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“How s it going guys shot looks here in this video. We re going to to be checking out the bt roblox extension. I think this stands for better roblox some guy on my discord server messaged me in video suggestions and he said out shell plugs. I don t understand how you haven t made a video about the bt robots extension.

It s probably. The best second extension after roblox plus. So i think roblox plus is maybe a bit broken now on the last video. I made it was kind of glitching and it wouldn t show owners of the item.

So we re gonna check out this brand new roblox extension and if you guys have any video suggestions so any cool video ideas make sure to put them in video suggestions on my server. I do read them quite a lot and they really help there s quite a few on here. So i will be reading some more of these later anyway. Let s check out the bt roblox extension.

That this guy geek g. Week. Recommended and let s see if it s any good. So.

If you guys would like to get this extension. I will leave a link to it in the description of this video now it s just like roblox plus. But what it does is improves. Your roblox a lot and that currently this is only available for google chrome.

I think maybe it s available on other browsers and you must be using the pc version of roblox in the web browser so it looks pretty good to be fair. I don t know why this guy s blowing out his roebucks. But anyway we can install it and we can see what it s like see all of the new features and stuff like that so i ve just removed robox plus. So i can get this so.

If you guys want to follow along with the link will be in the description and what you guys want to do is just click on add to chrome and i ll just click on add extension and it s going to add it as easy as that so there you go it says better roblox has been added to chrome. So now let s go on to the roblox website and let s see what this extension is like ok guys i just refresh the page as you guys saw. And what the heck is this it s literally this is crazy..


It s turned it into like the old version of roblox. This is the old page layout. I had no idea it did this that s actually really cool and how it s this i so there s loads and loads of features of this extension. This extension is very cool a feature.

I ve just found out so. If you look in someone s inventory. And you scroll over any hat. It s actually going to equip to on top avatar.

So you can see what it looks like and then this one seems to be doing in our fro. So i don t know if all of them do that or just some of them all of them do that s very nice okay so it s got some stuff here these are look like they re messages. So the message tab is now gone. Yeah.

These would be the messages that you get like the secret roblox messages that you get in your message box. We ve got shop as well everything else looks kind of normal. We ve got catalogue up here. It s catalogue.

The old catalog oh it s just kind of strange. Looking yeah. I m gonna have to get used to this. But it looks like it s the same one of these as well you can scroll over and that is very airy cool.

I really like that so let s go over to the settings. Our also has friends up here as well so it tells you how many friends you ve got you ve got roebucks up here are these this is what messages have gone to notifications here. Let s go into the settings. Because i want sort of settings like so it s good the better robot settings.

So let s see wait can you actually turn that on can i change it to like on their mind okay so it s only dollars. But this looks pretty cool. Yeah..


Let s turn it on so you can see how much something is worth maybe so if we go over to a catalog and select something does it say how much this isn t dollars aha. That s really really cool. I really like that and also it s got this feature. So you can like browser character guys get this extension.

If you re using the website personal forever like this extension is so cool let s check out some other stuff on my catalogue. I m probably gonna miss some stuff in this video to be honest. I wasn t expecting it to be like this complex compared to roblox. Plus.

This is like very very cool. And it also auto equips it on your avatar as well that is very cool. Tells you how much sales as scott tells you how much is worth in dollars. So that s one dollar eighty eight.

You can download the like mesh and stuff like that and what s that oh you can see it s like that is really really cool this is fight for people in robotics studio. I don t really use that and obviously you can just put the r6 mode on i really like this plug in it s nice. Let s have a look at some other settings. So i ve got all general settings.

You can hide advert show chat. I would a chat would be down here okay. So that s kind of the same thing have we got like themes and stuff on here show owned items inventory tools. This is really really cool item details game details.

I will have a look at games as well. We ll have a look at groups keep sidebar open is that i guess. That s this thing right here and these are where the themes are at the top. So we ve got a default simply black fame.

The sky fame red fame. Oh red fame. I like that that looks cool dark as night..


I ll so nice like the robots black fame that one it s cool simply black let s try simply black. See what that is like so we can close off the settings go over to my profile. So this is how you customize robotics pretty much and get it looking really really cool. And yeah.

This looks pretty crazy to be honest you know i actually want to look at my old account. Because i used to make those like weird welcome to my profile game. This is in a display that i was just gonna display one of my random games. But no this is really really well made i really like this and as you can see it says place visits.

Does it say like shirt sales and stuff like that well. It s kind of put it how the old website would be like badges friends is put collections down here. I was wondering what it was gonna do i want. It also says the price of stuff in your inventory.

Well i like that so yeah you can customize this plug in quite a lot by the looks of it. If you go into settings through trove read on as well as she reds kind of basic mountains cool. I like sky. I think sky looks quite nice see i make sure to check out this plugin.

It s actually a really cool plugin well if we got left to check out we ve got out we ve got games and groups. So let s have a look at games. Let s have a look at this game. Because this game is blowing up.

Right. Now if you guys have a. Look 182000. People playing that is absolutely insane.

So you can see we ve got badges like the vip paid service store. Everything is kind of the same yeah. It looks like this is kind of the same..


Let s have a look at groups as well because i think maybe groups have changed as i said. I m probably missing some some stuff on this. But this is pretty much everything i saw some youtube videos on this plug in already or not really the plug in itself. Just people that have an america and i kind of wondered how they actually got it.

And it works a far fro as well very very well made and yet. This is the plugin so if you guys would like to check it out there will be a link to it in the description. Very very easy to install you can install this thing in like one click and then or maybe two clicks and then it s added onto google chrome also it says place visit right here i think i ve mentioned that and yes. And that is the plug in very cool make sure to check it out i like it it looks really nice and it s just useful.

I guess seeing the price of stuff is actually very cool and i like this feature or you can scroll over something and maybe it doesn t get on collections. But you score over something and it automatically puts it on your avatar. Very fast as well much faster than how roblox would normally do it on their website. So that s pretty much it for this video.

That is that the better roblox plug in definitely improves roblox. Quite a lot and that feature is awesome tells you how much money you have in your account do you know what i m gonna log into my other account quickly because i m really tempted to see how much my robux is worth on that account okay guys so on my main account that i don t really use but as you can see it s got quite a bit roebucks on here. I want to see how much i have got i m gonna say it s about five hundred dollars. I think there something like six hundred and fifty eight dollars and 81 cents.

That is a lot of money on this account that i don t even use that s crazy. I could easily get this up to light a thousand dollars. I think and yeah. So that is the better roblox program.

Really like this plugin. Very nice if you guys want to get it make sure to check it out as i said it s very cool and you can click on things here and read them and stuff like that it brings you straight to the roblox blog normally these things are kind of hidden in your robots messages. But and they come up here so if there s something cool like some secret competition like they did at easter and you ll be able to find it easier and you know that s pretty much over this video. If you guys enjoyed make sure to like and subscribe and i will see you guys in the next one music.

” ..

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