EGG MORTY IN MULTIPLAYER! RAREST MORTY? Pocket Mortys (Rick And Morty Game!)

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“Is up everybody. It s cops here and today. I am back with another pocket pocket morty s video in today s video. We will try to do some different that way i can get some more powerful morty s.

I would say my main goal right now is just to stock up on morty manipulator chips and try to catch. It as many morty s as i possibly can oh yes. Thank you thank you game holy. I hit them a little bit too many times.

I don t know if i needed to hit them there. But let s capture this guy. And we can do our first evolution for today or a combination as pocket morty s calls it there we go single stossel morty is ours. I m definitely gonna try to level up my main morty as well and i m gonna continue to level him up and hopefully he stays viable even when i level up super quickly cuz.

I mean i can evolve a single snazzle morty and it s just gonna be so much better than my regular morty because it s gonna be so much higher level. So let s blend these guys and let s see who we get i m pretty sure it s just double stossel morty. Yeah. My game definitely glitched out no we re good all right let s see who begin what level is he gonna be is he gonna be like level 12.

There we go double snazzle morty is only level 6. I for sure thought he was gonna be a higher level morty. But he s not he is a rare morty and to get the next evolution. We need five doubles nozzle morty s or 15.

Singles. Nozzle morty s. So my regular morty has 27 hp. 13.

Attack. 15 defense in 13 speed for my single snazzle morty. He definitely has lower stats. But not by too much and he does have higher stats than regular common level.

6. Morty s as well alright guys you might be wondering how did i get this team. What happened. While i was recording a full episode god done and realized all the footage was corrupted except for the first couple of minutes.

I don t really know how that happens. But these are the morty s i got from my club rick tickets. I had 10 and sadly guys the recording got corrupted. But we have the fruity bloop more at level 15.

He is a rare morty at level 15. We also have raptor morty elf morty at level 13. Fork morty at level 15. On the bench.

We have male morty in to cap morty s so these were the 6 morty s i got from the two club rick tickets. So it kind of puts my regular morty to shame just spend money on this game. And you win we have fruit peace loop morty. Rupee bruce well how do you say that we have rupees.

We have rupee schloop morty rupee bloops..

Little brother let s capture them guys. I don t know how to say that i really hate having this guy on my team. Because i have to say it all the time. But i ll get used to it again.

I think so i kind of want to use all these seeds on morty. We have four attack mega seeds three speed mega seeds. In one level of mega seed. So.

Let s use these all on my regular morty and just power them up as much as we can i kind of like powering up their attack. Without powering up their level that way. It s sort of secretive that he is so powerful so increase stat attack. I don t know how much that s increasing your morty s attack permanently increased so his attack stat is 20 right now.

Let s see after using three more what it s gonna be so i just used the three seeds. And it went up three so it literally is one attack mega seed equals. One attack. I m going to use all these speed mega seeds as well because those are honestly very important so let s say there s two level.

Fifteen morty s but one has faster speed that means. It s going to hit first so our morty is a little bit beefier. But let s compare them to fruity bloop morty. Who is just better anyways.

It doesn t matter how many seeds we use. He s just better so. We re dumping everything into morty. And he still sucks.

Oh oh no way no way. Oh. My god egg morty. There.

Is no way this sponge. This is an exotic spawn as well that is absolutely insane guys we can already get the one true morty you know what screw my footage failing. I don t care stop hitting him. Oh.

The egg hurt himself. Oh. My gosh. I don t care about the last footage as long as we can capture this egg.

Morty and then we can turn them into the one true morty guys. That is absolutely insane. Oh. My gosh.

I have to take a screenshot of that i don t think you understand how rare of a spawn that is unless they increase the chances of egg morty spawning. Which they definitely may have it s so rare even back in the day. I would search for hours in multiplayer and never find him i would definitely love a team of all one true morty s. Oh.

My gosh..

Oh i wanted that guy just got into a battle. Though i would love a team of all one true morty s though that would be absolutely insane. So we re definitely not gonna be able to get the one true morty this episode. But maybe by next episode or the one after that we will have them i m just gonna have to love lot my egg morty that s it so our egg morty is currently level 12.

We need to get them up to level 20 to turn them into the one true morty. So the thing. We can do to level them up is put them in the front of our team. And then switch out to a better morty and then once i kill the opposing morty.

The egg morty will get some of that xp. So i don t really care about catching single snazzle morty. But hardin look at what it does nothing literally nothing. The defense grew so it can sit here and do nothing but take more hits.

So we re gonna switch out to my regular morty s so we can level him up as well and once we killed this single snazzle morty. Our egg morty will get xp alongside our regular morty. So with one more hit. We should be able to take him down let s see how much xp he gets from this it should tell us so 96.

Xp for morty and 32 xp for our egg morty. So it s 1 3. Of less than our morty got but at least. It s something and let s see how much it actually was yeah.

