Edge Lighting & Notification Tutorial for Galaxy S8, S8+ & Note 8

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“Today s video. I m gonna show you how to use edge lighting on your your s 8 s. 8 plus or no date let s get started hey everybody to tech. With bret where i help tech work for you and in a previous video.

I showed you everything that you can do with the edge panel on your s 8 s a plus or no date well today. I m going to show you how to do the edge lighting around the outside of your screen. As well as pop up notifications. So to get started all you need to do is go into the phone settings.

So here. I m going to go into the notification panel. And then i m gonna go to display and go down to the edge screen right here. When you open up the edge screen.

You see the edge panel setting right there. But here we have the edge lighting. So right here it shows. The edge lighting is going to illuminate the outside of the screen as well as when your phone is faced down.

You will see a notification around the outside of the phone because it has the edge here. If we go into edge lighting. We can change the settings so right here at the top..


I m going to make sure that my edge lighting is on and then here we can choose when we want to see the edge lighting. So here. I received a notification. You can see it gives me a pop up and around the outside of my phone.

We see the lighting. So here when i say always that means. It s going to show me that when my phone is on as well as when my phone is locked. So there we see the same pop up and the notification around the outside.

So you can choose when you want to see that maybe only when it s off or when it s on you have those options right there then down here we have manage notifications. So you can actually choose which applications are going to show you these pop up notifications or than lighting around the outside. So here. I ve just selected a few i have hangouts messages.

You can choose any application. That s on your phone. Maybe i want a low to be included in there or any other application you can also include every application on your phone just by selecting the top one there but we re just going to leave it how it is right now so we re gonna go back and then we have one more setting that we can choose under the advanced settings. So in here.

I can change the color that the notification will show so right here. I can choose basic color. That means..


It s going to show a color based on what my wallpaper is on my phone. So here i can click preview and see what that is around the outside of the screen. I then have the option here of choosing the app color so maybe i have like hangouts is a green app. It will then show me a green notification.

Where messages is orange. It will show me an orange notification. Then we have custom color so maybe i just want all the notifications to be one color. I can come in here and choose exactly what color.

I want you can see around the outside right now. It s showing me that color as well as the pop up notification right there so i can find whatever i d like to use and then i can click done but we re just gonna choose app color for now and then down here we have the width of the lighting so right now. It s on the widest available and then if i move this bar. You ll see that around the outside it gets smaller and smaller.

So here it gets smaller and then it can get bigger right there down here on the bottom. We have one more setting. Where it s going to make the edge color more transparent. So here.

It s very low meaning you see all the color and then if we go this way. It s a little more transparent where it s a little more white around the outside. So i m gonna set this right now to low set..


This all the way to wide and keep the app color. There s one more thing. I want to show you before we go into what those actually look like and on this main screen of the edge lighting up here in the settings. You have the option for a quick reply.

So when you receive a phone call and your phone is face down. You can actually hold your finger over the heart rate monitor for two seconds. And it will reject the call and send them this quick reply message. It s really nice you don t even have to pick up your phone.

So this is nice especially when your phone is facedown maybe it starts ringing and you re talking to somebody all you have to do is hold down your finger right here on the heart rate monitor for two seconds. It will then reject the call and automatically send them the notification. And you don t have to touch the phone at all and it gives them that text message and rejects the call. If you want to change what the message is you just need to click right here and go through and edit it i changed mine to all call back later so now let s look at the different styles of notifications.

So when i receive a notification with my screen on this is what we see right here. So that s what happens. When my screen is set to always receive edge lighting. But now i m going to set it when the screen is off so if i receive a notification now with this off this is going to give me a normal notification.

So here at the top. I can see it just gives me the drop down like the old style of notifications. So that s what you mainly want to have done probably so make sure you come in here and set this as when screen is off or if you have it when the screen is on it s going to give you the notification up there you can click on it and that will jump into the text message thread..


So now let s look at what this is like when the screen is off so there we can see it is going around the border. So now let s try it with the phone upside down. So you can see the colors illuminate there and now. When you receive a phone call.

The colors will show up like this and then if you want to reject the call just hold your finger over the heart rate monitor for two seconds. There it has reject the call and sent the response a notification. I hope this video helped you in learning all about the edge panels on the galaxy s. 8s.

A or note. Eight. If you have any further questions. Please leave a comment below and if this is your first time here.

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