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“Of the most interesting new mechanics or features in fallout. 76. And my eyes have have been mutations mutations are these things kind of like traits from some of the fallout games where it s a bonus to your character. But oftentimes also with a downside.

What s the time this means that you get a pretty big stat bonus in one area making your character quite strong. But also a stat deficit in a totally different area. You get these mutations at random. One contracting radiation and in this video.

I m gonna do a couple of things first and foremost. I want to show you guys some of the perk cards. We know about as they pertain to certain mutations. But even beyond that i do have what looks like one of the most comprehensive lists on all 19 mutations.

I ve found in fallout. 76. So to be clear this might not actually be every single one. But more or less in a certain faction space.

There s a terminal that lists off all of the mutations. The lore being they were running experiments. And that said mutations were kind of created these are all the ones listed. There i can t find any ones not on this list online.

So it seemingly is every single one. But first and foremost let me go over some of the perk cards. Because a lot of these. We actually haven t heard about there were actually data mined from some of the load screens in fallout.

4. And there may actually be a few more out there that we still don t know about so. The one that is actually kind of well known is start genes basically when you get a mutation from radiation for moving that radiation like through a radaway or walking through one of those radiation. Cleaners will also remove the mutation from your body.

Well this perk. At level one. Gives you a chance to not remove that mutation when you clear out your radiation. But then in level 2 you will never remove your mutation when actually removing radiation.

What we also do have frey gene so this one actually requires a little bit of context. So the description of frey genes is that a mutations positive effects are vastly improved while affected by its serum. So what is a mutation serum well at this same faction location. You re also able to buy mutations more or less.

You can buy a little serum that you can inject in you and you have a hundred percent chance of contracting that mutation..

But actually beyond that mutation serums are a little bit different than just getting them the traditional way through radiation after using a serum. The positive effects of that mutation are going to be increased and the negative effects decreased so the freid genes park again seems to only work with serums which is quite distinctively did right serums cost 4800 caps. And it seems like if you get this per card. And you also buy a serum you will permanently have extra bonuses from that given mutation.

Which could be very powerful that s probably why it only works on serums so you have this kind of barrier to entry. We also do have the strange in number perk. What this is gonna do is make it so when other people in your squad. Your teammates actually have a mutation the bonuses of your mutation are amplified based on what we know right now.

It s not clear if this is scaling so if multiple of your squad mates have mutations. If you ll get more bonuses than just one having a mutation and then finally. We do have the perk class freak. This is just gonna make it so the negative effects of mutations are reduced so that s an overview of the perk cards it seems like it s a pretty comprehensive list a lot of these are probably going to be in luck.

Although. We don t have confirmations of that except for starch genes outside of that let s actually move on to some of the mutations. I will have a full list of these down below. If you guys just want to read the descriptions where do i starting things off.

We do have adrenal reaction. This is gonna make it so weapons do more damage while you re at low hp. But it also gives you minus 50. Hp overall for context.

The base hp in fallout. 76. Is 250. And it increases by 5 for each point you put in the endurance special this is a theme you ll notice somewhat throughout this video is a lot of these mutations sound super powerful.

But without explicit numbers. It s hard to actually gauge like how much more damage. Am. I doing is it 10.

Percent 20. Percent. 30 40. Percent.

Bird bone makes it so you have 4. Agility and actually take a less fall damage overall but in the flipside you do get. 4 strength carnivore is a mutation. I got during my playthrough what this does is actually make it so you can only eat meat items.

But those meat items will give you twice as many benefits and have no chance of contracting..

A disease just in general for fallout 76. I would say a very good strategy is to use food items for healing over stimpacks and i d say this work in particular is probably one of the best for this category. There s no real downside. I mean i verily used vegetables anyway.

But getting twice as much health from a lot of the food items made it so you just didn t have to worry about your health. Nearly as much tragically with this one though as i was doing a quest part of the quest. Involve you entering into a bunker and to do that you actually had to get da rae through those little spray things unfortunately. I didn t realize that would also remove my mutation that i had chameleon makes it so you can go invisible in combat.

