Dorian Romance Scene (all options) Dragon Age: Inquisition

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“It s all very nice this flirting business. I am. However not a nice man man so here is my proposal. We dispense with the chit chat and move on something more primal it ll set tongues wagging of course not that they aren t already wagging.

I suppose it really depends how bad does the inquisitor want to be i thought you d never ask i like playing hard to get and now i m gotten i like your quarters. Do you now don t misunderstand. I m not suggesting we venture into mutual domesticity. I just like your appointments.

Ah not that i couldn t suggest some changes your taste is a little austere. If you want to change things around no that s not what i want you seem a little distracted sex will do that it s distracting. I heard a rumor. Very well you ve routed me out there is something i want you re leading to something i was going to suggest you buy aunt eva.

Really don t be ridiculous their rugs are completely overrated..

I m curious where this goes you and i we ve had fun perfectly reasonable to leave it here get on with the business of killing archdemons and such tell me what you want all on me. Then should it be all on me. I like you more than i should more than might be wise. We ended here i walk away.

I won t be pleased. But i d rather now than later later might be dangerous why dangerous walking away might be harder. Then i want more than just fun dorian speechless. I see i was expecting something different where i come from anything between two men.

It s about pleasure. It s accepted. But taken no further you learn not to hope for more you d be foolish. This is more dorian right here funny.

I didn t recognize it then so let s be foolish hard habit to break..

I m good at breaking things hopefully not everything you still feel that way i m beginning to learn otherwise care to inquisitor again. I ll be more specific in my directions this time he ll show off walking away might be harder then i don t know if i want more wasn t this a good time. I have no burning need to stroke your ego more of the same would not be unwelcome is there anything wrong with having fun. Why do we need to stop now because stopping later might be too difficult.

Perhaps. This is something we can speak on later once we see whether you or i survive this whole business. Until then i need to go alright perhaps. This is all it should be sure enough we have other things with which to concern ourselves korea s dragons.

Any number of interesting deaths it was fun get new curtains these ones are grisly. I suppose it really depends how bad does the inquisitor want to be do we need to move things this quickly quickly by my standards. We ve been positively chased. It seems a little sudden.

What is it you want from me exactly a relationship is that such a terrible idea you re speechless..

It doesn t happen often where i come from anything between men. It s physical. It doesn t go beyond that it s not that you don t care you just don t hope for more why wouldn t you what s the worst that could happen. This is more always hope for more you say that like it s a simple thing easily imagined.

I have no examples with which to compare i m sure we ll muddle through somehow like the inquisition make it up as we go works for me clearly let us be the example you are a remarkably bizarre creature. So you want to call it off no it s just you re asking me to turn into a unicorn and i don t even know what one looks like i m not asking you to change fine have it your way i am. However not leaving your quarters empty handed. It s a matter of pride.

How bad does the inquisitor want to be no i don t know what you thought. But no atoms enjoy being toyed with first you re hot. Then you re cold. If this isn t leading anywhere then say so i m a big boy.

I can take it i never intended it to go this far..

I d prefer we were friends friendship. I see sad that i didn t get to see you naked first but have it your way if this isn t leading anywhere then say so i m a big boy. I can take it you caught me at a bad time dorian. When is a good time exactly you face death on a daily basis.

My friend i know but no i apologize my sense of timing is usually better perhaps. We should um pick this up some other time after the business with karissa s resolved for both our sakes haven t you away. This isn t leading anywhere see that wasn t so hard sad that i didn t get to see you naked. ” .


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