First BestBuy trip of 2019 A Good time to buy a TV or No?

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“Guys how s it going joe stay. Here so we are on a trip to to best buy to check out the deals. What s going on before the big bowl event coming up in just a few more days. So if you want to see what s new what s the on sale and if it s worth it come here and join me let s do this all right guys.

So i m right here at the samsung section at best buy and let me tell you i mean. There s not a lot of sales going on pretty much. The prices that i ve seen are the same ones that i saw a few months ago. Well the last time i did a best buy trip but uh my request for some of you guys i m going to check out the prices.

Which are actually not bad. This is the persons that i saw on black friday. So over here for example. This is a lumiere focus 65 inch versions of the q6f friend.

Which is a great tv 1500 for the 65 inch but if you want a smaller size for example at 55 inches 1000. Which is actually really good i have a review video on my channel on this tv. The 55 inch. And it s very very good to me the qada fan is right here on top.

Which the biggest difference is the full array with local dimming right here with a qada fan and of course. Also has some better anti light reflection coating. So let s check out the price on the qada. Fan i didn t get to see so this is a 65.

Inch. 1300. Right 1300. From the 65 inch.

Version. 55 beats. A version is actually. 1600 which i remember.

On. Black friday was i thinking. Was 1300 or. 1500.

Yeah. 1500. I think it was 600 more than you know what we had it in black friday. But you know if you re willing to buy the qa defend.

It s a great tv. It s a beautiful beautiful beautiful picture. So i can focus on that and there s the q6. Quite honestly very hard to notice a difference you know maybe if you re you know dark room.

You ll be able to notice a difference. Because this is the the q6 is a an hd tv and the q8 is a full array. So that s better contrast and deeper black levels. Now over here.

This is the nu thing is the seventy one hundred and at a glimpse right now i am able to tell the difference you know the brightness level the colors of course this one is a quantum dot. This one is not i can tell the difference. I mean i don t know if you guys can tell by this video. But i can so actually no i m sorry this is a nu 8000.

I thought it was a 70 100 nu 8000. You still be able to notice a difference so let s check out so this is the sambar. This is a tv. Okay so this is the 65 inch version in you eight thousand a thousand dollars not bad.

But like i said. I was able i am able to notice a difference between the colors in contrast. So if you care more about having a big screen. You don t mind you know the colors in better contrast.

This is a good option in 65 inch. A new eight thousand thousand dollars right now. There is a good deal 55 inch version is eight hundred dollars. So for two hundred dollars.

More you get a ten inch well then interest is ten inches that s what she said the q7 if n is a tv that i own this is a 65 inch version of the q7 fn look how beautiful the it s when it s turned off..

They asked a very good glossy anti light reflection. That s what i like about it. And that is one of the biggest difference between this one and the q6. A fan let me check.

The prices right now. So this is the 65 inch. Version. For two thousand dollars.

And of course. The 55 inch version is 1300. This is actually the price that it was on black friday. So it s a good price.

If you re interested in something. Like the q7. A friend. I think right now.

It s a good good time to buy one that s the price. I paid in after he goes you know after the sales is over i think it s like 1500 so yeah. I highly recommend that tv. It s something in between you know the q6 and the q8 now over here on top.

We have the q9f and of course. This is the top of the line. This one has beautiful black levels beautiful picture. But like i said i mean all these quantum dots eby s they look very very similar unless you re in a very pitch black room.

You will be able to notice a difference now price wise. It s a huge gap now. This is a 65 inch version. And i noticed the price has been dropping now is twenty eight hundred or two thousand eight hundred dollars 55 min.

65 inch version the only selling in 65 and 75 and the 75 paise 4500. That s a lot of money a you know 65 mm so that 800 difference between this q7 and the q9 which like i said prices have been dropping. Constantly i think when he came out it was like 4000. I don t remember exactly the price.

