Enter Seamus Fence Barn in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2): Unlock Fence and Second Floor of Barn

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“Hello. Again don t have yourself a quick nosy looking to get something put together together huh do interesting very well it s trusting. I don t do so well this is seamus he s our new partner. I ain t no such thing respective new partner.

If he likes like an ant. The problem trustin is as i said your voices down. I don t want my boss here. And this is a sideline of course look at us honest as the day is long exactly i ll tell you what let us prove ourselves ourselves to this car would you talk about good day hosea good luck with your business dealings.

Listen. He s rough and ready and quick with his tongue. But i swear you can trust him and trust. Me.

I m an old man you re not old seamus. I m old enough and you know why ain t dad you don t trust idiots..

Exactly we re not idiots let us prove it to you okay i ll tell you what i know bob crawford. His boys just bought a beautiful stolen stagecoach from upstate. It s in their barn man you go get that and then we can work together who s old bob crawford. An acquaintance of mine.

So you want us to take out your competition. Well he s not just an acquaintance. But a cousin by marriage. I also want to see if you boys got what it takes you survive that where is he he s in a farmhouse.

Just northwest of here called carmody dell. It s just up the train tracks as you heading up towards fort wallace. There s also some money in that house but that s your business not mine. But don t kill nobody folks know we ain t intimate no more and they ll know it was me.

But you re fine with us robbing your cousin by marriage and yes. I love it you heard the man let s go rob his cousin by marriage really really lead the way..

He said. The place is just northwest ii hear me the other one who s been out gallivanting around here that s what you call it clearly you ve recovered from the apparent could have played that better couldn t you so you wanted me here to show some strong arm. That s usually how it goes yes. But you know how this works come on and that s why it s perfect evo causes any problems.

A safe spot defense wagons and coaches that s easy money for us. I guess you re right come on it s not like he s asking us to rob a bank. If the two of us can t steal the stagecoach from sheamus s old that must be the place up ahead. We should go on foot from here.

Let s see what we re dealing with come on no no we re out. Yes okay. I reckon. We can do it.

Now. I ll head over distract him by putting on a little show are you sneaking in the house fine..

What you can then get the stagecoach or wait until nightfall sneak in then i ll get the coach you can try the house. What do you think what s doing now sure all right then don t follow me wait until. I have some distracted outside then sneak into that you know what areas are you the father of the house sure spinal. I like look at me down keep driving music everything we needed.

And i m pretty sure i never even knew i was there that s late less problems. The better right now just need to get this back to sheamus in one visa. It s a good day s work a little lift from the house bouncing money you stashed away mystery a few hundred not too bad not bad at all this was easy 100000. No doubt i won t forget that in a hurry.

I m looking forward to your retelling to that one around the campfire. So hear something strange chambers. Was telling me how he also makes these little trinkets for people from animal claws. Teeth such like he was claiming they really do work music just pull the coach into the barn there hello seamus.

We met careful easy how there s a nice pea fuck that thing in here nice work hosea. It was mostly arthur like i said course..

But competent to hear thank you find any other coaches. It needs selling i ll see what i can offer you for but discreet you know of course. The bad gentlemen. I m heading back to camp.

I think you coming yeah. I ll catch up with you later okay stay out of trouble. Figured. This might be of interest to you well ai.

N t this a lovely little thing deal. And this is for you music music music music music. Now that s a wheel. ” .


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Seamus is a Fence that also accepts stolen stagecoach and wagons in his barn in Red Dead Redemption 2. Normally, that barn is locked and you are not able to go inside it. Video shows how to enter the barn via the open second floor hole. You need to go on the roof of the barn and jump down on a perfectly placed stagecoach below the hole. You can then climb inside and explore the whole barn. Video also shows the complete walkthrough of unlocking Seamus fence via Hosea in Red Dead Redemption 2. The mission is called The Spines of America, and involves stealing a stagecoach from Bob Crawford. After you complete this mission Seamus will sell you trinkets and special weapons and masks. He will also accept stagecoaches and wagons as well. Gameplay walkthrough on PS4 Pro version of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2).

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