Fallout New Vegas Infinite XP, Caps, and Ammo Glitch *working 2020*

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“What s up guys. I meet your you and welcome back to another video. So so today. I m gonna be going over a glitch.

An xp glitch in fallout vegas. It gives you infinite caps and stuff too because like you get stuff whenever you do the xp glitch. But as you can see in the background. I m picking my perks.

I picked intelligence max 210 because it levels you have the quickest. Which is key for this glitch. So um you ll see how you re gonna do it so he s gonna coin in the room. You re gonna go sit down so once you come in here and he sits you down.

He s gonna ask you much questions after you finish those it really doesn t matter you could pick anything at all and then he s gonna pop up and what you gonna want to do is you wanna pick speech or barter and have at least 25 points. And either one and the third one doesn t matter because for this glitch. You re gonna be doing speech. Checks and every speech check that requires you to have either 25 barter or 25 speech.

It doesn t matter. But yeah either one of those will work so you re gonna want to pick one of those so after the that whole thing you talk to him again or whatever. He keeps talking and you get it pulls up these traits menu. You don t really have to pick a specific one that i picked i just picked wild wasteland.

I pick wild wasteland every single time but none are required it s honestly what you want. But yeah. That s that so once you re finished up with all that what you want to do is i guess just talk to him real quick he ll give you all your stuff to skip all the conversation and no you don t have to activate hardcore mode or anything just leave his house and head straight for the saloon..


You ll see the saloon. It s um. It s right next to the very first building like you see when you walk out. I see those two buildings.

It s the one behind the first one and i m looking right now so when you first walk in as soon as you open the door. There ll be a girl and this sunny. She ll talk to you and ask you to go shoot bottles outside and then you can do it. And once you do that you can just end the tutorial right there and then head straight back to the front door of the saloon and when you walk in there.

There will be the bartender. Talking to this guy named joe joe cobb. And what you want to do is interrupt. A conversation.

You re not the way you re listen to it or anything as soon as you talk to him you can tell him to meet you outside of the saloon. As you can see in the background. Um. Yet when you talk to him you ll be option.

Like say hey let s take over this town together. You know say we ll talk about this outside and just follow him out this way he um. He leans against his building over here. I m showing you right now.

Just follow this path. This little building right here that i m looking at in front of me. He ll stop right here and lean against it so once you find him over here just talk to him and tell him let s take over the town and if there is an option where if you have intelligence..


6. Well you will if you re gonna do this thing. I did at the beginning. You don t need to you can convince him him in a bunch of ways.

But yeah he tells you basically go kill this dude named ringo. He s up in like a gas station at the top of the town you ll see if there by like way up there yet what i m looking at right. There so once you make your way up here just kill. The ringo guy not that hard make your way out once you do just head back to joe cobb.

Shouldn t be too hard pretty simple. Once you make your way back down. The mountain towards the power powder game. Guy joe bob.

Um. The absolute. Chad. He ll be with his all all of his um.

Homies and makes. This is very important. He s gonna tell you once you tell him that ring goes dead. He s gonna tell you to go convince people to give you supplies to take over the town with the powder gangers.

But make sure you talk to him first and tell them that ringo is dead and then what you want to do is kill him make sure to kill him or it won t work just a little proof that i m game ending all the power powder gangers before we go do this just a amazing heads up we are a family friendly channel. We don t say disgusting words like killing we say game ended what so as you can see in the background. It gives you two options when you tell them let s take aa like help out the powder gangers and you can just keep pressing it over and over again..


As you can see you need 25 for 25 speech. But yet you can just keep pressing it over and over again and every time you press. It it gives you one leather armor. And 39 mmm oh.

And i think 25 xp every time you click it so. If you click it super fast you can get a 100 to 125 xp like every 10 seconds. It s it s crazy unfortunately i lost the footage of me walking into the store. But um.

It s basically it s the building right next to the store or the saloon. You walk into to um. Where do you meet. Joe cop.

Just a heads up okay. So most other channels would just end the video right there astray the glitch can be done. But i m gonna show you a little like thing so just in case you messed up on the my step on your like hurts and stuff or whatever you picked over here um. When you try and leave it ll ask if you re done with your character and stuff.

So me i m already at level 30 from doing the glitch. And i haven t even left goodsprings yet or like left the tutorial area. But i m gonna show you it right now when you try and leave you can rearrange your entire character so as soon as you try and go past. The tutorial area it ll pop up a menu that um asks you if you want to rearrange your whole character and the game.

Doesn t expect you to already be level 30. So um. It ll pop up a menu that says do you want to rebuild your character change your staffs and stuff..


It s over here. As you can see um. It s a little bit past good springsource. So you re gonna come up on like a little um.

This little ridge right here and this is like the part where it gives you the option right here. So you can rebuild your character you can change your face. If you want it made a really ugly like i did um. And then yes you want that to be character and then um.

It can you can totally rearrange your special points select all the stuff you want to put in to pick your traits and then you re gonna finish travel onward and as you can see it levels you up all the way to level 30. As soon as you do that sixty six thousand xp and you can redo all of your perks over again. All your points. So say you put a hundred points into guns.

But you actually wanted to do plasma weapons you just put that hundred points into energy weapons. Like i am doing in the background. Um. And yeah.

That s pretty much it i appreciate you guys watching subscribe. If you want to leave a like and i ll see you guys in the next one ” ..

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