First Curved 4K TV by LG (105-inch)

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“Guys getting here from techsmartt and today we re here at lg s press conference conference at ces 2014. Lg announced a slew of things today they announced the g and a lot of cool 4k content. One of the new prominent things they released is the 105 inch 4k ultra hd tv. It looks absolutely fantastic so 4k contents really been a big thing at ces 2014.

I actually think the for and 2014. Kind of stands for 4k it s the sharpest tv. I ve ever seen in my life. You can honestly watch anything on here pixels and just fly and details absolutely fantastic.

So 105 inches. Isn t your kind of thing and you want to stoop it down just a few inches. They also released 98 inch just flat panel 4k tv. Again its ultra hd.


And it doesn t have the curve like we saw on the o led tv over there. So i like this one a lot as well i like how it s flat. Some people don t really want the curve experience. They just want be flat and pixels on this thing are just absolutely.

Fantastic so these tvs will all feature hdmi 20. Which will enable 4k to be streamed at 60 hertz. So this is fantastic you re going to be able to see everything nice and buttery smooth as when hdmi 14. Can only be streamed up to 30 hertz.

And that s just not good for 4k content. So now over here. We just have a tv running webos here and they really wanted to push webos is here and i really think it s nice and immersive webos has really made a cool comeback. I think it s gonna be great for consumer as smart tvs weren t something that i liked.


But now that we have a nice easier to use experience exactly something i m gonna want to check out. And i know a lot of consumers out there will if price permits. So we don t know how much some of these oleds slash 4k ultra. Hd tvs are going to.

Cost i m probably thinking over 10000 for some of them and then i d like to see them under 5000. So they can kind of become an option for consumers yes they are not your standard 1080p display as these are 4k. These our next gen and therefore. The price will have to be higher.

So also the press conference ceo of netflix. Reed hastings. Came out and said that house of cards and a few other shows on netflix will actually be streamed in 4k to your 4k television. Now this is really important for consumers because we re gonna actually want to be able to see it in 4k and not just the 1080p standard as we ve seen before thank you guys so much for watching this video.


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