But it was much much higher so this is for samsung. Let s see what else there s here all right guys. So i noticed that lg is also having a big sale so this is the p8 wallet. I guess.

This is sort of like the the the more affordable most affordable all that tv. There is right now and the price. I think this is the lowest one i ve seen so far 55 inch version. All that bieed 1400 or 1400.

This is this is really good for a know that 65 inch is two thousand dollars. So if you re in the market for an oled tv. I mean honestly all the oled tvs look almost the same have excellent picture quality. You know it looks beautiful black levels is great viewing angles are great there are some problems you know like every other tv.

But all it s the biggest issue with all its is the screen burn. But if you don t mind that you you know if you buy the warranty or 1400. This is a beautiful tv now over here. We have the c8 model.

Which is one step further and it has but intelligent processor. The alpha 9 intelligent processor pixel level deeming. I mean. It has some other features this one the 55 inch version is 1600.

Which honestly. I think is a pretty good. Deal still i mean coming from all that that usually prices are 2000. So it s not a bad deal now of course lg also has the led tvs or in this case a super super ultra hd tvs.

These are the i think they own on top is the sk 8000 and at the bottom is a sk 9000. Now for i remember. The sk 9000 has full array local dimming. Now both of these tvs are ips 4k hdr and they also support over vision and dolby atmos now prices have been dropping constantly on these tvs.

I don t know why the prices are so up high let me see if i can zoom in oh man..

It s so up high and i can t even look at him the sk. I believe the sk 1700 for the 55 inch. Version that is really cheap and sk. 9000 i believe is 1000.

For the 55 inch version and the 65 is actually 1300. I think. This is a 65 inch. Version.

Oh man. I wanted to review. This tv. And never got a chance to do it maybe i ll do it soon right now.

I m really out of money. But i ll do it one of these days. But just keep in mind that this are ips so contrast and black levels are not the best. But they have a really good and reach picture.

That s what i like about it if you re debating between buying between buying between these two models. I will go for the sk 9000 now sony. I think is having a sale on their big screen tvs. This is the x 900.

F. This is one of the best. Led tvs. Sony has oh hello beautiful tv.

I have also reviewed this to be on my channel. So if you want to learn more about this check it out i m gonna leave a link in the comment section or in the description of the video. But for right now let s check out the prices. So so the 65 range is actually right now so for 1600 or 1600.

Which is not bad for a 65 inch tv. Remember. This is a full array tv. With local dimming also supports tobi vision and dolby atmos.

The 55 inch. Version is on sale for 1200. Which is not bad. I think.

When i when i reviewed the one i d review was 49 inch. And i think i pay like 1200 for it so it s a really good deal one good thing about this if you re looking for a small size like a 49 inch. It has all the features the other the bigger models has like you know like 120 hertz of refresh rate dolby vision full array and it s a 49 inch for 1000. So if you re looking for a high end tv with a within the size of a 50 inch.

I think that s a really good deal. I don t think you re going to find another brand that does that in that size sony also has another sale right here that this 65 actually. 75 oh sorry. 75.

Inch this is the x. 850. 850 f4. 1800.

Jesus 75. Inches. That s a pretty big tv. If you tell me now.

I don t know much about the specs about this to be but i ve seen it before it doesn t look bad actually it looks really good so if you re looking for a huge 75 inch model. This is a really good deal i think they re dropping at 500 yeah so 500 less than the original price 1800. So yeah guys that right there is a 850 x. 80.

50 f. Right. Here on the left. That s.

The x 900 f..

On the right. And another 850 at the bottom. I mean. I mean picture looks beautiful.

I mean it looks different right here. The camera. Most likely but in person it does look beautiful too. I don t think he has the same level of colors as the nine hundred f.

But it s not gonna disappoint now sony also has their own all the tvs and they look beautiful. My god their prices are just out of this world. So. This is the 8 f.

And. Then 8 9. F. So the 8 8 f this is a 65 inch version.

