Film Review Friday: Captain America The Winter Soldier

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” s going on guys. This is rob and welcome to film review friday but before before we get too far into this i do want to say that i apologize the video conditions are a little less than what you d like my webcam kind of struggles a little bit when it comes to lighting. That s anything other than daylight. So it s a little darker than i would like but what can you say i need to upgrade my webcam and this in these videos and these film review friday videos these are not going to be a weekly thing simply because comic book films are not coming out every friday.

This is going to be an instance where we review marvel comic films that have come out the morning of the midnight chilling so after the midnight showing on thursday night going into friday morning. I ll do a upload a video that friday. Discussing the film and in this one. We re gonna be talking about captain america.

The winter soldier. So this video is gonna have some spoilers in it so i would suggest it if you guys have not seen. The movie. Yet and you don t want to have anything spoil for you i would say to go ahead and turn the video off now and maybe come back and watch it at a later date otherwise keep watching so i felt like captain america.

The winter soldier was a was an absolutely amazing film. It was it was great it was it s probably to this date. The best marvel film that i ve seen and the reason. Why i think is because it combines a great balance of a reasonable story some drama and some action with a lot of the marvel films that we ve seen today it really kind of feels like watching a michael bay film.

Although not as bad as michael bay films michael bay s films you know things just explode for no reason and no one really knows why of course. We have some context with regards to what takes place in the previous marvel films. But this one seems to be a little darker. It really seems to be a little more gritty and we kind of get into some pretty unsavory things especially when we go to the scenes.

Where bucky barnes his mind as being wiped. You know it was really kind of i wouldn t say shocking. It was really kind of it s something that you really didn t expect to see to hear guys screaming out in agony like that while his memory is being erased. It was it was really kind of an intense moment you know for seconds.

We are introduced to some cool characters to some characters that in truth. I didn t really expect to see in this movie or at the very least aren t really important enough to be honest to be mentioned in the marvel cinematic universe. At this point were introduced to falcon. Sam wilson and falcon is a is a big time ally of captain america.

But i don t really feel like falcon is a necessity. I mean falcons kind of you know the marvel cinematic universe universes version of archangel simply because the marvel studios does not actually own the rights to the x men. Which includes the character warren worthington. The third or archangel.

I kind of felt like you know falcon was forced into the movie. He didn t really seem necessary and in truth. He didn t really contribute much to the film with the exception of the fact that he was just something cool to watch. It was a little disappointing just because i feel like if they had intended to include him in the movie.


They should have given his character a little bit more as opposed to effectively being the sidekick of captain america. You know i thought that he could have been a little more interesting than that but again you know in my personal opinion. I don t really think he should have been in the film in the first place now. What i thought was really kind of interesting with this movie is were introduced to sharon.

Carter agent. 13. Who is the niece of peggy carter. Although we don t really go into anything with her character.

She s introduced as the neighbor of steve rogers. And he s actually unaware that she s been tasked with the assignment of guarding steve rogers to make sure that nothing happens to him. But we don t really see any development of her character. But what we do see is steve rogers pairing up with black widow.

Natasha romanoff. Now this is really kind of interesting to me because natasha romanov are in the talia romanoff depending on what you want to call her black widow and sharon carter actually appeared around the same time in marvel comics within. You know 10 years of each other or so i believe that sharon carter appears in tales of suspense issue. Number 77.

I think and i think that natasha romanoff appears in tales of suspense issue. Number. 54. So they re really really close you know even then just in terms of the issue numbers.

But what we see is black widow really kind of undertaking. The role and acting almost the exact same way that sharon carter did in the marvel comic depiction of bucky barnes return to the comic book universe and this is what i thought was kind of intriguing to me because a beg the question what does marvel marvel studios gonna do when it comes to the character of sharon carter you know because we ve already had the character established of black widow. We already know who she is and if sharon. Carter is going to become the love interest of captain america.