It really wasn t much for just killing him morty. So we could use levelup seeds. I think that s maybe what we ll do we ll have to figure out how easy those are to get so we re going to start leveling up our egg morty and i think the best way to do that is to take out a regular morty sadly enough i guess eventually we re just gonna have to use mega seeds on them. As of right now he s just not viable jack got.

De mac. We are going to be getting into our first battle. Let s switch out to frou pea bloop. Morty.

And then we should be able to easily kill this regular morty and gain actually a decent amount of xp let s use some coffe and see how powerful it is honestly not that powerful. I wouldn t be surprised if this guy did use some seeds on his regular morty. He is level 11. Okay there we go we killed them all right i didn t believe in my fruity blue morty.

But there we go 18 x p. 6. Xp for my egg morty. Oh.

My god. This is horrible. He switched out to a rock type. Oh oh oh okay.

He s good. He s an epic. Let s see how powerful that is 15 damage. I think he did more damage than we did he s easily gonna kill us no he didn t thank god he missed that attack and there we go so as of right now.

We re not gonna get any more xp for our egg morty..

But i do want to try to win this battle there goes. A serum right there and we took them down probably. 15 hp and there goes our fruity blue morty. So i don t know if this guy knows that rock is good against scissors or what he s doing.

But there goes another morty let s see if our egg morty gets anything. I don t think he s going to wow wow. 157 xp for that one i m gonna switch out my egg morty and then i ll switch out to someone else all right we re gonna switch back to our fork morty. I m pretty sure our egg morty s gonna take a shot here.

But as long as he doesn t die. I really don t care. There we go to camp morty is down let s see how much xp at 25 and 9 xp for our egg morty. It s just not enough all right let s switch out to our egg morty and then we can switch out to someone else so if we take down this hard boiled morty that is going to be a ton of xp.

I m gonna switch over to my fork morty he might one shot us no he got super close though. Let s use outburst. Oh. My gosh ii.

My no okay i thought for sure he was gonna kill us there. But now we only have to scissor type left and i don t know what his last morty is there goes another serum guys another one and now he s gonna be able to kill me easily here. I probably should have used my serum the same time he did but i didn t know i guess we should switch out to our raptor morty and hopefully this gives us a chance come on raptor morty. Always gonna do so much here.

Okay really not that much our raptor morty looks like a beast he takes out samurai morty. I think our egg morty still will gain xp okay samurai morty just absorbed that shot. But he missed an attack and we hit another one very weak shots. Though let s use dig he missed another attack.

No way he is raging right. Now. He s probably gonna use another serum. Okay.

He finally hit his attack. For 13 hp critical hit mine was 9. Hp. He could use a serum here.

He doesn t. Though. He s definitely gonna use it on his hard boiled morty. Let s see how much xp our egg morty.

Got 25 xp not terrible. So if this guy decides to use a serum. We re definitely screwed here guys. There s no way.

We can beat this guy so most likely at this point. Oh wow. He got the first hit in two there that s crazy and he just hit level 16. If he decides to use a serum there s no way we can win you know what we re gonna do guys i m sorry we re gonna use a great serum on our egg morty.

We re gonna switch out to our egg morty and we re gonna mr..

Meeseeks this guy just because he used so many serums. I didn t use a single serum throughout this whole battle and he used about 15. I would have to say so we re gonna switch out to egg morty and this should give us a pretty beefy amount of xp especially because he just hit level 16. So we re gonna switch out to our egg morty and use a mr.

Meeseeks box. We have one left after this and all i am going to email oh. There we go. 77 xp.

Not that much. But that was worth it guys tell me just tell me. If you think. That s a little bit.

Too. Cheeky. 136 xp. As well.

Almost level. Seven. Let s see what this guy has to say oh oh my gosh. We re easily gonna be able to capture cucumber morty you gotta love this guy.

I can t wait to combine this guy and evolve them cucumber morty level 12 level 12. Definitely isn t bad. But the club rick tickets they just i mean there s so much better the morty s inside them are so much better we can get another cucumber morty. So we just need two more until we can combine let s see if there s anything else interesting around i always like having morty manipulative chips at this point just in case we run into something like an egg morty.

So guys. I m gonna end. The episode here. We didn t even level up our egg morty once.

But we did a lot of stuff and a lot of my footage got corrupted. I hope you guys enjoyed the battles. I hope i m not too rude with that mr. Meeseeks box.

But i felt like i had to use it one more thing i wanted to say i really hope one day they add a limit like where you can battle with maybe. Five serums max. And you have to use them wisely and you can t just spam. Them i don t know if they ll ever do something where there s some sort of competitive tournament for a certain morty.

But hopefully when rick and morty comes back out they ll add something like that anyways guys. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys did enjoy this video. If you want more pocket morty s make sure to drop a like subscribe turn on those notifications.

I ll see you guys later ” ..

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