at the same time as your opponent. The two of you will just bounce off of each other like a couple of drunk toddlers so sequence simultaneous guard breaks meaning if you keep trying to do this won t connect this is a weird. Fix because i thought it was already the current behavior as a patch 108. I guess.

It s been tweaked a little further and i ll honest you know you probably won t notice this happening too much because it s pretty rare for two players to guard break at the exact same time it happens and i ve seen it but not very often so in short. I wouldn t rely on this mechanic to help you tech guard break moving on everyone s favorite salt. Inducing characters..


A warlord received a small fix to how his block stance. Works. This is a move where you press down on the guards dancing you turtle up becoming immune to attacks from all directions at once. According to ubisoft players were abusing this mechanic as a means to replace all other defensive methods ie actually blocking attacks by switching guard stances in response to this they changed.

Full block stance. So that it s no longer instantaneous. When activated. There is now a 200 millisecond delay.

The valkyrie has received the same fixed or a shield tackle. Full block and the conqueror on top of that. But the delay for his is only 100 milliseconds. So with this one the community.

Asked for a warlord nerf and well we sort of got one in the form of bug fix. But is it the right one in my opinion and from what i see on the forums. I don t feel like full block stance was that much of an issue sure it could be annoying. But skill players can just guard break warlords out of this the real issue like his throw distance or you can pretty much lose a fight by being parried one then carried into hazards.

It s still a problem. I thought about he still got his magnetic spammable head. But but when it connects..


He basically gets a free stabbin hopefully. I won t see tweaks to these soon. But to be berta lianas with you guys i m not a huge proponent of nursing in general. I think other characters in the game should be given the tools to respond to stuff like this they should all be brought up to this level.

I mean i m sure we ve all seen what countless cycles of nerfs can do to a game. It gets pretty boring. Anyway you guys will be super. Happy to know that they finally address the double hit unpair evil charged heavy attack with jack oakie hell fucking.

Yes. People were abusing the crap. Out of this one. And thank god they finally took a look at it previously if you disable lock on during a charge heavy attack as a chicago key.

It would count as two hits and you couldn t parry. It. This is a bug pretty much since launch did it mean. This should go dx tremely.

Annoying to fight lastly for the update across all platforms. They taking a look at ken se as well before this update. Kimse was able to cancel a top heavy unblockable back into another top heavy unblockable..


This is now fixed. And you can t do it anymore. I have seen people doing this from time to time. But never actually tried it myself and now it looks like i won t get the chance because it s gone for good i don t know how you guys feel.

But succeeded in fights based on exploiting unintentional mechanics has never been the way to go for me. I like to play within the rules. It just makes victory a lot more rewarding. But that s my stance on it moving on though let s take a look at the pc.

Specific hotfix in which we ve gotten a few quality of life things ironed out firstly as requested by the community he quit to desktop option after a match has been removed thank god i accidentally click that thing so many times. I have it after matches when they first implemented that i mean now i m good. But at first it was a pain. Nevertheless though it s gone now next up they ve taken a look at the memory leak that s affected players since the last patch.

Which is an amazing fix. There s been so many people reporting crashes and other performance errors. Even the performance on my pc. Has been pretty abysmal.

So this is great that they are able to address it lastly on the pc side of things they re claiming to have improved afk detection now through what means i m not sure. But if this is pretty huge. This is a big step forward and cracking down on a cares that use bot matches..


The farmer just refused to participate in regular matches so on although. I don t think people are going to be truly happy until ubisoft puts out a patch that pretty much literally. Says hey. We ve got dedicated servers no more connection issues and the game is perfectly balanced.

But that being said. I think. It s pretty awesome that they re addressing bugs like this i think if we re patient trotter is going to actually one day become the game that we all know it can be that s all for now. Though.

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I m bal phoenix. I ll see you at the next one. And as always thank you so much for watching and ” ..


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