If you are unarmored and stationary. This is one i actually got footage up from my greenbrier event. You can see a bethesda employee. Doing this in past games.

This was also a legendary effect on items. I don t know if that s making a return. I don t actually know if this guy has the mutation or if he is just using the legendary effect on something he s wearing and as some of you guys might be able to tell there s no real downside to this mutation. It seems like that s a thing but on one of these it seems like there is a downside and it s just not listed or it s a glitch so maybe this actually does have a downside.

But the in game listing for it is just not showing up eagle eyes makes it so you get plus 25 critical damage. 4 perception but you lose for strength this is another one i think i can tracked it at some point and it s absolutely horrible i didn t enjoy using this at all at least for my character build the egghead mutation gives you plus 6 intelligence. But it means you lose three strengths and three endurance as you see a lot of these mutations take away strength and with the current kara weight problems so many people are having in game. I think they re just gonna avoid these for that reason electrically charged makes it so you have a chance to shock enemies upon being melee attacked.

There s another one that seemingly doesn t have a downside. So it is probably my favorite mutation thus far to give to somebody else empath makes it so your teammates take minus 25 damage overall. But you take 25 more damage overall so of course if you re playing in the squad. This can be very powerful a flat minus 25 to damage is a pretty good freaking buff.

I don t know if this works on pvp. But there s nothing to indicate it wouldn t of course you yourself are gonna have a much harder time. But as long as you have a good squad or with a group of friends. This could definitely be very valuable grounded makes it so you gain 100 energy resistance.

But you also lose 20 of your energy damage healing factor gives you plus 300 health regen. But it reduces chem effects by 55 including like stimpacks and other 8 items. So this is probably up there is like in the top 3 of the mutations thus far you can see in this clip. Which i ll have linked down below or in the little.

I that this heals. Very quickly like really really quickly based off the gameplay. It seems like it won t actually heal you when there are enemies around. But still i mean you could probably just run away or try and get some of your teammates to take down the enemies.

You could seemingly never need to use a healing item again except in very very tight situations..

We herbivore mutation is pretty much the exact opposite of the carnivore one from earlier with this one you can t eat meat. But vegetable items will give you twice as many benefits and will not give you diseases heard mentalities mutation. I also got personally and i think. This is the best mutation in game hands down this will give you plus two to all of your special stats.

One in a group but minus two one playing solo considering groups don t even have to be on the same server. This can be immensely powerful considering. It s just like a flat bonus such as this i wonder what some of those mutation bonus cards would actually give like if i max out the perk that increases the mutation bonuses could i get plus three to all my special that seems like it would be ridiculously strong and i definitely want to get this mutation again on pc. I presently have it on xbox one b marsupial mutation.

It s probably one of the most talked about it s gonna give you plus. Twenty carry weight and actually improve your jump height. But reduce your intelligence by for the plague. Walker mutation.

Makes it so you have a poison aura around you that will damage. Other enemies. And it scales with your own diseases so seemingly. I guess if you contract.

Several diseases out of given time you ll do more damage. The thing with this is you don t get like rid of the downsides of diseases or at least. That s not described in the description of this one actually got this during my greenbrier playthrough. I didn t realize i got it at the time really the way definitely seems like one of the weaker ones on this list.

Because you have to have significant downsides to your character scaly skins. Gonna give you plus 50 damage and energy resistance. But minus 25. Ap.

Then we have speed demon. Another one probably in the top three. It s gonna give you plus 20. Movement speed and faster.

Reload speed. So this is the one. I was talking about earlier that has no explicitly listed downsides. But apparently it s actually going to increase your thirst and hunger.

It s just not currently listed in game this likely due to a glitch. Otherwise. If this actually has no downsides. It s probably up there for one of the best simply because it will benefit you in pretty much everything getting from place to place pvp combat pve combat.

Just regular questing..

I mean right now on pc. If you just uncap your fbi. Most of us can get a similar effect anyway. But to get it through legitimate means or on consoles is definitely very powerful talents.

