Fitbit Inspire HR Unboxing, Setup, and Quick Overview

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” s going on guys today. I have the brand new fitbit. Inspire hr. It was was just released this week.

And we re going to be doing a unboxing set and quick overview so this is the front of the packaging. It is the small and large band it includes 24 7. Heart rate tracking the back of the box here is the side in case. You just want to see some of the features five days of battery life.

Smart phone notifications sleep tracking heart rate monitoring as well as swim proof. So this is fully waterproof and you can swim with the band on so let s go ahead and quickly unbox this here so this is the band itself and the size is actually really nice i used to have the charge three i just lost that last week. So this is actually smaller than the charge three and it actually looks really nice so i can t wait to put this on my risk inside the packaging here. We have the charging cable as well as some documentation.

Let s go ahead and take a look at the charger..

Here. We also have the large band in here. So that extra band and the charging table is here. Let s see we just undo the wrist strap.

Like a traditional watch. And it looks like this is magnetized. So that s nice and then we can also remove these wrist straps so you can see here. If we push this it pushes the pin in so to put it back in we put in one side first we push the pin in and then it is secured into place so here s a quick look on my risk.

This is very lightweight compared to the charge. 3. It does this feels much smaller as well as much lighter on my risk. Let s go ahead and try to power it on it is starting up and while it s starting up it tells us to go to fitbit comm slash setup that s probably where we can get the detailed instructions however i m going to do that in this video instead so first thing we need to do is go into the app store and go ahead and look for and download.

The fitbit application..

So i ve gone ahead and pre downloaded. It already so once you re in these application. You ll either login or you will sign up for a fitbit account once you re in here. We re going to click on our profile and we are going to click setup.

A new device and we are going to choose this is the inspire. But maybe there is it inspire hr oh there it is sorry so inspire hr and it looks like we already have a fitbit account. So we do need a click switch to our inspire hr agree to the terms and conditions now we need to plug in the fitbit. So once we have it plugged in it gives us a visual indication that the fitbit is charging.

We ll click next okay so now on the equipment it will display a four digit code and we will just enter in that code to completely sync up the device and every single time. I ve ever bought a fitbit. I ve always had to update. It so once again with the new brand new fitbit that just released this week.

You need to update..

It so let s go ahead and wait for that all right so we are back guys after about 15 to 20 minutes of this updating. Which is totally normal for your inspire hr we ll hit continue and it ll ask us to try the watch on now okay. We ll go ahead and select next. And this just tells us how to switch out the band.

We can swipe up and down for our menu options so it looks like the activities you swipe down. But you re going up and then for your stats. You would swipe down let s continue if we tap an icon such as one of these activities. It opens up the feature and look we can start recording that from there to go back.

We just hit the side button. And it slowly backs us out one menu item at a time it looks like if we do press and hold the side button. It will quickly show us our quick settings as well as battery life and notifications. All right so.

The last step looks like it just gives us somewhere and care tips..

We ll select next and we re all set. We re just gonna allow the fitbit to track our location. And we are all good so now if we come into here tap on this we can configure. Our fitbit hr.

Even more as well as just get all the syncing right up in here so thank you guys for watching if you found the video helpful please leave me a thumbs up guys we just hit 10000. Subs today i don t know how we did it i don t know why you guys are watching this content. But please subscribe hit that like button. If you found your video helpful leave a comment down below let me know what you think about the brand new fitbit.

And i will see you guys in the next. One thanks for ” ..

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