Every Shrine in Central Tower – Rota Ooh, Wahgo Katta, Saas Ko'Sah, & More! Zelda Breath of the Wild

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“What s going on boys and girls watch shuffle. I m so handsome and really really and you re checking out austin. John please. Austin.

John plays here welcome back another episode of shrine hunters. A series that started off as a let s play and then evolved in the media s doing shrines and now everyone gets on me. If i don t upload them fast enough. Well guess.

What so far. We ve done wasteland elden. A collar garuda. Lake fairing monitor with latino dueling peaks.

And the grey plateau and now because of your requests on the previous video. We re going to be doing central tower central tower is located right in the middle of hyrule field pretty hard to miss if you go directly north from the grey plateau. You re going to be able to find the tower. No problem.

So the first time we re going to be doing. It s located just southwest of central tower. And it s the calm. You talk shrine the title of power is going to be several different rooms that require you to use your runes in order to open up different doorways that are much much larger than you in the first area.

We re going to use magnets on this little ball. Which is going to grab the boulder pull it all the way back let the boulder fly forward and open up the doorway in front of you you can use stasis on one of these spikes. If you need to here. There s going to be a couple of guardian scouts.

We re going to take care of easy peasy. We re going to be taking a bomb and we re just going to be throwing it right at that platform that s going to send the giant boulder down opening up the doorway in front of you grab a chest on your way up and our next room you re gonna find two more guardian scouts getting these. Guardian weapons is going to be pretty helpful considering that if our central tower..


There s going to be a lot of the tests of strength and the guardian weapons are going to be super effective against the guardian scouts. We can t really do anything in this room. So we re going to make our way on over to the next one be sure to use stasis and not die. Because of that platform.

This room is going to be a large apparatus use stasis on this large boulder over here activate the apparatus. Get that metal ball to go flying into that boulder and then it s going to go forward knock through all these barrels hit the backboard over here go through this little hole and open up your doorway. I already did in they let me do these things over again grab your chest move on to the next room for this room. You know ignite an arrow and you re going to sit.

These leaves on fire. Which is then going to burn in that platform. And that boulder is going to fall down perpetually next. We re going to use stasis on this large platform and we re going to step on this at the perfect time to set that boulder flying in the air once it lands.

It s going to head forward and if it has enough momentum. It s going to open up your doorway use the bottom on these bricks and grab your chest. Now you re going to want to stand on this platform. Which opens up the gate use stasis and you re going to want to give it a nice whacking as powerfully as you can and send it flying to the doorway for the last room in this room once you stand on this platform and hit the switch.

It s going to send you flying up in the air flow down behind the large pillar and grab the last chest of this shrine head back down reset the switch go flying in the air and get your shrine orb. This is this was a big maze. And there s a lot of stuff going on here dang for our next round. We re going to make our own just south of here past.

The coliseum ruins and need to be finding the outskirts table from the outskirts evil. You re just going to find it on a small plateau to the west. This is the rota. Oh sh rhine here.

We re going to be finding passing of the gates. First thing we need to do is shoot the switch that s going to open up the way to grab this orb bring it slightly away and shoot the switch once again grab the orb and throw it into the basket. Now shoot the switch once again that s going to send the orb flying into the holder right there next..


We re going to grab a small key. If you head your way just left of the main entrance area you re going to find this chest grab that small key in this platform isn t down the chances are you need to shoot the switch again and make sure. It s in the upright position shoot the switch again unlock this door shoot the switch again jump on the platform fly in the air directly forward to the chest grab your chest. We re going to shoot the switch one more time and gently glide on over climb up the two stairs and that s your way to your shrine.

Or fantastic just south of here is going to be the dig dog suspension bridge on top of this large platform you re going to find a phoenix directly underneath. One of the bridges. You re going to find the docks. So shrined also if you want you can pretty much just glide down from the great plateau and find it pretty easily.

This is going to be a minor test of strength keep in mind any time you go up against a guardian scout using an ancient weapon is much more effective also if you upgraded your ancient armor to the second level you get the hn proficiency. Which makes your weapons even more effective so you carry this guardian scout version two shouldn t be too difficult was that six hits. Damn that s effective you can wait to the end of the shrine grab your item and grab your orb next from central tower. We re going to work our way pretty far west and south and this is going to bring you to the logo kitaj shrine.

If you already did the dueling peak shrine for the hill or rail. This is for the the crazy flower lady you just make your way on and there you go. There s a there s a stable here. I guess i never went there yeah.

