Dragon Age II: Now Backwards Compatible

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“News. Everybody dragon age well. I know you wanted to hear that. But i need need get a legend also notice well mannered teenager and snowflake is here to tell that dragon age.

2. Is backwards compatible on the xbox one as of well may 3rd. This is little later in the video. But you know larry erb director program for xbox live announced that it s a thing along with saints row.

2. Now dragon age 2 you love it you hate it you can t stand it you want to play it very very toss of a coin mix of emotions. But you know what i think dragon age. 2 isn t as bad as people thought it was to be honest i actually enjoy dragon age.

2. Why did i enjoy it because i think it was one of those better games that actually got dives into interior politics..

And what goes on in making. A city run and actually understand how people deal with you know being prosecuted being discriminated against accepting people. For who they are refugees and all that this and that you know a lot of those politics that we see today that a lot of people are triggered by so it s interesting that we see it in this game. And how many people like it.

But like i said. I liked it you can actually use it as a reflection of how today is going now we won t dive too much in the details. But you get you get the idea of refugees immigration boarders. Who s running the country and all that and this is kind of the same thing except we have medieval fantasy blood gore the blight and then qunari and then this and then this guy hawk being this awesome like champion of kirkwall and then you know mix up all things you know it s a lot more a lot more dark and grim.

But you get the idea and you know when i was playing i played it recently on the stream not too long ago. And it was actually a pretty fun game to play i enjoyed it it was good to play it it was very it was very straightforward. I understand a lot of people didn t like how the rpg mechanics were were dubbed down to for a more rp for a more action oriented. Rpg instead of kind of like the tabletop approach that the first game went to or the tree or the tactical approach which i understand that and then you know they saw them they tried to fix that in dragon age inquisition so yeah and that gave me got the best of both worlds although people didn t like to comment on that game either guys.

I don t think anybody is gonna like drag in common at this point cuz. I couldn t stand the combat dragon age one because it was slow clunky and obnoxious to play with and too slow for my taste..

That s just me. But your dragon age to iowa. I was appreciative of the new design that they were going with now i understand that people like to complain about the repetitive environments that you go through in the quests. I i get that because it definitely is a step back from the first game.

Because the first game you go across all of thetas and get to go stays really really awesome new towns and caverns and mountains and you know mines and forests. I get that i get that it s definitely a step back in that regard. But like i said the fact that they only had two years things to ea or two and a half years old bioware was a part of that too this is what they could have come up with and i actually think it was good for what they did and we used to talk about dragon age. 2.

Being bioware s biggest shortcoming and then mass effect. 3 of course with its ending. But now it s mass effect andromeda. So mass spec and drama is definitely the biggest complaint.

The biggest deal we have with this converse conversational stuff dragon age 2. I think is this a blessing in disguise..

Now is like the heat has gone off of it and if you haven t played dragon age. 2 in a while try it it out try it out again try it out again. See how you like it see if it s if anything s changed. If you haven t played dragon age 2 or maybe even the first one check it out check out the second one you know if you just played inquisition.

And you didn t know who spoilers who the hell s hawk was an inquisition and he came back from well check that out which by the way i really like to talk. I thought he was awesome. I liked him i liked how he was more of a who s a really really serious guy and kind of a little bit of a smartass. But what what main hero what what archetype here isn t a little bit of a smartass commander shepard has many moments of like that but you know what it gets the job done does the right saves.

People does all he can for the greater good so that s all that matters now i like i said. I thought it was great you get to see him in the third game of inquisition and i was like blown away. I was too quite surprised i was like holy crap. This is happening well as soon as varrick told.

Me that a familiar face is arriving or something like that i think it is very that tells me it s been a while since i played that part but yes dragon age. 2 backwards compatibility on the xbox one which is great so now we get to experience more of bioware s collection..

Which like i said give it another shot and then let me know what you guys think it down in the comments below if you like dragon age 2 or not did you think it was the start of the biggest shortcoming and then it just went downhill from there or where where did the shortcomings really start was it from mass effect. 3 or was in tirana. The biggest shortcoming ever and that s when it all went to shit let s just say that ok if you gonna compare dragon age to the mass effect andromeda just think of like this mass effect andromeda is the reason. Why they re getting their shit back together and realizing how much of an impact.

It had on players and people all alike that they re trying to make anthem the best game ever was they re trying to not repeat dragon mass spec and drama and i don t remember ever them saying about dragon age 2 no of course they admitted shortcomings in dragon age 2. But it was nowhere as a commercial failure as much as in drama least rate. There was so many there are really no troll videos of the animation or any of that spore story writing sjw stuff that we see today 4n drama. It was rarely prevalent and dragon age.

2. So you get the idea anyway so yeah like let me know what you think and how you feel about dragon age. 2. Being backwards compatible now that s pretty great it s pretty great ” .


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