Don t Use Registry Cleaners

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“You guys in this video. We re talking about don t use registry cleaners because because professionals don t use registry cleaners to fix problems because you re never going find a problem with a registry cleaner that can actually solve the problem by running a registry. Cleaner and that s because registry cleaners. Don t fix problems they invent them they will start to delete files that shouldn t be deleted and can cause problems microsoft.

I ve said this themselves watch the whole video and i ll show you an article on it from microsoft. So let s go on the internet like a lot of people do and they will type in the word registry cleaner the thing is when you start searching for registry cleaners whether it be registry cleaners or registry cleaners for free you re going to get a bunch of articles in a bunch of sites that will offer registry cleaners to clean up your system they normally offer words like registry optimizers registry cleaners and registry defrag errs now you can see here up the top this says it comes with no adware included and you can see when you go to the website straight away. You re gonna get offered to download their software for a free skin and they ll have a bunch of reviews on here from sites. Saying.

How great the program is and how well it performed and normally many users will swear by the performance difference. When they use a program like this after running it they say they can visibly. See the differences and it s just a placebo effect really you don t actually get any sort of boost from it really and if you did it would be so minuscule you wouldn t even notice it just go ahead and install this on the system now wouldn t advise you to go and install any of these programs. Because they normally bundled all wrapped with a bunch of other programs.

That you don t want and this is what we call potentially unwanted programs and these are maliciously bundled in with the actual program. No not all of these are using this all of opencandy tactic. Where when you go to install you got pre installed tix in the tick boxes. And it will start to install all of the software.

That s bundled with it now some of these are genuine programs like avast and programs like that they get in contact with other program creators. And what they do is they bundle into their software. And now some of these are not very nice software. They are malicious and you will start to have problems and these can be other defrag as optimizers and stuff like that from other companies now you can see here i m installing this and you can see the amount of aggressive online.

Adverts and nagging you to purchase their software you get a lot of this with this particular type of software and they re aiming this at the beginner user so they know that these people will generally pay for this in the long run because they think it s gonna fix their problem. Now. Then pc may be running slow and maybe having a few other issues and of course. This is what these programs are designed to do is to trick people and you can sit there and read order bump on the screen.

There but basically. It s all just nonsense really all it s gonna say is you re gonna get potential performance. Enhancements and use words. Like repair.

Clean optimize. Fix problems issues. Critical errors. And things like that.


And what they tend to do is they will scan your system and basically they will say we found problems with your computer or issues with your computer and to fix this you need to buy the program to fix these issues and they re not issues because they wasn t existed before on your computer. Sometimes you can see here five issues. It s found and this is the word they use issues and problems. And it s just basically trying to lure people into buying their software.

Which is gonna do nothing for you whatsoever. It s not gonna make your pc any better and it is just deleting log files temporary files cache records junk files and tracking records it s not doing anything that windows couldn t deal with themselves with their built in program. So just bear that in mind look at this a 10 scan of your system. As resulting 37 issues.

So we have now got 37 issues on this computer. And it s funny because it was a fresh install from and windows so i don t know how they ve got these issues and you look here and all it is it s just temp files just temp files. All the way down here no no real issues that s gonna be nothing in there that s gonna cause your system any problems. Oh look loads of log files and it s just believed in loads of log files and this is what people don t understand they think they re gonna get some sort of performance enhancement by running this program and of course when they see all this.

Oh. My god i ve got 37 issues or 150 issues. They go ahead and then buy the products because they think. It s gonna make their system.

Run a lot quicker and we ve only done a quick scan so let s see what happens when we click on clean now oh lo and behold is took us to this website again this must be with a fifth time already and of course. We can get it at a discount price and this is what they re trying to do and you got excellent and i ve seen people do this for many years these programs have been around since windows 31. And that registry cleaners optimizers. You know they don t do too much so 90 percent of your system not scanned.

Now. It s giving you the old scaremongering tactics to make you buy it and you can t clean it until you buy the product and this is what they re trying to do so it won t let you do that so when you click here and register ego wants to put you two back here and of course buy their product and again don t buy these programs. They re not going to fix your your system. They re not going to do anything to your system.

It s just a program that s been created to search certain areas like temporary internet files history and rubbish like that which you can clean for free and you don t need programs like this to make your system run faster. I see people using a word optimized or speed up quite a lot. And it s really sort of a placebo effect. Let s go ahead and choose one more here just to show you and you can see here winzip registry optimizer this one s called something different.

But it does the same thing you could see a bunch of information on here that tells you the problem and the solution and of course. These are not the solution. There jim read the problem because what happens is it s just people end up downloading loads of these and it will end up choking up the system. These are classed as snake oil basically.


And it s going to end up installing a bunch of other stuff with it as well now. It s the same thing with driver updaters which i did. A video yesterday and a man of people that i see saying oh use this program or use. That program.

And these are all laced with other programs as well and this is where you need to be very careful now you can check the a you look on here and see whether it s got open candy or any other stuff in here. But basically. There s a bunch of bumps in here that people aren t going to read. So they re just gonna go ahead and start to install it so let s go ahead and get this run in and see what it actually does to the system.

