Easy diy eliquid mixing using darkstar one shot concentrate

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“Welcome back many vips here not with a review. You saw a little bit of of different. We re going to do a little bit a diy eliquid making that what we re going to be do so these are few kicking around. And i ve not used up more and more of doing these kits that you can pack.

So you can go out and you can go to different companies. And you can get what they call a mixing kit. So i could come with your concentrate. I ll come with your pg vg and your nicotine.

So i m going to show you how you can do it yourself without having to go by them. And see if it will make it a bit cheaper for you so. What you re gonna need is first of all is a concentrate so a lot of companies now are doing one shots. Because diy is going that way so if anything ever goes wrong the plug pulled the plug on vic shops and things like that you can always mix you could always get everything is readily available.

So i ve been to daxter and purchase one of their one shot. So this is a 30ml bottle of flavoring that s all that easy just flavorings. So that s what makes up your flavoring in your legal liquid. So you ve got four parts to an e liquid.

First part is obviously your flavoring. So if you buy one shot that s one part on if you bathe different concentrating mix yourself. That s separate issue. But all you need is to start off with is concentrate.

So this one is supersonic schools. So that s what we re going to be mixing the next bit you re going to be needing is some pg. This is mono propylene glycol. I get mine as you can see from lubrizol you can get it from wherever.

You want there s plenty of places do it just have a look round here for dax there you can get it from chefs you can get it from lou resolve you can get a farm scotland. You can get it from different places. I walk around shop around i get mine from doubt. So you can probably get it from some of separate shops.

Do it like an old jewish cab indels vg and pg. So you can get it from there. So i usually get it in a liter. A liter at pg u.

Pg. You probably not going to use as much because. You don t need as much as that because neil net nine percent time on my juice is a 70. 30.

If you do it an eight to 20 means. 20. Pg. 8.

T. Vg your nicotine. You concentrate. Is suspended in pg.

All. Your concentrates are always suspended in pg. So. That takes up a portion of your pg and then you probably only going to use probably.

2 mil of that sort elite or one last year for the ages. The next part you re going to need is obviously a vegetable glycerin and this is this that s your vegetable glycerine. And that s what takes up the bulk of uni liquid. So the difference is if you can tell that is like water your vg is a little bit thicker you see the viscosity on it so try not to get it mixed up because obviously it will affect you mix if you get it mixed up.

I usually because i m gonna make sure you how to do it by measuring by where. But you can use a syringe. So you need a blunt syringe and this one s only 1 mil. I usually use this for my concentrates to get a bit more accurate.

But you re mixing for yourself. It doesn t have to be spot on you re not selling it to anybody you know so it doesn t ask these well sure you don t have to be absolutely spot on so if you make a slight mistake. It s not gonna affect you you doing it you re doing it so i usually dcam my vg into something like this which is just like a little sauce bottle. So one s got vg in it.

So. I usually live..

Oh. This is wild off my usually label. Pg. And as you can see they label.

This one up pg. So just makes it because i m gonna be mixing bag weight. Then it makes it a little bit easier so much quicker mixing. It by weight and having to use a syringe because what you ll find is that your vg is quite thick.

It takes a bit to pull it up and down next you re going to need is bottles you can buy cheap bottles you can see any liquid bowls you can use you should work your reel of bottles. I find the triple korilla bottles a little bit adder or work with because you ve gotta try and pop. The pop top off and on at all time. We ve the alpha 2 or one guess.

It s gonna be easier. But yes you ve got two and pop the top off every time you use it so i just pick myself up some of these bottles screw on nice big leap down there so you can foil everything down just normal new or you can if you get them from you know places that do these sort of you can see if your bottle with that that s still a 60 ml as you can see the difference to this this is 60 ml. This is a 120 so i roll i always do 60. But i like to keep it a little bit bigger just to give myself enough checking room.

So off you can pack a demi joke. Like that that s if you re making a big batch. You know if you wanted to do a load you can keep them in there you know 200 mil. But i ve never used it to be honest.

We re you know so that is the basics of what you re going to be needing so our bottles vg pg u. Nicotine shot one nicotine shot if that s what you very ponder 3 milligram so under nicotine shot and your concentrate prepare the skills. Which i just got these little ones here what you wanting with scales is tap so if you re mixing a fume you want to beat our so you measure how you put bottle on and i ll show you that and then you can tile. It and then put your next concentrate on it and the techsoup matters hero.

All time so that is the basics of what you are going to be doing to make your own e liquid. It might seem a bit complicated. But it s not so what we re going to do now is i ll show you what you re gonna need on the internet. You can have to do it on your phone your tablet.

I do want before on the tablet you can do it on your pc. So what i m going to do is i bring up another screen. And i ll show you on there so give me a second and we ll do that right so what you re going to be looking for is steam engine vip there you go so when it comes up here you will see that the first one that comes up is steam engine so it s actually www dot. Steven argh that s what you re gonna be looking for you can say you can be doing it on your pc tablet.

I don t want before it comes up exactly see or anything i have to tell you if you put it on fullscreen. It doesn t show up all the numbers. So just remember to minimize it a little bit. So you got a click on a liquid and then here s where you re gonna be using so what you ve got first of all is bat your batteries what y all gonna be using so this is what you re making up so whether 120 240.