3000 and the 55 inch version 2300. So i m telling you guys right. Now prices for all it on sony are super super high. I mean beautiful picture.

But jesus you want to get old it might as well try the lg models right now alright guys so now let s take a look at some sound bars because of course after you buy a tv. I recommend to at least get a sound bar for sound or a nice receiver. But if you re like me. That you don t have the space for a full receiver with dolby atmos and all the wires.

And all the speakers and you don t have the money to buy all the stuff in a somewhere. It s a good option right now the ones that i ve seen so far. This is a really good price and a really good deal so this is a polk audio. This is the what model i ll find out the model right now.

But one thing. I like about this is a three point one three point one means that it has three speakers right here. But one is for voice assistant. So this is really really good option and also another thing.

I like about this it has a 4k pass through 4k hdr with hdcp 22. It doesn t have dolby atmos. But it has some really cool sound pattern sda surround sound soon im beautiful this a better bet. There.

I don t know what oh it means pattern. Sds right okay. So one thing. I like about this.

Another feature is that it has 4 hdmi ports and a network. So if you need to up you know update the sound bar you need to do like any download on your usb pretty much it connected to the network and that s it also it has anti to the power tv optical and oh. And yeah. The other thing.

I like is the hdmi ports. Now this is very important because only one goes out to the tv and then over here you can connect for example your xbox your playstation. 4. Maybe you have a 4k blu ray player so everything goes right here.

And you don t have to you know sacrifice any of your porch. It s a really good option then over here. Let s find out the price. And the model number so this is the port three point one magnify system.

And i don t know the part number put this. But if it s called the magnify and 300 a really good deal guys alright gay. So now if you re looking for a dolby atmos system a sound bar. But you don t want to break your bank.

I think this is a really good deal. Too now. This is the vco five point one point. Two home theater surround sound system sound bar.

With dolby atmos..

Any includes rear surround sound speaker. So. This is pretty much like a more complete system and right now. It s on sale for 400 now.

I remember this one when he came out not. Too long. Ago the price was. 500.

Yeah. 499. And in black friday it dropped to 350. I believe but right now is 400.

Which is not bad and i think this is a remote controller not a hundred percent sure. But i think this is it yeah so i mean it feels good in the hand. It s not that big it s not that small but i think that s remote control. I don t know it could be wrong.

Because there s another one right here so yeah. These are the speakers. I guess. It s not the surround speakers and it s this sound bar.

So yeah. This is not a bad price for you know don t be atmos sambhar. I haven t tried it if you have let me know in the comments below. What s your experience with this sound bar alright well we are here let s take a look at the vco.

The vco. This is the e series yes. It is an issues. Yes.

So the e series. This is like a budget friendly tb and check out the prices of the 55 inch. Version. Four hundred and seventy dollars.

Really good low price. The funny thing is like all these vizio tvs. They have full array with local dimming. This one who only has ten dimming zones.

And also has dolby vision and this one is in i think is 400 hdr 400. I think the m series is the 600 and then the p series is 1000. So yeah if you re looking for something a little bit better look for the p series. Which should be yeah.

I tells you all that information right here. I think the p series. Is shooting around here. This is another sound bar.

Well. Here. It is wow. The price has dropped so drum dramatically look at this so this is the p55 f1 55 inch version 650.

I reviewed this to be in my channel. So i m gonna leap another link either in the description or the comment section so you can check out this tv. It was a beautiful picture and i remember it was a super bright tv. So if you re interesting something like this one these are great tv beautiful picture.

I had a couple of problems with it but i will always suggest to at least you know by the warranty you never know on tvs. Anything could go wrong. But i remember this vco mysteries was a really really good picture quality and the brightness was excellent also the black levels or pitch black. I mean there s a lot of reflection right now guys.

But trust me i have plenty of videos in my channel with this tv. So let s see for me right now thank you guys so much for stopping by don t forget to like and subscribe to the channel guys and as always i ll see you guys on the next one jah stare out ” ..

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