Factory Unlock iPhone 4/4S Free AT&T – T Mobile, GSM Carrier – Off Contract – Save Jailbreak

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“Guys mitch here today we ll be showing you how to factory unlock any iphone iphone that is off contract now if contract meaning that you have waited the 20 24 months with your carrier and that you are eligible for a new phone upgrade this way you can go ahead and factory. Unlock your old device so we will be doing this with at t and for this you want to head over to their website by going to 18 t com. Forward slash device on lock now on this page you will be presented with a unlocking portal. Where you can go ahead and read the different requirements.

And the additional information. Then you want to go ahead and check that i have agreed to the terms and continue on the request page you want to go ahead and fill out all the information and hit the blue submit button after you have submitted your information. They will email you instructions on how to factory and lock your iphone. So mine took about 24 48.

Hours. And then i did receive an email from at t. And there are steps so first off you want to open up itunes on your computer and make sure that you are connected to the internet and you want to have your at t sim card. Now the sim card does not actually have to be working.

You just want to make sure that it is an at t sim card..

So for this we re going to head over to our altoids box. Where we keep all of our tools for factory unlocking our device so inside you do have a paperclip to get into your sim card. And then we also have our at t sim. Card.

Make sure you do have that and for good measure we ll be testing it out on the gsm carrier t mobile. So once you have those necessities you want to go ahead and remove your sim card out of your iphone. And then place in the original sim card your at t. Sim card.

Once you have it in the slot. You can go ahead and put it into the side of your iphone and we will be get into the unlocking. So just go ahead and press that in there and then you want to go ahead and connect your device via usb to your computer. So make sure.

It is connected into your iphone and then on the other end make sure you have plug that into a usb port onto your computer..

And we can continue with the next step now within itunes. It will ask you to backup your device. If anything does go wrong so you can go ahead and backup your device now att states that you must do a rest or of your iphone in order for the effects to happen now if you do want to save your jailbreak instead of upgrading to the newest firmware. Which might not be able to be jailbroken especially if you re an untethered jailbreak.

You want to go ahead and we ll be resetting our network settings on our device. Now. There s two ways you can do this. You can reset.

Everything or just. The network settings individually. So you want to head over to your device go into settings. General and scroll.

All the way down to the bottom where you see the reset button and then you can individually reset your network settings as that individual piece or you can go ahead and reset everything on your phone back to a stock ish iphone..

So i have sped this up about eight times. Which is about 400 faster as a process will take some time as it will be resetting all of your network settings. So that you will be able to use it on other gsm carriers such as t mobile. So once that has been completed your iphone should be unlocked here and you ll be presented with the unlock picture and guide within itunes.

So that will come up and you ll say congratulations your iphone has now been unlocked and you can go ahead and continue sometimes you might get a carrier update. That is okay if you are jailbroken you can do this sometimes the carriers will require this to get new and improvements for your new gsm carrier once that has been completed you re pretty much good to go there are some information. If you want to go ahead. And read about that there i will provide the links in the description below and if you just want to do a restore you re not only into jailbreaking you can do that.

But if you do want to preserve your jailbreak. Then you might want to take up the resetting of the network settings. So now to test out that this is a factory unlock. We want to go ahead and grab.

Our paperclip and take out our at t..

Sim card and plug in another gsm sim card such as t mobile. To actually check that it is factory unlocked so i m just going to go ahead and remove it and then grab my t mobile sim card make sure you have place it in the correct orientation and then you can go ahead and slide it into the slot. Now the great part about factory unlocks. When you update your ios firmware.

You will no longer have to worry about it not being unlocked. It will stay unlocked as you update throughout the firmwares since you are updating it with your carrier. So it will be searching for a network. It doesn t have to be a actual working sim card just to make sure that it does say no service and then underneath the bluetooth you should receive a carrier button there which says that you are now factory unlock on your iphone so guys if you have any questions on how to factory unlock your at t iphone that is off contract just leave any comments down description below and i will provide you some links on some other useful information anyways guys thanks for watching.

And i ll see you all in the ” ..

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