Every Treyarch Zombies Game Ranked from WORST to BEST! – Call of Duty Zombies

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“Guys. What s going on today. Here is fat matt and today. I want to to rank every single call of duty zombies treyarch game from worst to best because ve all been pretty amazing in their own ways.

But i like ranking stuff from worst to best. Because it gives you an outlook on how i feel about call of duty zombies in which modes and games. I like the best in which maps. I like the best so without further ado let s get right into the list now the worst zombies game.

Unfortunately is black ops for now i hate having to do this cuz. I was so excited for it and by the way. It s officially been a year the day i m recording this is october 12. 2019.

And it s just crazy that black ops. 4. Is over already like i really do appreciate treyarch for releasing black ops. 4.

And some of these maps really are really really good. But when you have a game with 8 maps. And only two of them stand out that s just not a good look for a game. And this black ops.

4 zombies. It was just weird they did way too much they didn t have to change what they did it s like if it ain t broke don t fix it didn t have to change the perk system they didn t have to add the specialist system they don t have to change the core mechanics of the game. They don t have to add hitmarkers. I didn t have to change the point system they didn t have to change the zombies ai.

There s just so much stuff that didn t need to happen in this game. That did and that unfortunately leaves it as the worst call of duty zombies game to date. Now the next one. The list is world at war.

Now i love me some world at war. You know..

It s just if we re realistically looking at these games. And the amount of content they put out world that war has to be towards the bottom. But this game is absolutely amazing. I could literally cry thinking about all the nostalgic memories.

I have on derice and knocked and verruckt and shino newman like i literally. This is when i started playing zombies. The first time i ever played zombies. I picked up the controller next to my uncle and we played some nocturne on tone and i bought the car 98k and the rest was history like that literally sparked everything so world out war.

Is always gonna hold this very very very special place in my heart one of the best zombies games. But i got to put it lower just cuz stacking up against the other ones. It s really really difficult because let me tell you the other games are absolutely amazing. We re already getting into the top three cuz.

You know there s not a lot of games here well. 5. Is actually a lot. But you know for a list.

It s whatever so coming in at number 3. Is black ops. Now black ops. 1.

Was the thing that revolutionizes abhi s because zombies because well that word got the ball rolling introduced pack a punch. The perks. You know the basic layout of what cog zombies was gonna be and a lot of people were hopping on the hype sharing. They re like alright.

This is pretty good. You know this new black ops game. It s gonna have zombies and we re gonna get these four characters back that seemed pretty interesting and you know this game i was really fun so we re gonna hop into it it s fuckin kino der toten easily top five best zombie map of all time it s a lot of people s favorites for me you know it lands in the top ten somewhere. I always found it kind of boring.

But i m talking about like back in the day like this is just a nostalgia minefield black ops. 1..

And all the dlcs cuz. This is when i was you know growing up and this is the first gonna actually got to buy the dlcs for as they came out cuz by the time. I was already getting into a world at war. I think modern warfare.

2. Was already out so all the dlcs were done so i didn t really get to play them in order. But black ops. 1.

It was like i remember my friend kenneth s meetings go he s like you need to watch the ascension trail. I m like what s essentially he s like black ops 1. I m like oh black ops 1. I m like i don t even have it yet so i had to get it late that year.

But as the dlcs came out i just remember being a little kid and being so so excited for the easter eggs and everything and it s black ops. 1. Is just one of my all time favorite video games of all time i mean these top three ds games are my top 3 favorite video games of all time the amount of memories and just everything when these games are actually insane so black ops. 1 is easily at number 3.

And you know it brings some of those legendary maps keynoter tone ascension has always been really really high rank for me. I ve always loved ascension and the call of the dead was always one of my least favorite messes. I know a lot of people like it. But i was always about it and then shangri la zone.

And about a. But moon was just amazing man like the vibe of moon. How eerie it isn t creepy it really brought back almost the noxon tone feel. But it also brought the revolutionary innovation that zombies is known for so that s where black ops.

1. Is number 3. So coming in at number 2. We have black ops.

30. Now logistically looking at it..

This is the best zombie game it offers the most content. Because it has eight remastered maps. So you know we pretty much get the full world at war black ops. 1.

And black ops. 2 experience on black ops. 3 plus. Black ops.

3. Just has the best all around and perk system. The game just feels great and new and fresh and it really didn t get stale the leveling system was amazing all of the dlc maps were absolutely incredible shadows of evil on the giant that s the best way to start a call of duty game shadows of evil top 10 map of all time. The giant was really we got introduced to remasters and it was a great one like it really really was addictive just sitting on the catwalk on the giant.

Just reminiscing and being able to level up your guns. And you know your player level. Oh. My god man giant shadows such a strong launch for the game.

And this is what i really really really got into the zombies community and started some of the people and following everybody. And it was just really really awesome in black ops. 3. Just create a memories that i m never gonna forget like this is what kind of not put me on the map.

Because i m a really small channel. But this is like when i started to actually get friends and zombies and talking to people and posting consistently so black ops. 3. Is number 2 now coming in at number 1 is black ops.

2. Now black ops. 2. Is just one of those games that i could play at any time like i don t know what it is about it i love every single map on this game.

Even transit. Even die rise even fucking bus depot like this game..

So so good man now launch was respectively a fucking mess. This victus crew in transit. A lot of people did not love it and then die rise came out people were like alright zombies is dying and then i just remember i don t remember what a vent. It was but we uh.

We saw a trailer for mob of the dead. And it was like the most beautiful thing that i ve ever witnessed in a community. It sparks hype like i have never ever ever seen before mob the dead completely revolutionized the game and it was just insane mob of the dead top three map and then we get buried and buried it s really really good and buried was a lot of fun i love buried it doesn t really touch my top tier maps. But i love buried okay and then orange is my favorite map all the time.

So you have my top two favorite call of duty zombies maps. In one game. And you match. It with the amazing to hit engine this game just feels so smooth.

I do think this is the best engine all around cuz. It s the easiest to train zombies and it s just the most fun in my opinion. You know the points make sense the way you could run around zombies make sense. I think two hits are really cool and then we had the perma perks.

Which were amazing and all the wonder weapons on every map rop in their own ways. And it makes the maps a lot of fun except for transit fuck you transit. But diuresis liquefier amazing wonder weapon mobs are dead. I should get i ve been trolley withering whatever you want to call it absolutely amazing the paralyzer.

It s great in its own way and then the staffs. The staffs are just the most legendary wonder weapons. A call duty zombies in my opinion. So that is every call of duty zombies trailer game ranked from worst to best let me know what you guys list is down below.

And if you guys enjoyed today s video leave a like comment. ” ..

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