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“Guys. So i thought i d talk to you today about dragon vics. Now if if you know me then you know i adore dragons near by far my favorite creature and i m constantly on the lookout with new fantasy books in series. Where dragons are a main component of the story on that nor.

I would like to make a distinction before we get into this video. I feel like there s two kinds of dragon books in my mind. Two predominant types. One is the animalistic dragon and the other is the sentian conscious thinking dragon with the ability to communicate with one another and other species you might be able to guess.

I am. Particularly a fan of these sort of sentient communicative dragons. The animal dragon. Where it doesn t speak it sometimes breathes fire and although it might be grander and considered more magical than most animals or so pretty much treated like an animal in the end stories that s fighting doesn t really do it for me.

Because i feel like you lose. What is really special about dragons so before anybody comments in the comments down below that i forgot to mention these books i m gonna briefly mention a couple of books starring dragons that i ve read but are the animals type of dragon and those would include series like a song of ice and fire by george rr martin which i ve read the first three books in three or four. I like it well enough. It s not one of my favorites.

The other obvious. One might be harry potter which i adore and would obviously recommend to any of you who haven t read so far. But when dragons do feature in hype are they are very much like oversized paints you probably shouldn t keep this pace so like lions and lastly i thought i d mention a book. I m only halfway through at the moment.

But is on the animal side of dragons and that is a natural history of dragons. Which is part of the lady trent series and this i wouldn t even really categorize as fantasy from what i ve read so far. The dragons are very much wild creatures may as well be oversized lizards. Which is fine as a book contest.

But if you re looking for dragon books. I wouldn t particularly recommend this as one. But if you are looking for lady scientists and comedy of manners something with a kick ass lady scientist then yeah totally recommend checking out this book as a fun read so far. But not if you re particularly looking for dragon knobos.

We re just gonna this is a whole new genre of book we re gonna we re gonna coin right now nice dragon novels. But that short diversion brings us back to why most excited to talk about and those are the clever often more intelligent than humans dragons that i love and i ve got a few different books with very different approaches to the dragons in them to talk about today. So the first one we talked about actually standalone because i just think it s uncommon to find these kind of high fantasy stories..


Including dragons in standalone novels. So i think that s sort of fun if you re looking for something. Like that and that is tooth and claw. This is by joel walton and on the front.

There is a court. Which says the pride and prejudice of the dragon world and i cannot say it better than myself. Although i d say there s a slightly more diverse character range and political intrigue and discussion of class in this book s world than in a jane austen novel. I i can completely understand that comparison.

This book is set in a 1700s 1800s esque world where all of the inhabitants are dragons and it sounds like it s not gonna work they live in grand houses. They re either born to the lower classes or wealthy families they have different social status and different expectations in regard to their social places for main characters of this story are predominantly from a family whose father has recently died. But not left the family much money. Although they re from an aristocratic background.

They don t have a lot to live off and they re kind of fighting their way in the world like a jane austen novel whoever joe walton just enough makes them dragons she doesn t just you know stick dragons in the place of characters like elizabeth bennet and mr. Darcy. Many aspects of the world are very distinctive to the fact that they re dry and their characteristics and behavior. Very fitting of dragons is it s clearly a very well thought through planned story.

But if you love fantasy. If you love dragons and you love sort of 19th century jane austen novels and i would highly highly recommend you check out this book. I absolutely adored it the next book. I have is actually part of a two part series.

So not terribly make a commitment. If you don t want another like saving book series to begin and that is serafina by rachel hartman. The sequences being shadow scale. I ve read both the books in this series and in this dragon world the concept is that the dragons and the humans have been at war for a long time.

But they ve kind of established peace treaties in the time of serafina and dragons live amongst people they take on the shape of humans. However to live in their cities and exist in their cities. That s one of the conditions of their existence. So because of the dragon magic.

They are able to look like humans well they do think very differently they are far less emotional beings. And they re still distinctively dragons and in the kingdom. Serafina lives in dragons in fact have to wear a bell to designate that they are dragons inside and not human..


So it runs clear on that first book in this series. Is more of a court intrigue story. And the second is more of a sort of fantastical quest adventure with serafina is a very distinctive character who is kind of able to straddle that boundary between dragons and inhumans she gets on with both quite well she was partially raised by her music teacher. Who is a dragon and in the beginning was book.

She becomes the music teacher to the young princess and that s how she becomes a part of the court life. We re getting onto some slightly chunkier cds next series. I want to mention is the reign world chronicles by robin hobb. The first one being the dragon keeper again this is a series about humans and dragons.

Although the dragons routine. Though dragon like form through these stories. These are set in the same world as a few of robin hobbs. Other cds.

Somewhat like the novels of terry pratchett. I guess. Robin hobbs created a whole world where she s based a lot so different stories. So you can read this series entirely independent of the rest of her books.

I haven t read the other books. I had no problem reading these they are certainly designed to be read by themselves. Although i have heard that if you read the rainwear chronicles. Before reading the other cities.

