Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Tracker review by John eBay Tech Testers

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“I m a neither tech tester. My name is john and this is my latest latest video go back you know i feel. It s kind of mandatory now for everybody to be a little bit more health conscious gone are the days where you can eat anything without consequence like a lot of people i try to do some form of physical activity as well as generally look after my health. It s a great way to justify a beer and burrito night and the best way i find to do that is to track your fitness now for the last couple of weeks.

I ve been playing around with the fitbit charge too and there s a proud owner of the original fitbit charge. I have to say the charge..

Too has some real solid improvements first let s look at the physical changes of the unit itself. We now have a bigger brighter. Oled touchscreen. Now i found the touch is going to be very responsive.

However it did like to collect fingerprints next we have a removable wristband. Which is fantastic you want to dress your fitbit up or if you damage the wristband you can just replace that component you don t have to replace the entire unit..

If it bit claimed the charge to to be water resistant. So you take it out in the rain you can sweat on it you just can t go swimming with it now the charge to just doesn t track your steps. It actually tracks a whole bunch of information you ve got things like calories how active you are how many flights of stairs. You ve gone up it even tracks your sleep now the charge.

Too doesn t have any inbuilt gps. But what you can do is piggyback off the gps on your smart phone so if you re someone like me that likes to run you can get additional information things like your average space..

And if you want to map out a detailed map if you run you can do that as well it s actually a really clever feature the heart rate monitor is a great feature as well not only does it give you your resting heart rate. But also gives you information on the different heart rate zones. Including your peak cardio and so who would i recommend this tracker for well just about anybody if you re really conscious about your fitness. There s certainly enough information in this unit to keep you happy if you re looking at improving your overall health.

I think you ll be very happy with this unit as well you ve got things like daily step goals and hourly reminders to get you up and moving. I ve been wearing it for a few weeks..

And i found that i m moving a lot more and drinking a lot more water and just overall. I ve been feeling better and for that i m giving the fitbit charge to 5 out of 5 stars. I m john from ebay s tech tester team. It s been great chatting to you guys.

And i ll talk to you again in the next one ” ..

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