You can see a windows open up already and it will say thank you for installing the winzip registry. Optimizer and we re gonna let this run and of course. We can run a scan here and it will start to run a scan on the system. I can guarantee you ll find quite a few results.

Because that s the way this type of software works now. I ve member you could be some person. That s having some sort of issue with your computer. And you re going the internet and all of a sudden you ll find these articles that write about these programs and of course this we ll look at that one hundred and seventy six results found and it s just really not gonna fix or resolve.

A lot your problems. And you may even see articles where people will swear blind that these actually resolve a lot of problems with windows. And fixes. Windows and these will not fix windows problems when you ve got problem with windows it s generally a different type of approach you re gonna have to take so here we have some information here and again basically.

It s not gonna do anything here. It s just telling us. We got a bunch of results found file associations. Some files types point to programs or no longer exist on the system.

Now this means that basically you ve uninstalled. The program and there may be remnants of that a program still left in the registry and you ll find those areas. It knows exactly where to go it ll go there and detect all those and it will just delete them they re not problems they re not causing any issue. So go ahead and click fix.

And i ll be surprised if it allows you to fix. These and it doesn t allow you to fix them as you can see and resolve registry items can impact system. Performance and stability cause in pc crashes. System issues alerts and slower software.


Startups. What a load of nonsense. And this is what this program is going to be doing. It s going to fix and sort of give a solution to all our problems click on the purchase now and of course to fix those issues.

You re gonna have to buy their software. And this is how these companies make their money and if you go on the internet and look for these particular types of programs. There is tons of them and they constantly write articles they get article writers to write articles scaremongering you ll get videos on youtube created about it as well with robotic voices to try and get you to purchase their product to make it fix problems and they ll put error codes up there and say this can fix it and it can t fix it it just won t and you can see it s just delete in cached files and junk files and uninstalled areas. It s just deleting.

All the rubbish that s on this system. And it s nothing that windows won t be able to do using their built in tool. So steer clear of these talks or programs and other sorts of programs like driver updaters go to the manufacturers website and download drivers from those websites they can see here article writers will write articles this is a fresh article that saying are registry cleaners safe to use and you can see here this person is saying that he s used them and there s loads of ads on the page. And this is what it s all about making money and they ll all jump on the bandwagon and i can tell you right now if he s saying that this piece of software or a piece of software.

He s run as fixed problems with his pc. Then he s lying because they don t fix problems they just won t and you can now see it s linked to another article. Which is saying 37 free registry cleaners and of course. The article talks about registry cleaners.

He s already said they re safe to use. But then down here ill have a warning saying that be careful that these programs will install other programs that just like this one you can see it says before and after installing ahs logics registry cleaner you may be asked to install other programs. But they are easy to uninstall that is not the answer you shouldn t be doing that. And you shouldn t be telling people to do it.

Because. This is how people end up with a bunch of adware or bloatware on their system. Which slows. The computer down and you can see windows does have its own cleaning tool.

Here. Which is plenty ample and it will do the same as what those other programs are doing and of course. They have their new version. Which is the storage type of cleaner.

Which will delete temp files and the 11th amazes in there. Which will defrag the drive. If you need to and all that s all good stuff. It s all built into windows.


A push and there you go we re getting negged now down the bottom right hand side asking us to probably purchase these because we ve got problems with our computer. And it there is no problems. It s just scare. Mongering and this is what they do so.

It s just part of the tactics to get you to buy their program and these are just one particular company. There s tons of them out there i m not sectioning these companies out i m just showing you basically how they work and it s the same thing with driver updaters and quick fixes you know you re going to get these types of programs that will do that and i noticed a few people in the comments section yesterday talking about driver programs like driver booster and programs like that which are classed as snake oil come laced with other programs inbuilt into them as well so be careful when you re using programs like that go to the manufacturers website and download those from there it s a lot safer if you don t take my word have a look at microsoft microsoft support policy for the use of registry. Cleaner. Utilities and you can see here cutting the article sure microsoft does not support the use of registry.

Cleaner. Some programs. Available for free on the internet might contain spyware adware or viruses if you decide to install registry cleaners utilities to be sure research the product and only download and install programs from the publishers for that you trust and basically you can see here they write more stuff about registry cleaners. They don t support them and i ll leave this article in the video description and basically if you are going to mess around with the registry.

You want to be making backups of your registry. Before you mess around with it and also malwarebytes have written an article about registry cleaners and digital snake. Oil. And you can go ahead and read that article as well was written in 2015.

But it s basically the same principle today and this is what we class as unwanted programs potentially unwanted. Which are pups and these normally come bundled inside these programs. And what happens is they re already pre ticked and if you don t basically slow down. When you re installing it will install a bunch of programs.

Which you d never ask for and these could be germany adware malware or bloatware spyware. Anyway. That s about it for this video. So be careful when you re out there on the internet before you start downloading programs that clean the registry or update your windows drivers be very careful when you re downloading o s and installing because they normally bundled with potentially unwanted programs and you re going to end up getting a load of adware or bloatware on your system and of course sometimes they don t work and they can mess up your drivers.

So be very careful or your registry. My name is ben bright from protect computers coto uk thanks again for what you guys have a great weekend. And i shall see you again for another video real soon bye for now now. If you haven t subscribed.

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