That robin hot set in this world you may get a few spoilers. But because of save the current political climate in this world that kind of thing so completely up to you whether you want to kind of start on a large adventure and read tens of books by robin hobb or you want to skip straight to dragons. I skip straight to the dragons. I adored this series the premise is that dragons have almost all but died out in this world.

Until a new hatching of eggs has occurred and there is a new group of dragons. But these dragons are unhealthy and we so the people of the rain world want to get rid of them they don t want anything to do with them they re taking up too much attention time and food. So they send a group of humans with the dragons to find in your homeland for the dragon and all honesty that people have sent them don t really care they d be happy if the dragons just died. But that is the mission that these young people have been set on with these dragons and it is about their adventure.

This is a multiple perspective series. So it follows quite a few different characters which i love you have such an interesting diverse cast another lady scientist in here if that s your thing. There s some lgbt relationships..


Which is fantastic and this is just such a well constructed well written series and i love the way and hob navigates. The relationship between the humans and the dragons because the dragons certainly think they re far superior to humans and kind of treat them like servants. Which is quite fun i like a dragon that knows it s powerful. So yeah.

I would highly recommend the series the next series is the inheritance cycle by christopher paolini. This is another for book series the books in the series are particularly chunky as well so a lots to get your teeth into if you re looking for a really well developed well created fantastical world with so many different species and races interacting and lots of war and political intrigue and foreign affairs. Almost as well as one young boys journey with his dragon and that is our main protagonist eragon who discovers a strange blue stone in the forest near his village. When he s out hunting quickly on into this book this stone hatches turns.

I was actually an egg just a very strong dragon egg and aragon has incidentally become a dragon ranger. The dragon raiders are a group of people whose stories have been told about throughout the realms aragon tear them since he was a little boy. But they died out a long long time ago. And the only dragon raider left is the evil king.

That rules. Most of the land and the area. Which arrogance village comes under he being responsible for the destruction of most of the other dragon raiders. So arrogance life has instantly changed his no longer safe as the owner of the only other dragon known to be alive.

Things roll on from there if you like things like lord of the rings. And you re probably like this alongside the humans and dragons. There are major parts played by the elves and the dwarves love the dwarves in this series everything about the series was perfection for me. When i first read it one and i ve reread it many times since and just absolutely adore it one of my favorites probably my second favorite series of all time after harry potter.

I saw i feel like that s a high recommendation. I then like to recommend to you one of my favorite children s book series about dragons. It s still a very creative expansive magical and intriguing world of dragons and it s another one that s got quite a different concept. And that is the last dragon chronicles by chris delici.

This is only series. I m mentioning in this video that i haven t actually finished and i started reading this series as a child. I hate reading it for quite a few years it s just unfortunate that it continued as i grew older and felt like i shouldn t be reading children s big. So i d love to go back and finish it.

But i can say that i thoroughly adored the books in the series. I have read think it s such an interesting concept like this is actually a young man at university and he moves in with a mother and her daughter into their spare room which their their letting out and the mother in this house actually makes little stone sculptures of dragons as the story evolves. We learned that these little statues are not quite as lifeless as they might appear at first glance..


It s an honestly absolutely magical wonderful series and i i feel very secure in recommending it to all of you as teenagers or adults. It s definitely not one this just for children and i i m really hoping to get back into it and kind of find out what happens to all the characters because the world just grew and grew and the legend and history of the dragons was just becoming fuller and fuller as the stories went on sighs. I d love to return back to it and lastly. I want to briefly mention a book which i feel like again people will comment if i don t mention and that is the hobbit by jrr tolkien.

Obviously a major player in this story is a dragon. Although he is a villain and the only one of his kind so again for me this just doesn t take my dragon boxes. I prefer dragon protagonists over dragon villains that is just my feeling. But i do enjoy the hobbit.

It s just i feel that the whole bitch is a good fun kids book. It s a little more humorous than the lord of the rings stories which i enjoy i like bilbo baggins and smaug is definitely one of the most famous dragons of all time so some of the dragon books and series. I currently have on my shelf waiting to be read. However include the temeraire series by naomi novik and this is the first in the series.

This is an alternative history novel telling story of them napoleonic wars. But with dragons playing apart. I ve had loads of people recommend this to me in the comments and i m hoping it becomes a new favorite and the other one i have is the adamantane palace by stephen dee s again another first in a fantasy series patently santaworld. Where dragons apparently used to rule the world.

But they ve now sort of been enslaved by humans and are kind of bread as overgrown horses. So i m assuming there s going to be some tension there between the humans and the dragons so another one. I m really looking forward to getting to but as you might be able to guess i would love any more dragon book recommendations you have for me particularly adult novels and cds so if you do have any recommendations please please share them with me because as you can gather i love me some dragons if i could be a dragon. I would help you find some recommendations in this video.

And until next time happy reading i ll see y all again soon. Bye. Hi guys. So i m here today to do the independent book week tag independent book week is coming up very shortly here in the uk.

I believe from the 18th of june to the 25th of june. So if you are looking for the perfect time to visit some of your local independent book ” ..

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