FitBit Blaze Longterm Review

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“Run so i don t know if many of you may have noticed i ve ve got a watch here. The fitbit blaze. I ve had it now for about three months now and so i just thought i d give it a just a quick review. My thoughts on it whether whether or not i recommend you buying it etc.

So am. I bought it mainly for running an activity tracking so obviously. It s one of them kind of watches that it tracks your steps how many calories you ve burned you know it comes with its own little ecosystem. Its own app.

And you know you ve got a like a dashboard and i wait to actually sleep as well that was another feature that i was keen on and i was keen on tracking my sleep and seeing how much i m sleeping if i m getting quality sleep. All that sort of stuff so yeah. It does all of that it tracks your heart rate. I was interested in the tracking heart rate as well for both runs and rides.

And i don t know if many of you have seen but on strava. I always put two rides up and usually our private and pop commuters for the for the heart rate. I d say this this i ll use to track my cycling for heart rate. And then i ll use obviously my garmin you know for because i found the chest straps are absolutely useless.

Whereas. This this wrist heart rate is much better. And so anyway. I literally then look look at two two rides on lava.

I love my heart rate one which i always private because i don t obviously want to put out two two rides for one ride. So this thing s not fair. And i put it as a commute as well and and then literally while do with our check over my harley. And see what mahara is like in certain zones.

Etc. See if it s getting live. Which it usually is things like that and obviously did the watch. It tells me math.

It tells me my average heart rate is while doing the rides. It tells me and yeah. It runs as well it does runs. And the only thing is this is and this is what i warn you about if you re someone who runs.


And you take your phone with you whether it s for music or contacting people or whatever. Then then this this watch is perfect for you i was that person. I m that person i guess because if i m right running. I want to have my phone with me for my music at least.

And i have been going on some runs with brittany where i haven t needed my phone because you know we re talking. We re not listening to music. So i thought i ll leave my phone at home. But i can t because this doesn t have built in gps.

It has assisted gps. Which is basically it connects to your phone via bluetooth. And then it uses your phone s gps. Which like i said isn t a problem if you re always going to be running carrying your phone with you now.

It s not a problem. So you can get pouches you can get little armband things that are a few phone so i would say it s a minor thing. But it s certainly cheaper than than the garmin one and it s definitely comparable to the garmin vivoactive hr. I think.

Which is the one that brittany star and it s definitely comparable for that four piece gps. Even as well and it s comparable for heartrate as well css. And it s comfortable as well to wear all day like i barely know i ve got on i do like to not wear it for one day to give my wrist like a breather and you know so it can breathe sort of things and i do usually take it off to in the shower. But it is waterproof.

But not swimming proof and i also say it s a good watch you know i enjoy using it you get notifications as well and if you connected via bluetooth. You get notifications for well is it if you basically anything on your phone. So messing s your line whatsapp all that sort of facebook you know it comes up and you can actually scroll through and read it as well. So that s quite good you can apparently control your music or that i ve never tried and i ll actually show you try and show you some of the screens as well and or at least explain it to you and you get you get quite.

A few screens go so where here is the main screen heart rate steps you can press. This and get different different things you got today. She steps bpm hours active kilometres calories floors such a your exercise. So you go on here run bike weights.

Yoga or that s and stuff you can customize it i don t use this you ve got this new relaxing. It s just breathing timer. I use this this is very useful you got to start. Watching.


Countdown. Alarms. You can have a silent alarm. Come on in the morning.

Just vibrate. So you have to wake up your partner settings. Just the basics really you can also shut it down. I ll give you a quick look at the watch hopefully you can see it.

But you know what it s like filming a screen with a camera. So and just so i ll give you a quick look lia viously. You can look more in depth. You know yourself with a watch.

But would i recommend the watch and like i said if you re not worried about the gps. And i certainly would recommend it it s been good for me. It s really changed changed my life and you ve actually got access to a tool to fit the app as well. Which is very good for nutrition.

Tracking and you know tracking and i d like i ve always wanted to know a rough estimate of amount of calories and burning each day. You know and calories. I m eating stuff like that and it gives me a very good estimate of that obviously with my riding and stuff and any any ride that i do on stryver and garmin get linked to my account as well so it literally counts so since i go out a ride in the morning. It counts that and it doesn t count twice as well as you know how said that i use the watch and my garmin for the riding because it s at the same time and same gps coordinates etc.