Unarmed does plus 25 damage and causes a bleed effect. But you get minus 50 to gun accuracy. There s gonna be super good for melee characters that bleed effect in particular depending on how strong it is bleed effects in this game basically make it so you take damage over time think of being poisoned by an enemy creature there s another one that does obviously have a downside. But if you re going for a melee build you re probably never using guns.

Anyway. And i can imagine this with some of those perk cards could really be a powerful pvp or pve r twisted muscles minus 50 to weapon accuracy but you get plus 25 to melee and limb damage. So all the same points. I made for the previous one another super strong mutation that is going to be very niche.

And then finally for the last mutation on this list. We do have unstoppable isotope so this is described as a chance to a radiate enemy melee attackers. I don t know who wrote that description. But if you actually look at the gameplay that one person did upload.

I also will have this link down below. This is not representative of what actually happens here it looks like you have a mini bomb go off around your character. After getting melee attacked. And it s awesome and looks very strong similar to the other or a mutation plague walker this seemingly has no downsides.

But yeah all in all those are the 19 mutations in fallout 76. As of right now. I would say it s highly likely that through dlc and things like that. But that s the adds to this i can imagine.

A santa mutation for christmas time something like a carry weight bonus. But your thirst and hunger go up faster either way again. I do thank you all for watching if you guys do want to subscribe at 350 thousand subscribers. I m gonna be doing a video.

Where i actually do a bunch of stuff from the fallout cookbook and become chef q. Said for a day. But otherwise. I thank you all for watching again.

I hope you enjoyed and i hope to see you all next time later you ” ..

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Today we take a look at every mutation that is available in Fallout 76. Mutations are a new mechanic that gives a substantial bonus to the player, but often times often carries a downside. Mutations have several persk associated with them that we also go over in this.

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Fallout 76 Mutations
1. Adrenal Reaction: weapons do more damage at low HP, -50 HP
2. Bird Bones: +4 agility, -4 strength, and less fall damage
3. Carnivore: meat items give 2x benefits and no disease, but no vegetables
4. Chameleon: Invisible in combat if unarmored and stationary
5. Eagle Eyes: +25% critical damage, +4 perception, -4 strength
6. EggHead: +6 intelligence, -3 strength, -3 endurance
7. Electrically Charged: Chance to shock enemies upon being melee attacked
8. Empath: teammates take -25% damage, player takes +25%
9. Grounded: gain 100 energy resistance, but also -20% energy damage
10. Healing factor: health regen +300%, chem effects -55%
11. Herbivore: Vegetables provide double benefits and no diseases, but cannot eat meat
12. Herd mentality: +2 to all SPECIAL when in a group, -2 when not in a group
13. Marsupial: +20 carry weight and improved jump height, -4 intelligence
14. Plague Walker: poison aura scaling with own diseases
15. Scaly Skin: +50 damage and energy resistance, -25 AP
16. Speed Demon: +20 movement speed, faster reload speed (increase thirst and hunger, but not listed)
17. Talons: unarmed does +25% damage and bleed damage, but -50% gun accuracy
18. Twisted Muscles: -50% to weapon accuracy and +25% to melee and limb damage
19. Unstable Isotope: chance to radiate enemy melee attackers

Mutation perks:
– Strange in number: positive effects are stronger if teammate is mutated also
– Starched genes: radaway removes less often
– Mutation serum: instantly grants a mutation
o Also suppresses negatives and increases positives for limited amount of time
– Class freak perk: negative effects of mutations reduced
– Frayed genes: mutation bonuses enhanced when from a serum

Electrically Charged: https://youtu.be/SFri221mlPc?t=5202
Healing Factor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HawBiLyxVww
Marsupial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HQCRnow8Ug
Speed Dem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eDB1B2J2pE
Plague Walker: https://xboxclips.com/Corrison/eb40e50b-da22-4f7a-9e00-6ba0c186ab53

Partial Mutations List: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/11/02/fallout-76-mutations-the-best-and-worst-mutations-3/
Datamined Perks: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/9sy304/datamining_new_perks/
Datamined Load Screens: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/9tafot/datamined_loading_screen_text/

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