I registered a new location look at that look at me still finding stuff should help toward my 52 percent completion rate. This is going to be metal connections to the right of your entrance. You re going to find three large blocks jump on top of them grab your chest up here next. We re going to glide on down.

And we re going to use magneto s to bring all of them over or a fun little challenge try to bring them over without knocking them over ha. It did it if not you can always just restock them up once you re over here grab this large platform throw it on over to the side next. We re going to grab our three blocks again again for a fun added challenge try to not knock them over and you want to put them pretty much right next to the platform grab the platform put it all the way above your head and set it down so it lands not like that not like that at all and set it down. So part of it is on top of the platform.

And it s going to land on top of the blocks make sure it doesn t fall and crush. You great i guess that worked yeah in hindsight maybe make the blocks slightly further away from the platform. But you can figure it out..


I got faith in you you came this far jim bob hop in here and grab your shine or fantastic from central tower. We re going to make our way north through the greenbelt to the quarry ruins. This is going to be the kotaku key shrine. The shrine is located pretty much just west of central square and the fortifications for hyrule actually if you look right here.

You see part of the fortifications as well as over here. So it s kind of part of all of it pretty easy to find this is going to be a minor test to strength once again pinning you up against a guardian scout version to take care of this guy with one of those asia weapons you got from your other shrine head to the back of room get your item and get your shrine orb from the last time that we were doing you want to make your way west and a little bit north of where we just were and you find yourself over here. A large rock formation you re then going to make your way to the west side of this large rock formation and when you first come here. That s going to be covered in thorns you just shoot.

It with a fire arrow set it on fire with a camp fire or however. You want this is going to be once again another mind and chest to strength. Oh. He s got a battle axe again guardian scout version isn t that difficult take him on me going to the back of the room.

Get your item and your shrine orb. Oh. I didn t get this one ooh royal shield. Nice all right we have two shrines left the next one.

We re going to be going to is colonel hills and inside of colonel hills is going to be the mika ods shrine the easiest way to get here if you ve activated woodland tower you just use your volley scale fly over and then inside of this extremely large rock formation. There s going to be a whole bunch of these little circle structures. One of them is going to have your shrine inside of it. It s actually going to be located in the largest of all the rock structures and if it s raining.

You don t need to climb it you just walk through the the west side right here super easy. This is going to be a modest test of strength pinning you up against a slightly more difficult. Guardian scout is going to be version. 3.

And i have some slightly better weapons. Remember you can always hit it with a lightning or ice based weapon to be able to disable. It and get a nice head in there too or just pull one of these maneuvers take them out pretty easily make your way to the back grab your item and your shrine orb..


Fantastic and for your very last shrine is going to make your way inside of hyrule castle to the docks if you re pretty early in the game. You re intimidated make your way inside of the castle itself. The docks is pretty much one of the most outside your remote locations from the northernmost pillar. Which is located right of hyrule castle.

We re going to glide on gently to this area and then we re going to make our way inside going this way once you had your hyrule castle er you get your own little map to help you figure out the area. But that isn t necessary as we re just going to run forward a little bit more. And there s one large cave right here that s going to bring us to the docks. We re just going to gently glide on inside here s a respawning location of a great flame blade.

Once inside climb up the stairs. Until you reach a large unlit brazier set it on fire using one of the nearby torches or with a fire arrow or with your great flame blade. And this will cause the shrine to appear for our last run is going to be a major test of straight at the sauce co sauce rind. Which once again is inside of hyrule castle in the docks.

This area doesn t have pillars built into it already but instead if you ever need a shield. You use magnesia to pull up one of these large metal pillars once you ve taken care of you re going to get some pretty nice weapons make your way on over to the back of the shrine to get your item and your shrine. Orb and that right there ladies and gentlemen is all of the shrines in central hyrule. Including the one inside of hyrule castle itself.

We are pretty much almost also with the series we have four episodes left and guys. It s time for you to choose which one we see next you see that card in the top right corner of the screen click that little exclamation mark icon be sure to vote for which one you want to see next until next time austin. John out you sure to like this video and subscribe. I m going to be giving you guys lots of helpful videos in the next following days.

And weeks till next time austin john out music. ” ..

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild – SHRINE HUNTERS episode 12 – Central Tower! Rota Ooh shrine, Kaam Ya tak shrine, Noya Neha shrine, Wahgo Katta shrine, Katah Chuki shrine, Saas Ko sah shrine, and the Namika Ozz shrine!

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