FIX: MX Master cursor not moving (but all other function work) (lift gesture button!)

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“And this video is about a logitech logitech mx master and this mouse. I know know this video quality is not good enough so you should watch this video. Here. They have a wonderful review.

This is not reveal videos. This is a problem video so basically the problem. I encountered is that this mouse. I can i can use all the function.

But i can cannot move the mouse. I cannot i can t move the cursor here all the other function is is working scrolling scrolling clicking stuff like that this to bottom here and this bird alright horizontal scrolling and this video is about how to solve this problem. So basically. This is a hardware problem.

I encountered this problem like in april..

April. 20. Or whatever that is at first. I thought is a software problem.

I think maybe apple did do some kind of update and make the software not working. But actually is because their design floated there sorry above that the video is not like like why clean beautiful whatever this bottom here is a its thing its take it down so make this mouse cannot move makes closer not moving by the way. This is working now so i would already fixed problem. This that s why i make this video.

So the solution is of course you can lift this cursor and try to make this pad little bit up just don t stick on it right now. This this mouse is perfectly functioning. Let me put on this mouse pad. Because i put on this note.

Happiness is clean..

It s wide so you can see it more clearly so let me show you i m moving the mouse. The cursor is definitely moving by the way. I have a trackpad. I m not not using here.

And the computer already closed the pi fiber circle area so anyway let me show you if i press. This is working see it s working here. If i press this like this is already like saggy soft feeling right. There.

The cursors would not move. See see right well it pump up anyway. So it s just a hardware problem so solution is make it up and yeah. And i m gonna to disassemble this december this mouse and completely like remove the wire or lever.

I just don t care about this bottom anymore just don t care about it i just want to disable..

It so i don t have to use a mouse and care for this knife hola okay. See you is broken now. There s my mouse let s use the trackpad okay right here see that s problem. It s not software problem so i m gonna do it now.

Because i don t have a tripod to like stable stable. It so i can t really shoot. They the process. Let me try like i m using one hand hold it cell phone.

I m using a galaxy note5 nope nope with no reason. But i don t really like samsung or whatever. But just using their phone. It is really hard to do let me just do it anyway.

And then maybe shoot another video bye..

So this is done this is a second video. I i can t get it i just can t open this this is not working. And this is also not working apparently that those are too big is just not working so anyways seem like i i can i just needed to be careful just open. It see it alright just not for you see see working and not working okay.

So okay. That s that s all i can do just need to be careful don t push the bottom here maybe put pressure at aside just to be careful because i just can t open it fix it big flaw. All right goodbye hope. This video is helpful and don t forget to not subscribe just don t subscribe.

” ..

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