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“Javelin selection process in anthem is quite similar to the basic rpg class system you you have your mages. The knights. The warriors and of course you have the thieves and many more similar to the rogues thieves in the berserk. The interceptor is a melee focused precise and powerful javelin it excels in constant dps.

It is highly effective in eliminating mobs due to its ability to nullify debuff and become evasive. Considering the rogue. Classes are usually lightning fast the power of flight triple dash and triple jump makes this the ideal javelin for those of you who like to get in there and get your hands dirty now while an interceptor main may like to tell you that they are indestructible. I will say that they re not quite there yet.

But they are not glass cannons. Either while javelins like the colossus can boast on outlast in their opponents. We just sheer strength the interceptor cannot tank damage. The javelin.

Only tanks and survives under the rule of getting the first kill this means the softness of the interceptor is quite situational. It requires you to get into the action to become tough this design also means enemies are more of a danger to an interceptor in the distance than they are when they get up close you cannot afford the luxury to stand. Still and interceptor. The stand still is as good as dead because most of the survival mods or the survival components rely on the player to perform actions such as hits kills to even apply those effects now.

I will say it looks like it is crazy being an interceptor. However the reward for getting in the center of that action is quite satisfying sometimes you get to see your enemies fall. Just to your shadow clones and sometimes. It s even a whole lot cooler when you blend your enemies with your blade.

But the risk is also high enough to get you killed that is if your interceptor is not moderate to a specific playstyle due to the ability design of this javelin. The play style also requires you to get really close and personal. Which means your only option of ranged combat is going to be through weapons and some grenades or some claves. This is a melee focus javelin after all so you will have to work your way around a specific type of build this is where we get into weapons once you have mastered the javelin you choose whichever weapon suits you however when it comes to starters.

I recommend a shotgun and a powerful lmg or a machine pistol. Since you wouldn t be doing that much longer in combat. Anyway so you don t really need a ranged weapon..


You just need something up close and powerful now once you understand your builds and how the work you can mix things up it may make you seem like you got a death wish. But at least your death will be legendary it died has he lived or she died has she lived the one lone wolf interceptor. Now if you re also feeling. Lucky you can use a sniper rifle.

And we re going to talk about how to work that sniper rifle. Built into your play style with your weapon choices being out of the way. Though you now have your abilities and components you have your assault system your strike system. And you also have your support system and for my whole build.

I am going for the poison ivy. So i built mine around the acid damage and since my melee is a detonator. I also made sure that my strike in my assault system are all primers so in my assault system. I have the venom pump.

Which is the master work version of a gear that applies acid damage on my strike system. I have an upgraded venom spray this version of the ability boosts my ultimate recharge as well and if you favor a little bit of range combat you can switch out some of these abilities for the glaives or a powerful roundhouse kick glaives have the ability to attract targets or multiple targets at that so. If you still want to keep enemies at range and build your interceptor for a sniper rifle. Play then the glaives are going to be your best bet.

But if you want to keep them close then i would say go for the bombs because those are also amazing now for your support system. I had the option to use rally cry. Which will remove all status effects such as burning acid frost or electric damage from myself and allies. But then i just thought to myself you know what nobody cares about the allies.

When you re an interceptor. You re a lone wolf to begin with so i decided i would just go with the target beacon instead. Target beacon is a debuff ability that is really great against bosses. It reduces their resistance by 33 percent.

And that is really good that means. When you re facing a boss. And you apply target beacon..


They re only fighting you at 67 bosses die quickly with this beacon on them. And if enemies die. It also moves on to the next target in terms of components. You will see that it revolves around elemental effects and elemental resistance.

You really need resistance. If you are going to be getting in the center of everything a single tick of fire can kill you so i made sure that i had that resistance in the electric damage is also great for shielded enemies. Sometimes i just fly high and lock on those enemies such as the storm javelins and the scouts and you can easily burn through their shields. Because of the dangerous life or the dangerous play style of an interceptor.

I have my softened blows on here and of course. I have the emergency power all this combined together gives me my ultimate back within a single minute. This also means i can slice and dice as often as i want now of course once you start getting more master work and more legendary items you can mix and match and switch items out for a better gear score. Because i m sure some of you will do it.

