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” s up zombies do zombie here once again and i m sorry. It s been been such a long time. I just got over a killer cold. Then it really me apart.

So you can probably still hear it in my voice a little bit. But i am back for good now and yeah. I really hope you guys enjoy the video. If you enjoy it please be sure to thumbs up the video and share it with your friends.


If you enjoyed thank you so much for the continued support. I ll see you guys on the other side. So in the background here this is actually me getting the five stars and it s sped up and i apologize for that but it was something i did accidentally i didn t actually think that i was going to get. 5 stars let alone like three.

I just kind of smashed my ambulance into a door and then gotten a shootout with the cops and about 15 minutes later i hit 5 stars. So i tried a couple more times and the same results kept occurring. So i figured that this would be kind of a fast and easy way to get 5 stars and i decided to make a video for you guys so yeah just clearly here you can see that i get. 5 stars and i ll jump right into the tutorial.


The first thing you re gonna want to do is to get an ambulance and i actually did this by shooting somebody in the head and then waiting for the ambulance to get there and then taking the ambulance well the guy was kind of making sure that the person was dead and by then i already had like a 1 star. So i was off to a good start there you ll see that i m driving down the road here and once you get in the ambulance. We re gonna want to go to the poison or the poison by poison boy. I don t know you say if we want to get to the poison.

My store. And it s the one that s kind of in the inner city. So you have to drive through a few buildings not it through the buildings. But down the street and then it s the one that s like on your first left by the time.


I got into the building. My wanted level was actually all the way down somehow they had lost the man that smashed an ambulance to the front of a clothing store and so i had to shoot a few more people to kind of get them going again. But you re gonna want to make sure that you re stocked up on a few things so once you get into the building. You re gonna want to make sure that you re stocked up on both pistol ammo and shotgun ammo as well when you get in there.

I mean. The cops are going to start running through the door almost immediately. So you re gonna want to hide behind the counter and the best way to kind of take them out in the beginning is to use a heavy pistol and then once the swat guys come in you re gonna want to use the shotgun. Because it s kind of a one shot deal and it makes it really easy.


But it will take about 15 minutes so do not give up and if your shotgun ammo starts to run out just run into the pile of dead bodies as fast as you can grab as much ammo as you can and run back to your hiding spot. I hope you guys have enjoyed this video. It s kind of a short way i found out how to get 5 stars. I was messing around again and i found it and i thought you guys would really enjoy it i am back for good.

I m no longer as sick as i was so i ll start posting content more regularly thank you so much for watching everybody this is bad news abbey until next time ” ..

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