And the marvel cinematic universe in the same way that she does in the marvel comics then if she want to be depicted the same way she is in marvel comics and if she is then people are gonna look at her and see her as a duplicate or a copy or a cheap knockoff of black widow. And this is what s really kind of interesting to me i m curious to see where marvel studios is gonna go they may very well just follow the same pattern that we ve seen so far. And we ll see sharon carter taking up pretty much the same kind of role that black widow does. But she ll have more of a personal involvement in it because she is the direct love interest of captain america and so she really has more at stake when he gets into assignments and when she follows along with him because she doesn t want to see him harmed you know it was interesting to see some of the characters that came back for example zola from the first captain america actually came back as a computer algorithm which i thought was a pretty cool concept and in marvel comics or in the marvel cinematic universe.

And the reason why is because we actually see dr. Zola later on in marvel comics. But i think that he s part of a cyborg and he s actually got like this big. This big tv screen so to speak in there.

And his face is depicted in that so it was really kind of a tip of the hat to zola lost a picture in the marvel cinematic universe. I m sorry in the marvel comics. We also see a guy named baron von strucker and baron von strucker is actually in the mid credit scene. When we see quicksilver and the scarlet witch.


And we ll get into them here in a second because i was a really really fun part of the movie. Baron von strucker. Is one of the top ranking members of hydra and he is actually a really really cool character in terms of his involvement. But he really is kind of like a throwback to the archetypical german villain that is to say that he has a monocle and he speaks with a german accent.

You know and he s you know just kind of what you d expect if you met a german bad guy you know it really kind of falls perfectly in line that. But the reveal of him in the post credits scene. Means that hydra is still going alive. And well.

And they are just as strong as they ever were however were so i m really kind of excited to see how this takes place in addition. We had no conclusion with regards to what happened with the red skull after the events of captain america the first avenger so we don t really know what s gonna happen with the red skull. We don t know what s gonna happen with him we don t know what s gonna take place. We don t know if he s gonna come back and so for us.

It s really kind of interesting to see that hydra is still alive. Because it may be that the red skull will return and reestablish himself as the foremost authority and the organization of hydra now quicksilver and scarlet witch were really kind of cool here because we only got a glimpse though we only got you know maybe a few seconds or so 10 or 15 seconds. Just enough for us to see them and to know that they are going to be in the marvel cinematic universe. But here s the cool thing.

There s really kind of some illusion that we can draw here in terms of how it is that quicksilver and the scarlet witch are going to be included in the marvel cinematic universe. Because as you guys know in our previous discussion about the scarlet witch. We learned that scarlet witch and quicksilver are of course twins. Her brothers and sisters or brother and sister pietro maximoff and wanda maximoff and they are mutants.

But because the marvel cinematic universe. Does not own the rights to the term mutant or the x men. There had to be a different way to include them in there and so i think that what marvel studios is going to do is they are going to be sort of you know the kind of an addition to the project that was done in order to bring the winter soldier into the scene. And so what we learned of the course of the film basically is that bucky barnes.

His body was recovered much the same way as it was in the marvel comics and that he was subjected to the super soldier program. But he wasn t given any super powers who was just given you know the fighting capabilities of captain america and in a cybernetic arm that gives him enhanced strength and so on and so forth. But i feel like with the scarlet witch in quicksilver. What the marvel cinematic universe is going to do is they re going to say that the winter soldier was just one part of this program and that the other parts of this program are composed of other individuals who include the scarlet witch and quicksilver and i feel like that s how they re going to tie the man that the that hydra.

The organization hydra was experimenting with giving people superpowers and that the scarlet witch and quicksilver were the results of that how well this will go over. I m not entirely sure to be honest. It really this kind of depends on how they depict them i will say that people are very very picky especially comic book fans when it comes to how individuals are depicted when you transfer them from comic books into films and so again you know no one really knows how this is going to happen we may most likely just kind of have to wait until the avengers comes out and you know maybe we ll get some backstory from them in the age of ultron. Maybe they ll get their own personal movies in which we ll get the actual full backstory of how was they gaining their abilities.

It s really kind of up for debate at this point now to me the coolest part of the whole film. The biggest part of the whole film was something that was it was something that was mentioned nothing really mentioned. It was just something that was shown and unless you knew what you were looking for and unless you were familiar with the history of captain america. The moment would be lost on you there is a scene.