It doesn t count that it doesn t count it twice it s like oh. He s already done this so we won t count it sort of thing. And it estimates the calories based on heart rate. Even if i do it right on strava it even syncs with what my heart rate was on the work and then comes up on fitbit.

What for what my heart rate who hosts during that time so it s pretty clever like that and it s very good watch. It s got a lot of details on it you know it s obviously. It s nice it s obviously got the time you know they haven t forgot that people like see the time. She s got the time in it you just sort of raise your wrist up like this and then it turns on and then sort of raised you wrist back and it turns off.

I do turn it i do turn that setting off to in sleep. Because it can get a bit annoying keep lighting. Especially shining it in your partner s face or whatever s not very nice. And yeah.


So it s a really good watch. I definitely recommend it it was about 150 pounds. I believe and i actually got from thailand. But it wasn t any cheaper here than it is you know if you bought it from amazon doctor at uk not pharmacies in the us or anywhere.

Else i guess you have to look at amazon or wherever your local sort of best price store is but it s definitely a good watch. I m not sure if we re going to bring out a new one soon or anything like that but certainly. This is the fitbit blaze one. It s a good watch.

I definitely recommend it and for running cycling. You know if you want watts and things like that on it it s not going to happen. It s just basic so i wouldn t recommend it if you were really keen cyclist and you want to you know obviously that s where the garmin. The garmin natural head unit for that for the bike comes in but if you do want to just simply union you know you go long walks runs things like that not swimming.

It s not it s waterproof. But it s not some submersible proof or whatever doesn t do swimming so and yeah. If you if you just want to do the basic sauna activity tracking sleep tracking running walking you know basic cycling. I use it for commuting sometimes because it s like ardent.

I don t need to put the garmin on if i m just commuting. I m not really looking at the wat so anyway. And it s nice to not look. It s nice to have a break from the box.

And just simply just press a button on my watch. Which is always on anyway. Yes. It s good it s good little device.

It s definitely definitely been worth one thing. I will say though is them if you see here the bottom right is cracked it s very easy to crack so and luckily i d actually put one of them little glass screen protectors on and that keeps getting cracked. I don t know if the actual glass underneath would get cracked so easy. But the glass screen protector that i ve actually had to get cracked now and there were about three pound each.

So i think let s be honest the actual device itself is worth 150 pounds. So to pay for a glass screen protector for three pounds. It s not a problem really is it so when i bought some of them. And i ve even got a spare one in case this one breaks again.


Although it is a little bit cracked now i m not above you know wearing it still even though. It s a little bit cracked and so yeah. I just thought i d give you a review of it i recommend it and i mean if you have got a little bit more money maybe invest in a bit of a better garmin. But i certainly don t think.

The garmin is necessarily inferior to i certainly don t think. It s inferior to a garmin or anything like that like i says. Although it tracks and you know via the phone. That s fine.

Obviously if you carry your own amandla. Let s be honest who doesn t go out and listen to music on the phone anyway and you carry your phone everywhere with you so yeah. It s pretty good and the gps is pretty accurate as well. So there has been a couple of times the way i did a running it didn t recommend recognize the gps.

But i reset the watch the reset the washer was really gone now i think i ll be setting the apple or something like that and it s fixed it so it seems to be fine. Now and not having any problems. I ve just recently had a firmware update as well so i think it was definitely software versus hardware. And yeah.

It has been registering my runs fine with gps data and stuff like that so it s definitely a good little device. You know if you re looking to track your sleep track runs rides. Even just you know commutes and stuff things like that i ve definitely recommend it it s basically an all in one fitness tracker. Another thing.

I thought i d own as well. Which is obviously pretty important battery life and bachelors fantastic lasts about seven days seven days and you know that that s with a lot of use you know constantly looking at it and syncing with bluetooth. Quite a lot even having notifications on and then literally stays low battery for about two days. As well so i ve literally got about seven full days out there and six of which it wasn t low batteries so battery life obviously very important you know sometimes overlooked so i just thought i d mention that battery life is very good on it certainly last longer than the i believe it s the vivoactive heart rate.

The one that i ve written is graph the garmin one it s certainly last long and i think that s more like three days. So now that you can think that has half the features so i m yeah very good battery life and they re quick charge of our things about two hours. So let me know what you think to this sort of review you know we ll say quick look slash review. And yeah if you found this video useful give it a thumbs up and ” .


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