You know liter. Whatever you re making. You re gonna put in there. So we re going to be making 60 mil.

So you just type in 60. And we re gonna be doing you can use nicotine strength in volume. It gives you the the presenta tees down below anyway so just leave that volume so you nicotine strength your nicotine strength if you are using a nicotine strength the shot is gonna be 18 this bit here so it s always going to be 18. Because it s an 18 milligram nicotine shot so you re just put in 18 in nicotine strip nicotine strength here is what you want it to be so if you look on your nicotine bottle.

At lyc e. Vg. Pg. On or c.

7 t. V. G. Of 7.

If whichever so if you ve got a 70 vg like i have i ll just type in 70. There and then you ll see that that changes to 30. There or if you re going to be using hundred you ll just put hundred vg and that ll knock the pg out so because this one that i ve got here is a 70 30. I m just going to put in 17.

And that s my so that s what s on my bottle of my nicotine shot so that so you re looking about on and see what it is so i think. It says pg. You know. It s gonna be under percent pg.

If it says vg. You know..

It s under percent vg. If it says 70 30. It ll be a cent of eg 30 pg so nicotine strength if you put one bottle of a liquid have one shot of nicotine in six ml bottle. Each three milligram you should on all that if you re buying it from a shop that ll give you a nicotine shot to put in your bottle.

And if you ve got 60. Ml. 56. Ml bottle with 50 ml premix each 3.

Milligram. So all you ve got to do there easter three and then this bit here is the ratio that i want it i do mine. At 70 30. As i preferred.

It is 70 30. And as you can see 70 vg pg. But you might want it to do it to 80. Which i ll come up there 8 to 20.

If you ve got a mouth. Too long you might want to do it 50. And you ll do it. 50.

50. That s what the ratio of your liquid. Yolk. Y all.

Want in so. The final meets. What you want it to be so. I see for this kiss.

Now real. We re just gonna do 70 30 moving on over here to flavorings if you click at this is where you would put in what flavour you re using so if you want to do it. I m gonna be using sonic school and then if when you wherever you ve got your shot from your one shot it ll give you a percentage to use it at so whoever eats 1512. 395.

Or whatever sometimes they ll just tell you put 20 you know so it s up to you look on the website. See what it is and put 20 milligram you know 20 mils in it so i m gonna be using 15 because i like to stay at law in my first mix if i need to add more weight you know you can always add a little bit more but start off long you can wear your way up you know. But if you start off. I it might be too strong so 15.

A good start in place. So then when you come down here. It will now say. This is your recipe and this can be mixed so as you see here you ve got your nicotine base ten milk that s just will nick shot you sonic school is in pg.

Which is nine. So i m gonna put nine mils in if you re using a syringe. Your vg. 35.

Mil. And your pg six. So that is gonna give you 60 milliliters of e liquid. I m gonna be using this one so our angle let me ten mil is that so it doesn t matter.

You know you sonic s gone. Now milk comes out a nine point four and then i m going to be using these two here from a vg pg. So i m gonna use that house scale. But if you are using a syringe you are gonna be using this side if you re using scales.

You ll be using that side nice and easy so that is what you re gonna be doing on there nice and simple. There s nothing to it it s all there it leads you through it. And that is your final recipe is that one so. What i would do then is write it down in a book and then next time you come to mix some of these if you ve got this sonics girl next time you come.

And do that you ve got it there. Thank you you can just open your book up and mix mix it up you don t have to keep coming back to this to do it so what we re going to do now is we ll go down to the mixing portion and we ll show you how to mix it so bear with me we re back in a minute right so. We re gonna have a look at the download portion of this and we re gonna start mixing it so turn your scales on if you re using scales. There we go and then we re here oh i ll put your bottle on and then once you ve got your bottle.

Where you can tower it and then what you need to do is get your one shot. Always give it a shake just to get everything mixed up a good shake..

And then what you need to do now is run out a look at the bottle of this it said 25. So i m just gonna put in 20 cuz. I think. 25 is a little bit too much to be honest we re.

But so if using a syringe. It now tells me it s 12 mil. So we are gonna just put. 12 these in and it does tell me 125.

18 grams. So once we get up there. There i could party and if i want it. But just for showing your purpose of using a syringe thing without staff flavors it all come with drop bottles.

A lot of them do so you can just leave it in bottle. And just squeeze it in and that s a format now another male checkers up to where we need to be john epsilon over so that will be twelve point five eight. I m looking for like i say it don t matter. If you drove it a little bit johnny user.

It s gonna be you re not selling. It so i don t have to be spot on you got 125. A so put that to the side because at these washing out now wash out your syringe every time you do it for me. I m just because i ll just tear that off now get it back to zero.

So i m going to have a pg like say for me because i use my bottles and things it saves. I m cleaning up so this wants to be three point one once a little bit house with this one so this to me pg go inning. And that would be three mil. If you used your syringe well.

I say i d fed it with a scale and my balls. There s not enough mess. I might say i m on a measuring it for. Myself so he doesn t have to be absolutely spot on there was 299.

