FIFA 15 (PS4) – Introductory Game, NICE Graphics

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“Hello. And welcome you may be saying to yourself right. Now. What is this that that i m watching what who is this person who is playing fifa.

I do know this person because we sure know that dsp doesn t play fifa yes. Please play fifa in 2012. Well actually it was 2011 because it was fifa 12. I believe and i sucked at it and i have not played it since uh.

But here we are few years later every few years. I d like to check out certain games right in this case since this is the next generation of consoles. I am playing on ps4. I said let s check out fifa this year.

Let s see what this is so ladies and gentlemen as you can see fifa 15 mm hmm. Uh. And it does have a pretty add not too big. 15 gig.

Install. I think i guarantee you my hard drive is probably starting to get full now this is pretty funny. I noticed this look at this you own the game start or you can buy the game again what if the disk is in the console. Why did they give you the option to buy the game again weird all right.

But anyway. Fifa 15. I have not played fifa in 3 years. I m not going to know what the hell.

I m doing. But people are really wanted me to play this this year. And i said you know what i will give the people what they want let s jump into the game. And let s see what is available oh good an update file was added to downloads.

So that means the game s not even updated oops voice recognition uh klingon. I m not doing voice recognition. I don t want it to recognize my voice. What is this cockney.

I have a cockney accent man kurian. Oh. My god disable voice recognition. There you go i want that shit ii a sport it s in the game.

You must update the application to use network features ok so i guess we ll be updating the application. What a pain in the ass alright. So i guess we ll bullshit for a few minutes..


While it downloads. The stupid. Update. File ha ha.

A lot of people are speculating gee. What team will fill pic. I guess i played with manchester united the last time i played fifa you know i don t know anything about football ok guys. I m gonna be honest with you i know the basics of the sport.

The very basic rule set and that s about it i don t watch it i don t follow it the world cup just happened i kind of was paying attention kind of but not really so uh. I couldn t even tell you who just won the world cup that s how bad it is it s a few months ago. I don t even remember. But i m gonna be trying it giving it the old college try as they say someone wants me to pick the seattle sounders uh.

Ok. Yes. I ll be playing as the seattle sounders ladies and gentlemen. Barcelona.

Germany. Everyone s saying different teams. The germans people who s won so sousa germans people are saying much respect because i called it football well that s what it is it was called football before american football. I d be a dick to call it not not call it football all right we got a hold on we gotta close this and and open it again in order to get the update to apply here.

The next generation of updates. It is installing all right here. We go oh excuse me all right here we go ii. A sport.

It s in the game ii a sports every years to say well i ve been played in three years. So i ll probably you know have a significant what does that is downloading at the bottom. There. What is that i have no idea all right let s jump in let s see what we could do here.

I have no idea who this gentleman is here on the front because i don t watch football. I don t follow it. But that s okay you don t have to be a massive fan to enjoy and respect something what is this ea sports. Live coverage of the bar.

Emily today. It s liverpool against manchester. City is a big day. The league title could be one here today well.

But what cheerio tea and rabbits this could be dramatic for the home fans where s it straight off to anfield shall we magnificent dish let s shall we yes sun beating down team is marty tyler and alan smith. Saw sitting with me today alan so. I said the guy..


The title screen was michael feldman smarting tonight to be here for these occasions. I guess we re going to be doing a demo match here. I don t know how to play the game. Think of that season 2013.

14. It was the first time since the late 70s that these two clubs had been head to head. Oh. My god shut up the last day city s celebration at the end of it all.

But liverpool got a chance to pay back today you guys talk way too much big time. That s helped them recruit better players so they ll fill them in with a good show here. Oh well i ve no idea. What the hell.

The crowd is saying today s game. Okay. What the hell is that what is that what s that supposed to be they re all holding up something shit. Oh here i am.

I said. How do i play this is it yeah okay cuz. I do but they know what they ve got to do i do i play this game you it s just how they approach that challenge whether they get nervous or not fuck. You very much fuck up you don t know jokes just put too much on it it s over the bar.

