Elinchrom D Lite RX4 – Crispy Studio lighting! Honest review

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“Guys and welcome to my nyoutube channel. Where i do practical reviews behind nthe scenes. Scenes. Videos and other little photography bits in between today.

I m gonna be reviewing d. Lite. Rx. 4.

Head. So let s get right into it about 700 pounds to 720 pounds for the two 400 watt heads. You get the two heads couple of stands. Small octa.

Small softbox. So for 700 pounds to nget two 400 watt heads. Is quite a good deal these are super light weight really practical just super efficient. I can t really complain nabout the consistency or anything else can t nreally complain at all so 400.

Watts is plenty power nto be lighting. Any sort of portraiture in an intimate nsetting or anything. Like that elinchrom do also pitch nthese lights as ideal for lighting. Large groups nwhich is probably about right you could stick two big numbrellas or two big octa s or softboxes in front of the group.


It really lights a large family. A wedding or anything like that one of the major plus points. Nfor me on these lights is the weight and just nhow small they pack down so they come in this nlittle box about a meter long and weigh a mere 15. Kilograms.

You also get plenty control of nlights here. You ve got five stops of power. Which goes up nand down in 10th increments. So plenty range there to nplay around with how strong each light is and how much npower that s putting out this can also be controlled nfrom.

The little skyport. I think they call it the transmitter that you get with the light. So you can be 10 20. Feet naway from your lights.

And be tinkering with nthe power up and down. You just set one on a ndifferent channel to the other and then you can play with it. The only disadvantage to nthat is that there is no lcd screen on the transmitter. So you just have to remember what nlight is on what power.

And maybe lock your images on the back of your camera or on your laptop elinchrom. Do do. Other ntransmitters. Which you can use with these.


Including the nhigh sync speed. Transmitter which means you can shoot nat anything up to 8000th of a second on your shutter nspeed. Which will get you super crispy images if you re shooting nany moving image or action. Okay.

So that s the major nplus points. For me light weight. Plenty control elinchrom also offer loads nof different fixings for the camera. And there s tons of nbrands out there that you can find on ebay and amazon that nwill offer their softboxes beauty dishes and their nattachments to that that you can then fix to the elinchrom.

So you re really not limited in any way. The only thing. I guess nwhich you could consider a limitation would be the nfact that they are mono heads that need to be nplugged in to a 13 amp plug. So obviously you can t use them outside so what do you get for your money you get two heads two nstands and two softboxes elinchrom s own portalite nyou.

ve got the scrim on the front silver in the middle. The major disadvantage with nthese that they don t fold down. You ve got to take the polls out it s a nightmare. You end nup wrestling with them we just keep them up in the nstudio.

All the time. And i don t really use these if i m on nlocation or basically outside. I have to take them outside the studio. Oh and it also comes with this octa.


I was really excited that they ncame with an octa. I really enjoy using an octa njust above the subject gives a nice soft light over the face. However these are quite small nalmost. Too small to use i don t really tend to use nthis one too much because it s an octa so it s suppose nto be a nice soft light.

But it s quite small so it s very harsh and centered on the subject. Though usually i just fire nthese into the ceiling. And it bounces back down onto the subject on paper. A good offer that nyou get two softboxes with it but in reality.

I haven t nfound too much use for them. However i have seen them online nfor 725 pounds and coming with two larger softboxes nas well as the octa. So that might be worth checking out what other features have i missed out they also come with a modeling lamp which i think is about 100 watt. If you re using constant light.

Perhaps not the brightest for constant light. I have seen some people in the studio use them as a constant light source. But they tend to get quite warm nand when they overheat they cut out for 10 to 15 minutes njust so they can cool down obviously that s not npractical in a studio. So they do have a modeling nlight.

But that s more to help you get focus in darker situations before you start flashing your subjects okay guys i hope that just nabout covers everything that you need to know nabout the elinchroms. A brilliant mid range light nso. If you ve been using speed light. You re interested nin getting some good quality studio lights at a good price nthese.


I reckon are your guys if you feel. There s nanything. I ve missed out or anything you d love me to elaborate on please let me know in the comments or dm me on instagram or nemail. Me.

Info richmacivercom. Yeah. Thanks for watching. I ll try to keep these videos.

Coming. I hope you enjoy them i hope they provide some use please subscribe at the time of filming. I have one subscriber. So if you re that subscriber nthank you very much for coming back.

And if nyou re not please subscribe. So i ll see you guys on the next video. Thank you very much for watching. ” .


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