Snow that awful flick to about three about time it settled down. There you got three tear that to zero right vg. So i ll do now is palmer vtn and you ll be looking at 35 mil. But with ac.

It s easier just to get your bottle and give it a damn will squeeze and they re looking at flat 415. So and as you can see it s quite thick. The viscosity on this is different from the pg just keep squeezing it so you get into where you need a bit now. I do just a little bit over well.

I d say i m not bothered for a couple of mills. So we tear that and then all we ve got to do we ve dumped nicotine him for ten mill bottle just get a fire in and this a bit exactly. Same as what you d be doing with a nicotine with nicotine free. And you shop.

And you squeeze. It in cause. We know it s ten mill and just keep squeezing. I take the top off.

Why i just can t be bothered all right so there we go so that is as mixture done all we got to do now. He s put the top back on and as you can see it s all separated at the moment and just give it a a damn good shake there you go that s all starting to mix. Now so what you do now is you would put it in a doubt place this one takes about two week to mature as we see it i ll steep as we call it so i d put it in a cupboard you can put it on just on a shelf. So i m starting direct sunlight.

Then you re good to go what i ll i do now is write on my label. There so i get yourself some little labels as well if using bottles batten. The little label put it in the cupboard and every saw three or four days had come out and give it a shake and just make sure. It s all mixed up.

And you ll see that it all you get all them air bubbles. They ll start to disappear. And that s when you mix it and that s it basically that s all you ve got to do so. What we ll do now is we ll go back up top well have a little bit of a chinwag and then what i m going to do with this i m gonna leave it for two week and we ll come back to it and see what it tastes like so we re back two weeks later looking at supersonic schools.

Bye that s that this is a one shot so obviously as i showed you in the video really easy to use one shots. I prefer the upscales took around about seven minutes to make it all up and that s all you ve got to do you know buy you one shot. And you can make it up the longest time you re gonna be doing he s been steeping. But some of the juices don t need steeping a lot of the fruits you can use them straight off a bat.

But they obviously do get better as the become a little bit more mature and it ll only get better it won t get worse. You know just make sure you keep checking it and getting all the flavors and the pg vg nicotine all mixed up put it away like i do in a doubt cupboard or you know put it somewhere else you don t want it on direct somewhere..

That s the only thing you do up one so we from a wind or you know on a shelf somewhere or in cupboards. Whichever you want to do you know totally up to yourself just check it out every now and again let s say give it a good shake. So as you can see it s now gone a good golden color. Which looks quite nice nice roots golden color.

So what we re going to do is test. It out and we re going to be using the modifying lyra running at 55 watts. We ve the new 22 on top. Women.

Ni a t. Coil coming out at 024. Will dribble a little bit more down. So as always i have pre week.

This will just give it a little bit of a dribble right. We ve got it open. We ll give it a little bit of smell. What could smell on it is the strawberry definitely comes out of a straw.

But it smell you know that s what you get straightaway not a lot of l. Else. But just an that strawberry smell. So what we re gonna do is check it for the blasts.

Plenty of vapor is a 70 30. And you have mixed up yourself. So you know what it is so what i get off of it is on the inhale. I get the strawberry jam and then on the exhale.

I get strawberry jam. Well the glass. It is a score. It s a thick sort of biscay taste.

No that s what i get with a little hint of a cream. But the dominant flavor on this one is a jam. Do i preferred it over the last one that i did that was jam schooled by mr. Wicks yes.

I do 100. I think this is more leaning towards school sort of flavour so it s definitely nice and i say i pick this up. I think it s knowing that and i 430 milk. You know.

And i ve used that much out of it so i thought. We re gonna get another fall bottle. So that s about 240 mph or the tenant with rubber bits and pieces. You know a nick shot that you can pick up you know some nicotine shots for seven quid for ten ten pound for ten pound bottle.

And then your vg. The vg pg. I get from blue basalt. And it s about nine pound for that big liter bottle.

So and you don t use. I just seen you don t use a great deal out of it but a lot that you re pg is gonna last you for the edges your vg probably not so much because i prefer like a 70 30 blend on it you know so you pg last a while and your vg. Plus. You know look good well.

But not as obvious along these peaks. You just don t use as much pg. So will that get it again definitely will they recommend it i certainly would if you like your strawberries. You know definitely a sweet strawberry taste with that underlined biscuit sort of paste.

We saw a taste to it more reminiscing that was gold definitely than what the other one was through mr weeks. One so i definitely recommend that one form daxter. I have got some other long shots that i will show you that we re going to mix up and we ll set them you know fill a little bit of a blast in will see ways probably won t do the mixing portion on if i do all right fastball with it a little bit cuz. If you wanna know about mixing just look at the overall on this video.

And you ll get the mixing portion of that so i ve been benefits. This has been that s there s cosmics supersonic schools as i ve said you can find me on twitter. You can find me on instagram say on all my videos just go out have a look you ll search me on there and you ll find me hope you ve enjoyed this video hope you found it informative. If you have please subscribe leave.

A comment and i ll see you on the next one bye for now ” ..

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