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“What s going on boys and girls what s up world austin john plays here here and today due to popular demand. We are bringing back our next episode of hunters now we ve already done the grey plateau dueling peaks totino tower and lan route hour. Now we re going to make our way on the farad. The first tower that we re going to be covering.

Which is an important reference point of a lot of the other ones that we re going to be going to is the mole while jim shrine. This one is found right out in the open pretty easy to find from the research laboratory. This one is a modest test of strength now i did this one at a severely lower level. I only had four hearts.

I actually wasted every single weapon that i had on this guy and by the end of the battle. I was just waiting to throw bombs at him. And that s pretty much how i won so great i did get to stock a box a pretty nice item so go me that in that you receive is going to be a knight s bow. And that s our first orb for this area next is probably one of my favorite side quests in the entire game.

Which is even tide island so from the childcare to shrine. Which is covered in my head tino terra shrine episode. You re going to take this raft and the coral. Eve.

Here and you re going to make your way. All the way over to eventide island soon as you step foot onto eventide island. You re going to get a message to you who has traveled to this island. I present you with a challenge in your travels you ve relied on your equipment.

You found along the way here you must cast this equipment aside and face this trial with only wits and whatever you can scavenge and then you re naked offer up the orbs to the three altars on this island. Only then will i acknowledge your skill and return your items. Now. I did this pretty much near to be i did this on day one not going to lie day one march 3rd.

I tried this i got my first orb. Which is right here. And i was like oh. Here s a barrel let s not go let s open up this barrel and i died so that sucked.

But that s the location of the first orb. I m going to show you guys some other important stuff here as soon as you make your way to the island on the left side of the screen you re going to see one of the places to drop one of the orbs also if you need a little bit of help and you find this really really challenging it just can t be it you could drop some of your weapons onto your rap before you step foot onto the island so drop your items make your way onto the island..

Once you re naked then go back get your bow and weapons and then you re good to go yeah. It s kind of changing. But it makes life a lot easier one of the enemies that you re going to need to encounter on this island is a he nich s the orb is going to be right around his neck. You could either glide directly on top of them and take it right to the altar that you need to go to which is pretty much right next to him it s covered in enemies.

So you may want to clear it off first you re also going to need to make her way to this little camp. A little bit higher up the island take care of all the enemies. If you can try sniping them out make sure you take care of the lookouts and then right underneath. This giant.

Five is going to be the altar that you need to drop an orb at if you don t have any octorok balloons. You can always just use stasis on it and then knock it out of the way once you take all three orbs to all three altars you get access to the core goo chill shrine and inside you get a gold ruby and in orbit great next onto the car yeah shrine kiyah. Yeah kiyah kiyah here you need to make your way to the palmar ruins and you re going to be finding the mirror of twilight from twilight princess. It s located right here just south of the first shrine that we covered in this episode.

The moola gems shrine and here you re going to talk to this guy. And he s going to give you a quest for a fragmented monument. Now the first one super easy to find just make your way on over a little bit from where you started and you re gonna find right here in this little cove. There it is by the way you do need to progress in the point of the game that you get the camera ability for your sheik.

Asleep. Now let s backtrack and make our way over to the other side in this little wreckage area boom monument shard. The third one is a little bit further away at soca point. Now you could travel to the first shrine that i covered again and just go out on over take a picture and boom.

You re done make your way back to the palomar ruins talk to that guy again is you re going to show them a whole bunch of pictures and then you need to make your way to the altar and then just crouch down as if you were sneaking around. He s going to like oh that totally makes sense to tell you you solve the thing. I ve been trying to figure out for my entire life. Great and then go up to the altar and we re not done yet now inside here is quick thinking make your way over to the left grab a barrel you can have a platform coming away.

Do do do do do great down the platform platform. You re not very fast. Now put the barrel down. And then go into a crouching position to not get knocked off great maker.

Way. So you don t get knocked off yourself..

Oh. That one was close and there s place. The barrel on top of this great inside of this chest is going to be a small key next. We re going to make our way to the other half of the place where it s pretty much the same thing.

But a little bit more difficult. They have a different curveball to throw your way once the platform comes over here drop down the barrel and take out your bow and arrow. Now once you make your way through this first open doorway you re going to shoot this switch. That s going to open up the first and close the first and third shoot.

It again to close the second and open. The first and third now grab the barrel place it on the altar and then you re good to go. That s going to open up this passageway for your weapon of the area. Using the small key you can open up the door and get your shrined next.

