Elite 101 – The Radar

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“So a user on reddit asked me to explain the radar. That s used in in any dangerous and how to understand it so i ve come out here to deep space and ejected a bit of cargo to show you how stuff works first of all the little arrow in the center of the radar. That s obviously you the v shape that extends forwards out of that that s more or less your field of view. When you re looking straight forwards in the ship like this obviously.

If you re using something like an oculus rift. It will depend very heavily on where you re looking whether that will match up. But in a normal set up that is looking straight forward your field of view. The little white dots that you can see is the piece of cargo that i rejected that matches up with the not targeted.

But visible thing in front of me on my screen highlighted by the little white v. s in a diamond shape. If i select that as a target it gets little angle brackets around it on the radar. So that shows you what your current target is if i rotate to the left or the right in the same flat plane you can see that that moves obviously you can see there it s gone outside that v.

It s still visible in my screen. So that v is not absolutely your field of view. But it s relatively close. But you can see there that as i rotate left that moves right and as i rotate right that come back into my field of view.

So. The radar is showing a flat plane all around me in the direction..

I am facing the other thing that you ll see is if i pitch down. There s a line that extends upwards from that flat plane of the radar to where. The object is so aligned like you can see at the moment. That comes up out of the radar to an object.

That s showing that the object is above you the longer the line is the further above you it is if you go the other way of course it extends downwards. The longer the line is the further down. It is from you obviously as i pitch up and i m not moving forward. It s going to get closer and closer and closer to me.

But further below me so at this point here. It is directly below me. So that dot is exactly on me on my point on the radar. But the line is extending a long way down.

If i keep pitching it ll go round behind me shorter shorter shorter. Now. It s more or less exactly behind me. And then obviously if i keep going.

It s now above me above me and behind me directly above me at that point. And then it will come back into view in front of me again there we go that s a white object..

And it s a solid square. So solid objects are always computer controlled objects. If you see another player they will be a hollow object either a hollow square. Or a hollow triangle.

The triangle that you can see off to the right on the radar and above me. Because there s that line coming upwards that s actually the nearest star port. So if i just aim towards that there it is and we ll travel towards it got a way to go while we re traveling towards it i ll just say square shapes indicate something that s not currently a threat and obviously that canister wasn t a threat and can t ever really be a threat. This starport is a triangle triangle indicates weaponry so in the case of this starport.

It s that it s weapons are currently out and deployed to star ports. Don t really have a concept of weapons being stoned if you see another ship on your radar. It will appear as a square if its weapons are stowed that will change to a triangle. If it s weapons get deployed that works for players as well so players are a hollow square.

If their weapons are put away and a hollow triangle if their weapons are deployed you notice the yellow color of the star for that means that it is neutral towards me. So white objects basically don t have a concept of a faction so canisters they re white missiles. If somebody s shooting missiles. You ll see them as white arrows.

Because obviously they are a threat. They re missiles..

But they re not in any way controlled consciously by either an npc or a player. So we can see there is from the looks of things another ship just up above and slightly to the right of this star port. There we go it s now in my view in front of me. If i target that you can see that it s a square.

So i know it s a an mpc because it s a solid square. And i know it s not got its weapons out something else has appeared off to my right. But that s flickering around when something s flickering around like that it s a radar echo. It could mean that it s something that s got very very very low heat.

So it s hard for the radar to lock on see. It s now become more solid possibly because it s got slightly closer to me. It s now possible for me to lock onto it and see that it s a cobra once again ai. Controlled and with its weapons stowed.

So. I m just going to head off to a combat zone. So i can show you the different color schemes and hopefully something a bit more hectic inside the combat zone before i die before i do that i ll probably also bet to mention the line that you can see as soon as i stop turning the the line you can see along the bottom of the radar that looks to have a little yellow slider on it that s your radar range. So at the moment.

I am a minimal range to be able to discern between these ships that are docking and the actual star port and suchlike if i zoom out like that obviously all of those objects appear closer on the radar because the radar now has a larger maximum range. But it s harder to discern between them because they appear almost on top of each other you can see now that off to the right tier..

If i just pick up in front of me there this is a player because it s a hollow square. So if a target that it s a player in a type. 6 transport come on escaper and all male do like i said and head off to a combat zone and see you shortly so i ve just dropped out in a high intensity combat zone around ran in to or errand into however you pronounce that you can see that there are a number of ships all around me all with their weapons out and they re still showing as yellow neutral. There s unfortunately not any players here at the moment they re all computer controlled if i go over to the right hand menu here and pick a side.

We re in the aerelon system. So let s choose them you can now see that there are a number of targets. That are green that are target s that on the same faction as me and a number of targets that are red. So at the moment they re all above them behind me that s one shooting.

Some missiles there which were the white arrows that you saw selects looped round. What i want is i want one of these guys to shoot at me. Because what you should see is when a target shoots at you they start to flash white. There we go you can see that he s shooting.

Me he is now flashing white and red on the screen. I think that s about it really i think that s about everything that you need to know about how the radar works. I ve already explained. The compass.

That s just above to the right of the radar in my tutorial on basic flying and also ” ..

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