FALLOUT 3 Best And Secret Weapon Location s

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“You re planning to journey through the post apocalyptic landscapes of fallout. 3. Then you you ll need to stock your weapons inventory with some seriously badass firepower here on we ve got detailed locations for three of the games must have weapons guns with so much stopping power. They ll turn your trek through the atomic wastelands into a pleasure tour through our nation s capital.

The first weapon. You absolutely need in your arsenal of destruction is lincoln s repeater rifle. This weapon can be found in the museum of history on the eastern bank of the potomac watch out for ghouls as you make your way to the museum s back offices..


You ll come to a large room guarded by a gun turret after you take out the turret follow the stairs up to the hole in the wall go through the hole and head towards the back corner of the office. They re encased in glass is lincoln s rifle. Now you might be tempted to sell this gem as it ll fetch a fair price from both the abolitionists and the slavers. Don t this weapon takes a fairly common 44 caliber round and is in perfect condition.

When you find it for longer range shots. It does a damage of 40 making. It one of the best rifles in the game..


The next must have gun for your collection can be found at the evergreen mills in the southwestern corner of the capital wasteland. You ll need to fight your way through an onslaught of raiders. Until you reach the bar at the top of the mills bazaar. There you ll kill a nice bartender.

Named smilin jack a man relax who will unwillingly relinquish a weapon affectionately referred to as the terrible shotgun. This bad boy is a wrecking ball that does a damage of 52 at close range. Terribly awesome shotgun last but certainly not least head to the mdp l13 power station located in the northern portion of the wastelands once there head due north on foot..


It ll seem like you re marching out into the middle of nowhere. Until you start to pick up radiation. This means you re close a short while later you ll come upon the crashed remnants of an alien spaceship. The pilots dead body will be laying outside of the ship shattered cockpit in his hand is perhaps the most powerful weapon in the game the alien blaster collect all of the surrounding alien power sell ammunition and get out of there before radiation sickness sets in at a damage rating of 80.

This blaster is so powerful. It will take down nearly every enemy in the game. With one shot including the final boss..


But be forewarned the ammo for this beast is nearly impossible to find so make each of the initial one hundred and ten rounds count. That s it for this episode of igm strategize for more tips strategies and sheets log on to i g encom. ” ..


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