Anyway. Now. The interceptor also benefits a lot from the speed inscriptions speed will increase your dps and in some ways. It can be better than a slow single damage.

The interceptors ultimate is also a sight to behold you pull out those glyphs become invincible and go on a slaughter spree. This is also an ability that you have to use efficiently and use with caution you see every time you strike an enemy a shadow of yourself do an extra strike on that spot so instead of let s say smashing your button tent to hit the enemies 10 times all you have to do is press those buttons five times and move on to the next target and your shadows will do the next five hits and the sight of that is just beautiful. It is amazing to look at as you just see those enemies fall. When you re not even there.

But you also have to be careful with this. And what your timers as well once your ultimate runs out so does your invincibility and if you remember that you re not a tank as i said earlier you will have to back out just before that last second now with the interceptor you feel like the crusader you feel like a rogue. Only without a cape and once you learn the basics of this javelin. You can begin to tweak everything add mods remove mods try different builds and do everything that suits your evolve and play style.

Hope. This guide helps you in understanding. This javelin..


Thanks for watching is da sana. Now re sentinel crystals that you can find and select to get certain passive bonuses that will lead to also improving health ammo or armor and linking certain ones can get you more bonuses you can also get coins defined throughout the environment to spend on your suit. Giving you bonuses for exploration stuff like the map reveal radius or stronger grenades stuff. Like that then you also collect runes which you then have three slots to choose from and each gives you direct abilities like slow in midair more midair control longer window for glory kills stuff like that and they re very tricky to choose from because they re all pretty tempting and useful and kind of changed.

The game substantially at least the way you play now along with that good exploration and finding secrets and nets you batteries that then you can spend back at your base to get more of all these things to just get better now just note. This is all stuff. That s earned in game despite its complications. It s not designed to get you to spend money on micro transaction currency or anything.

Which is nice. But yes you did hear that right the doom slayer has a freaking bass floating in space above earth. It s called the fortress of doom. It s like the justice league watchtower.

But more metal. It s surprisingly big and more happens to it the further you go through the game. You can practice against demons. You can view collectibles you found like music records.

Which are really cool you can upgrade yourself and of course dive into your next mission from a teleporter this game takes you to some really wild and weird places and gives you tons of soybeans and codex entries to read that are actually pretty interesting the environments locations and even some characters are very unexpected and really make the game feel like a whole new. Thing doom 2016 was like a spiritual revival type thing you know it had the vibe of the original yay. This one goes out of its way to be weird and wild and new and really try to build more of a universe and i think i like it because it doesn t like try too hard you know at first. I was like oh.

This is this is weird. I don t like it but the more it went on the more fun it got and i just understood it all there s a few things i don t like that i can t go into without spoilers. But really the presentation from the opening cutscene that gave me chills and might be like the best opening game. Cutscene of all time.

All of this shit is really topped here and of course. The music absolutely bones. It s like the perfect fit..


And it s even more aggressive and crunchy than last time now on the multiplayer side. There s battle mode where in software tried to rethink things a little bit and give you a mode that place to the strengths of this doom style instead of just deathmatch and i ll be totally honest since we are playing a review copy before launch. These things really come into their own after launch. So keep that in mind.

But also also it s just when i come to these modern doom games for but that s just me personally still i think doom eternal is like an epic blow out of the original game it takes the ideas and adds tons more on to kind of finish. The puzzle in terms of shooting and movement. Gameplay and gives you more rpg elements collectibles and stuff to keep you busy. While not feeling forced or half.

Assed or weird. Plus. Tons of work has clearly been put into the presentation music and all of the story and lore writing to really give you some bang for your buck here doom eternal is challenging punishing extremely fun and extremely rewarding. I cannot recommend this game enough big surprise.

That s all the time. I have today for this this is of course it before you buy you know how this goes by now i give you some pros some cons and some personal opinion and now i want to hear yours down in the comments. What are you thinking about this game were you as excited about this as we were have you read all the reviews have you watched all the videos. What are you thinking of course.

If you come back after this game is out i would love to know what you think about the story. The presentation. Just the portrayal of the doom slayer all that let s talk about it down in the comments of course things get a little crazy over there so if you want to yell at me directly be sure to find me on twitter and instagram at jay calvino. But of course.

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