You re going to make your way to lowland village. Which is located right here from lowland village. Your shrine sensor should be going off you re going to climb up the mountain a little bit and that brings you to the yaron shrine from the are enshrined this is a weighty decision. Which is actually a really fun trying to do we re going to use magnesia pick up this guy throw it onto the one to the right now you could drop it any float into the air or just gently place it down.

Doesn t make a difference take care of the little baby shrine guardian. Guy bye bye next you re going to use magnetic on this metal chest over here collect the item inside. Which is totally optional and then you re going to use magnets on them again and you re going to drop him on to the switch on the other side of this doorway that s then going to open up the doorway and once the doorway is open grab. It again and then make your way on to the next area.

Do do just walk it with the chest with nothing to see here we re going to place it on to the first pedestal just so it s close by you don t actually need to put it there make your way to the back area now grab him and put him on to the rear pedestal boop boop drop it down great climb on top of here. Now we re going to put them on the further one so now you re projected into the air. You can get your chest. Awesome.

Some opal now repeat the process but reverse take the chest throw it on the far one and that s going to put you into the air little bounce. And that s going to bring you right to the shrine. Perfect. The next.

One is going to be the shah. Yo toh shrine..

Which is right next to the lynx side. Stable right behind. The lakeside stable. You re going to find a bomb oval wall.

It s hidden right here and kablooey and inside. We re going to find our shrine and this is going to be halt the tilt. Which is also a really fun one use stasis on your first one so you can make your way on up next you re going to use stasis on this guy climb up to the side. And you re going to find a metal chest over here open up the chest.

Now you re going to step on this guy use stasis so it s facing the other way so you could climb up successfully. Now you re going to use magni ss grab the metal chest and bring it with you to the next area just kind of like how we did on the last one so the trick right here is to stand on this side that s already down toss yourself in the air and grab the chest better than a a check or grate next. Just make sure. He s chillin over there.

And then you shouldn t have a problem you stasis on the second one great and that brings us to our alter perfect next. One is the shota saw shrine this one actually covered a little bit in one of my deforming dragon parts videos. This one is going to be right next to the riolu spring. It s going to be located right at the bottom of the waterfall.

So you can make your way behind. It or you just actually go through the waterfall itself and inside of here. We re going to be fine impeccable timing. Let s make our way over to the one on the right now for this guy you just need to drop the orb down.

And you need to hit this so that the orb goes into the hole. And okay. Now i ll pro close close yes. All its resurrection and perfect that s going to throw a chest over buy you some ice arrows.

Very nice now. There s some trial and error. Realize the best way is to take the orb and put it on the left side of this left catapult and then you re going to hit it when the left blocker guy is in the air perfect timing or impeccable timing. Yeah.

That s going to get us a small key to open up the doorway and get our orb perfect next. One is going to be the cuca not a shrine..

Which is located not too far away from where we are right now this one is actually a really great nod to ocarina of time. We re going to talk to cass over. Here. The castles going to share us a song now if i can gonna break out my pirate voice.

Once again for this what a lost hero calls down lightning from the sky music the monk responds from a giant mound on high. I don t know why the music is so much longer than the text and that s going to create the sidequest of a song of storms. Which is great now if you have any rubber armor or the thunder helm now s a great time to put it on because that yep you need to stand on top of it and get struck by lightning inside. Luckily enough you get some rubber tights.

So that shouldn t be an issue going forward the last rhyme that we re going to be coming for the area is the tawa gin shrine this one requires you to take the ancient orbs guarded by three large helixes and drop them onto the shrine now these he nix is at a lower level can be kind of difficult to beat. You actually don t need to beat them just like on eventide island. You can actually just float on top grab. The orb and then run over or you could take them down get some great items from these guys.

And then take the orb run. It all the way on over to the shrine. You need to kill all three of the helixes. I believe within the same blood moon.

Don t quote me on that that might not be a real thing. But after you have all three of the orbs at the altar nope nope. Almost got it almost got it and power vac got it that s going to rise the shrine out of the ground and the three giant brothers is going to be complete inside of here. We re going to get ourselves a great thunder blade.

And our last spirit orb and that right there ladies and gentlemen is going to be part. I guess. It s technically six yes part six of shrine hunters til next time often jon out be sure to like this video and subscribe. I m going to be giving you guys lots of helpful videos in the next following days.

And weeks till next time austin jon out music. ” ..

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