Fallout 3: unlimited Caps Glitch Update [2020

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“Guys welcome back and this is a divine child 0. Here sloth king tut s s for another update for the fallout 3 infinite caps glitch and we re a town or you can do it anywhere in the game with any merger or storm. So if you re new to the game global 100 or level 2 depending on if you want to go explore you enter. This town there s a door right there.

And there s the bomb. There you can defuse. If you want to or blow up for you to achieve a going to go above you turn to here and go up to around you see clint is below nandi hide up here this is the store well you enter this store. If your level one level two you have a guy i go through all her scenes dialog.

But if you already know the human body can survive with helpless. So if you want to buy things for the houses don t do that go over to the corner. And do that glitch..


I have a video on there you didn t know what look at it we re a night. There for that so you have four cell. So for this glitch. You have to make sure she s selling to the same item like later armor usually has litter armor or heartburn.

Laughs. I don t think why vince. But we re expecting. So basically have this glitch works you buy the item press x.

Go back and press. A the cell and press. Expect you do it again until it changes the price..


See right there you buy back and forth into it changes the price in your inventory to 144 or whatever your skill set is on it it doesn t matter what level is good hunting. So what do you need sell this back you can take her caps. Just like that if it doesn t work make sure you say before you do the glitch. I have heard people say doesn t work.

But i don t believe that it works worked on xbox xbox. One xbox 360 backs were stone ability. It works on all that people say it works on the pc. And playstation.

You just have to try it and say before you do it you have to wait in game for her to reset. It takes maybe up to two days the five days depending on what difficulty. I never know good hunting..


If we back out. Oh hey baby here s an i get likes what do you need you grab. It recites this set and you take all her tops and you go buy all your stuff you want from her i like all the stem packs. All day.

All you want now you do that and then you go back do a lot harder to get your money back soompi still works there yeah. That s basically how you do it. The glitch is very simple you just wait for after you buy it from her. He goes in your tortilla changes.

The price. And you change it back and forth. You will keep the price..


Until you reset the day and after you do it again good hunting come back soon and it works anywhere in the game. Including dlc or non dlc. But it works i try only deals video works thanks for watching please like and subscribe. If you enjoy the video.

Maybe. A little bit longer people are doing it understand what s going on and then what not so also if you want a puppy. My parents have a puppy business. I would link that in the description for the website.

If you want a pomeranian please like and ” ..

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