It put two more tones over the power. Oh shit. I spilled my to your level. My balls.

Oh. Oh. Medic medic by the same voice recognition recognition. Ready.

When i turned off. The voice. Recognition oi. Hey.

Come. Here. That s the bow. Let s see joanna get up the slut.

Oh you lost it poor. Jimmy d. Get up well..


I got the ball. Know what you do know victory recognizing why do you kick the ball out of bounds here s a job trick. There s a chance how do you shoot. I don t know how to shoot well.

But is it oh joe yeah. What i don t know how to shoot. He was wide open. I don t know how to shoot people say.

I didn t turn it off the ball went over what the fuck. How do i shoot the ball oh play they saw an asshole oh kick the ball well joker s hell we are drunk we are drunk ah kick it out i have no idea what button shoots the bar by the way huh how great interception has stopped the attack right in quickly to try and win the ball back peque a. We go oh. What happened that is shoe.

Excellent positioning and the intersect. Oh oh section. There first thing out of that attack. Now you play this game.

Get out of here break his legs. Oh break his legs. I keep sliding good position here fuck you fernando people are saying circle shoots okay wicked and prepare it could whip it in from here i could whip out his little trouser snake jacko jacko s jackin. It he goes oh well i nearly wet my knickers in that hit play barely shit.

Zach. Oh. Goodness good miss asshole. What button do i push.

Oh. Good. One asshole. Give it right back to them the fall fuck you ah stole it nice no no i don t want to do that don t you be attacked.

Now fuck you back here got a chance to get across it he s got a chance it s got jobs real blow for tomorrow. He scored my goalie sux he didn t do anything look watch this goalie he literally stands there i must admit i think the goalie actually dodge the ball look it s the goalie actually tried to get out of the way great i just the city in front going to see team number eight simeon nursery. A goalkeeper just a touch out you have to take it over the line corner now for liver tall possibilities call now for liverpool look at the possibilities. I don t know what to do how do you do this you set peace tactics.

Sure what the fuck does this mean good chick asshole holla holla here ho hi. Him andy haha misfire. We single purchase songs let s make the whole world. Sing.

Jared oh. Oh shit. What the book..


Oh are you doing. I wanna. Do that no fuck. I fucked up i don t want to pass it twice nice the white man to make some progress here no fuck and shit the fucking ball get the ball.

Oh damn forward get this fucking ball there got it i got it pequeno could be dangerous come on i want that i want to shoot howdy s teammate well ah. I see a blue it s an easy interception. Know what happened oh no wasn t dude. I don t wanna do that side walking very close.

I keep passing by accidents. I m mashing x. I i gotta stop mashing to try kochanski menu dammit on of going. But they re confident in a way that regimented at the back shun and fuck skinned.

My knee. Why is it anyone pretending like our legs broken yet this isn t real football. You know here s the jobs. They say oh my jadi serious to a position to be i understand losing all i knows how to slide and run and shoot and pass that s it coming into this match.

They thought the deed had been done. But what clearly hasn t i don t know i don t know how to play mr. Sethi allen jordan henderson. Daniel sturridge.

Joe alan oh shit retraction harry thaw goddamn. It call ahead paul liverpool. I don t know what to do just keep the fucking ball. Here yeah gosh oh come on it is corner after corner.

And do it. I don t want to show over the past. Oh come on those are linear the bull shit grabbed jokes don t hanson chew it oh god damn. It why is their goalkeeper actually stop the fucking ball on mine doesn t 45 minutes left out on haven t they 45 minutes in which they won t be champions.

He s old and i haven t quite be good enough. I d like so far certainly not played inion now they have two most of these seasons. That it that looks a big goal. The goal just before half time allen doesn t it those halftime white team now linna smash look into the face gonna leave this guy s face holmes in this match kinda.

I need to show plenty income falls. Interesting interesting tutorial match where there s no tutorial and they just assume that you know how to play the game alright. Oh shit alright well. I guess what i ll do is i ll log into my origin account here.

We ll see when you get my game face alright. Let s do that ” ..

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