Where captain america and bucky barnes are fighting and captain america throws his shield at bucky barnes or something like that and bucky barnes holds the shield up for a split second and to me that was a big deal because i have a feeling that s a tip of the hat and a homage to the fact that if some future point in the marvel cinematic universe. Captain. America is going to be assassinated the same way. He is after the civil civil war storyline and bucky barnes is going to pick up the role of captain america.

Now whether or not this is true. I don t know. But the fact that chris evans had recently stated that he didn t really want to act anymore and he had negotiated his contract with the marvel films marvel studios from nine movies down to six movies seems like a pretty strong indicator that we will see him killed off and bucky barnes will take up the role. It is also entirely possible that we may see him killed off before the avengers.

The winter soldier. I m sorry the avengers age of ultron and that he will actually return in the avengers age of ultron. We don t really know yet. I mean we don t know how in depth the guardians of the galaxy is going to be in terms of its involvement with earthbound characters and the avengers if it has any involvement at all.

But i do think that this is really kind of a big deal because i think that at some point along the line. We will see captain america now one of the big reveals i think a lot of people were really kind of curious about this one of the big reveals and captain america. The winter soldier was stephen strange and this i think was lost on a huge number of people because when i was in the theater. And i was watching the movie.

There s a scene where they re talking with one of the guys from hydra and they re talking about the weapons system. That hydra is implementing using the technology. That shield has seeing is how they ve managed to circumvent and in to infiltrate shield. They talk about how one of the purposes of this weapon system is to eliminate people who are threat to hydra and one of the names.

That is mentioned is stephen strange. Now this was a very very big thing because watching the watching the video or watching the scene in the movie. A lot of people were just as excited as i was people were like yes. Stephen strange and a lot of people were just like who s stephen strange.

Didn t know who he was they re like who in the heck is stephen strange. Stephen strange or stephen vincent strange is dr. Strange he is a super popular character in marvel comics and it s actually really really awesome that he s getting his own film. He is the sorcerer supreme.

The foremost authority for the most part with regards to magics and wizardry in the world of marvel comics and he can do so many things he is such a powerful character that it s really kind of irritated people in marvel comics because marvel will use him as kind of a scapegoat you know when all else fails and the avengers are back into a corner. And they just can t get out of where they at where they re at suddenly doctor strange appears and the problem solved. So it s really really exciting to see him brought into the into the silver screen and of course. We ll do a video about doctor strange in the future.

But overall. I felt like captain america the winter soldier was a great film. It was a really enjoyable experience. I would suggest you see in theaters.


Because it really seems to be one of those movies that you need to see in theaters. I saw it in 3d. I won t really go as far as to say that it s a necessity to see in 3d. You don t really need to see it in 3d.

And in fact i would probably hold off on it just because of the cost of 3d. It cost me. 15 to see in 3d. That s just for the movie tickets.

It s really not worth it at that point 15 just kind of out just to see a movie in 3d. I would say just go see it in 2d you re really not gonna be missing anything. It s really not gonna make that much of a difference in terms of what you re seeing. But you know it s it was it was an enjoyable film.

I will also say that despite the fact that you may have some reservations about it do not be discouraged by seeing robert redford in this film. Because robert redford. Is one of the best actors in hollywood and in truth. His role is alexander pierce in this movie was very very similar.

I felt to his role of whatever his name was in the movie spy game. I don t know if you guys ever saw spy game. That was an amazing movie with robert redford and brad pitt. And it s one of my top five favorite films to this day which actually might watch this after this review.

But um. It was very very reminiscent of that he seemed very very similar to the same character in spy game. I felt like he was a great addition to the movie and in fact his role his acting of the character alexander pierce really seemed to be so natural that you would really believe that he was the character alexander pierce that was really kind of how i felt he was in this movie. It was it was a really great experience so um.

So yeah. I would highly suggest checking the movie out definitely see it in theaters of course. It won t kill you to wait and watch it on blu ray. But i thought this is one of those movies that you really need to see on the silver screen.

So with that being said i hope you guys enjoyed this review. If you did let me know and i will catch you guys later peace but in the backstory of ultron. What we learn is that ultron is the result of creation at the hands of hank pym and hank pym had been kind of delving into the idea of artificial intelligence and ultron was ” ..


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