Epson WorkForce WF-3640 Review after 4 months

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“Four months ago. I got the epson wf3 640 all in one unit. It is is a scanner a printer a copying machine and a fax machine all nice and compact lots and lots of features and functions. I have demonstrated that in another video that i will link in the description.

This video is going to be a bit of a review focusing on the question is this thing. Any good did i have any problems with it so basically we re just going to start from the top go from top to bottom so that i hopefully don t forget to mention anything i have used this quite a bit. I ve done lots and lots of scanning with this and i ve emptied almost one entire drawer of paper. The small ink cartridges that came with the unit are just about empty.

So i guess i have had plenty of opportunity to make some experiences with this so all the way at the top. We have the automatic document feed you nate and i was kind of afraid that this was going to be unreliable that you d have to scan a stack of documents you know twice or maybe even three times until the unit gets it right fortunately nothing along those lines this works. Very reliably and even with paper that really wasn t in the best condition. I was wrinkled and had holes punched into it and whatever this thing pulled it in no trouble so very happy with that it does work of course underneath of the automatic document feeder usual scanner and i have used this too and it does of course work.

I mean. There isn t a whole lot that could possibly go wrong. There. Still the one thing.

I don t like is and i m not sure if you can even see that you could probably hear it when you open the cover..

The the paper feed on the on the back of the unit opens up along with it so that s something that i don t like is obviously you have to close that up again because otherwise li you ll get dust and dirt falling into there moving on we have this panel right here and if you don t use this as a fax machine and you re only doing your basic sort of scanning and printing. You re never even going to use any of this it is of course touchscreen operated. And what i found is that quite a few times. It s it s actually it s asking too much you know you do something rather basic.

And the screen pops up and asked you to to press ok. And i mean. It s well. I guess you could discuss whether or not it is a good thing to do that but you know if i stick a paper into the paper feed in the back.

I get a message on the front that i stuck a paper into the back press. Ok. But overall. The interface is quite nice down below of course.

We have the printer this thing right there that s where the paper comes out obviously. The printer of course does work it does work well let s briefly talk about the quality of prints. Something that i have noticed when printing documents well for one thing. It is extremely extremely extremely fast.

However another thing that i have noticed is there is one big trade off to the speed of this and that is the accuracy..

I have tried to kind of document this by printing this table. If i zoom up on that i m not sure it unfortunately didn t really come out that well. But you might be able to see that in those circles that i ve marked the line is not entirely straight. There is a bit of a step in the line.

You can you can actually see it really well in that circle and sometimes that s actually quite extreme. So that you really have a step where the the upper part of the line. Just doesn t even doesn t even connect to the lower part of the line anymore. So it is not all that extremely accurate when you re in the high speed printing mode.

But i d say if you go with a higher quality mode. It s going to be much better the other thing that i want to talk about and i hope that we re going to be able to see this is the quality of printing photos and let s see yes. Unfortunately. We re getting plenty of reflection from the video light yes.

There is nothing i can do about that but well i can i can show you the basic stuff here. You have the original picture that i printed and here we have the printout so you can see the colors are relatively accurate by zoom in on that power pole you can see that is really quite sharp so plenty of detail and all works really well so colors are good the sharpness of the image is good. It does appear to be a little more noisy than the original picture. But that could also be the fault of the printing software that i used you can never know what that stuff does before outputting stuff to the printer.

But you might be able to see how the colors look a little noisy..

The big disadvantage of printing photos on this unit is well for one thing. It s going to be rather expensive because you re going to be using a lot of ink. The other disadvantage is the speed it gets extremely slow this is an a4 format paper and printing. This photo in high quality mode with all the correct adjustments for a glossy.

Photo paper etc. This print out took around five minutes. So that s pretty extreme. I think when printing photos.

One thing that i did have a bit of trouble with was obviously i was feeding the glossy photo paper in using the paper feed in the back. Now. The printer is going to recognize. The paper in the paper feed on the back.

And it is going to even give you a message. Where you have to press. Ok. That there is a piece of paper as i already said.

However you may think that from that point on everything was going to be automatic..

But it s not when printing photos. What i have to do is i actually have to go into the printer options on the computer. And manually select the feed on the back. So.

Even if it says in the selection. It ll as a default say automatic selection of the paper feed. But it is not going to automatically switch to the feeder in the back even if there is a piece of paper in there. So that s something that you definitely have to know because otherwise li.

The printer is just going to spin out the paper that you put into the back. And then it s going to print. The photo onto a regular piece of paper that is pulls in from the drawers. So that s that that s the printer down below of course.

We do have the drawers and as you can see the lower one is relatively empty at this point. So. That s it i hope this video was helpful thank you for watching and see you again. ” .


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