Drake Accounting General Overview

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“You for taking time to learn about our multi client. Accounting and payroll application. Drake drake accounting. It provides the ability to manage basic client.

Financial records. Using standard accounting. Today. We will briefly go over some of the modules and explain how your firm will benefit by making us your go to for payroll accounting accounts.

Payable accounts receivable on the fly forms and more in the payroll module. We offer unlimited employees and pay periods at no additional cost the payroll module. Calculates multi state and multi locality payroll and offers unlimited pay rates and pre and post tax deductions and benefits you can create a files and paper forms for federal 94 x..


Series forms w. 2. Forms 1099. Miscellaneous and most state tax and wage forms.

You can manage payroll through live or after the fact. Data entry send or receive payments by direct deposit. Through our partner co to pay formerly known as intercept eft or print your checks on blank or pre printed check stock through the portal your client can upload payroll data from their location to your office for convenient processing. We recognize that your time is valuable so the batch payroll process increases your efficiency for payrolls that are consistent from period to period.

The accounting module offers an unlimited customizable chart of accounts. Drake accounting. Supports both cash and accrual basis accounting..


Our journal allows for automatic offsetting entries. When recording double entry journal transactions you can edit transactions after they have been posted for the current and previous two years pinpoint data entry errors with filtering by a year month. And account import your clients bank statement into our traditional two sided bank reconciliation to verify their cash balance. When you are ready to do the clients tax return at the end of the year.

We offer the ability to export the trial balance into drake tax. The payables module offers both live and after the fact data entry along with direct deposit through coe to pay and the option to print your checks on blank or pre. Printed. Check stock tracked payments for 1099 vendors for completion of forms.

1099. Miscellaneous. You can file forms 1099 miscellaneous and 1096 electronically or on paper payables also automatically records transactions in the accounting..


Module use the receivables module to track and record payments to the business and calculate and track sales tax for an unlimited number of locations. We offer three types of invoices product service and professional with the option to automatically email invoices to customers take advantage of our built in document archive to save all of your documents produced in the system. You can use our spreadsheet imports to get your data from the other software into the system. And if you re switching to drake accounting from quickbooks sage.

50. Or ez act. You can easily import your existing clients. Our on the fly module allows for the creation of the 94 x.

Series of forms w. 2s and state tax and wage forms without having to directly enter payroll information on the form screen additional forms 1099 are included on the fly we use crystal reports for all client level. Which allows you to add custom headers and footers to your financial statements use a wacom or topaz signature pad to capture electronic signatures for printing on checks and forms you can design custom check faces using our micro check design with all these features and more..


We have designed a software to meet your accounting and payroll needs. So you can productively manage your business at drake software. We understand that purchasing and learning. A new software can be intimidating.

But with the purchase of drake accounting. You will not only have access to drake software s helpful resources. You will have access to our award winning customer. Support where calls are answered by a live person within seconds.

You are getting thoughtfully designed and developed accounting software including best in class payroll reasonable upfront pricing and the reputation of drake software honesty value and integrity for more information please visit accounting. ” ..

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