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“Km spider is not an entryway into riding motorcycles. I ll split in a second second cue the intro what s up guys i m sean from srk cycle. Comm 2015 km spider f3 and when the f3 came out the styling was really awesome the cannons were kind of like okay i get it. But then when they made this really aggressive looking front end.

It was a kind of a game changer now though this generation is equipped with a 115 horsepower inline 3 cylinder teen. 30 cc motor with a six speed gearbox and it makes i think i said 115 horsepower about 96 foot pounds of torque. It s actually pretty decent and the km. Only weighs in at like 850 pounds.

Which is actually lighter than the harley davidson ultra classic and this thing has three wheels now compare this to the weight of a honda goldwing trike. This thing is 400 pounds lighter than that now the engine is mounted very low. It s got a very low center of gravity then it down here. And it is a rotax motor.

Which is manufactured and developed by an austrian company not australian an austrian company. I don t know where that s at and they actually make and they also make engines for aircrafts and ultra lights. And they make a very good engine now these things are very heavily. Equipped.

They got stability control and traction control and dynamic power. Steering and abs. And these things are made to keep this thing on the ground and when you start really hitting the corner. You can feel tires breaking at different points.

And if they re extremely stable now there are some versions like the police version that don t have some of those and you can actually like to wheel. It i ve tried very hard to do this and i can t get the two wheel. I ve driven these things in rain. I ve done these things in the snow.

They are extremely stable. The cool thing about them is anyone can just jump on it if you want to ride a motorcycle..

Don t buy this and then think this is a stepping stone to a motorcycle because the way this thing. Works is not is it very different from a motorcycle. This is actually more like a car and but but but they are great there are a lot of fun. If you want a three wheeler.

We re a km or this is a this is what you want you know i mean i say get there a blast let s go take it for a spin all right guys before we touched off this bike. This can t have spider. Let s do the words of wisdom proverbs. 4.

23. Watch over your heart with all your diligence for from it flows. This flows. The springs of life good thing to watch over your heart all right guys let s put on the m1 motive gloves all right so this is an automatic fully automatic.

This is up shift. This is down shift this single down shift itself if you don t downshift it they do it as like you know keep the keep the engine good so put it put your foot on the brake pop it in gear. And then right here. It s a shows you the gears and then something that really if you don t know this it s kind of it kind of throws you off and like literally you want to lean into the corner.

It also makes it easier a ride because if you just sit there and then you re kind of fighting it if you lean into it this you kind of straighten out this elbow. You turn this elbow and it just kind of pushes it in the way you want to go it makes it feel very natural. See it down shifting and even like revs it matches. The revs and down shifts.

So when you turn you want to lean into it. And it makes it feel a whole lot easier then you sitting there just being like moving it like this so later in the video. We re gonna do a zero to 60 run. See we ll see what that is i m pretty excited that should be pretty good all right so i ve written these things in any type of temperature the cool thing about these cool thing about these i do like these better than the trikes and when i mean trike.

I mean like a honda goldwing trike or or a harley davidson trike and that s just mainly because this was designed to have three wheels. It was designed to be stable in this type of way..

But the trikes were not they just they weren t that s not what they were made for they were redesigned for that so as stable as the try as i as i can am. You know i goldwing feels or a harley davidson ultracal at or try glad actually feel these are even more stable. My genuine believe that i there s you know i print some gold wing trikes. I m like wow.

I m pretty surprised how fast i can take these corners and they do great things for them. But you can t hit him as hard you cannot hit him as hard in the corners as something like this and you can hit these things pretty hard in the corners. It s actually a lot of fun on the newer ones like the 28th and 19 s and maybe 2018. You actually had the option to turn to turn traction control off so you could like do burnouts and drift.

It and stuff like that i wish they had the i wish i always had that option. Because that would make this thing just just a lot of fun and in different ways. But see i can also down shift. It by tapping the button it s peppy i mean it moves the the 1330 motor deftly has more power than the then the older one then the 990 and they pumped it up a good like where s that and the 300 cc s and what s cool is that when this is you can get these in manual.

I would prefer i ve always i prefer everything in manual transmission. If i can except for like a like a diesel van or something like that even then if manual be awesome i till. Most generally well when a diesel van you have the give them the torque multiplier for the torque from the from the torque converter. So i talked about the power.

But most likely when it comes to driving. I prefer manual so if you ve been riding motorcycles your whole life and you ride a can am you might feel a little bit of a disconnect with the vehicle because you don t get the shifting another big thing from going from a car coming from a motorcycle to this it takes you a little while getting used to is there s no there s nothing up here. There s no clutch and there s no there s no handbrake. The one foot brake controls everything and that s all the brakes in the front the back.

And it does its own little thing where it makes sure it s putting the right amount braking in the front and the right amount of braking in the back. And it s very smart. Very responsive let s uh let s jump off take a look at this thing real quick. They are cool looking.

I think they are very cool looking and with that different front end. I think it really kind of makes..

The bike bike trike whatever you want to call it another cool thing about them is they re basically rocking car tires on their so they re gonna last a long time i think i maybe has a replace want a tire once on a can am and i had a lot of miles on it i m good i m good thank you 50 bucks says that guy rides a motorcycle hundred bucks thousand bucks because that s what motorcyclists do if you see another rider on the side of the road and even though. I m akay am kind of like the redheaded stepchild. If you see another rider on the side of the road egg can i help you out somehow do you need any help you need to push something the only issue. I ve ever had i ve owned a bunch of bunch of kms and when i first started to find i m i actually contacted some friends at a km dealership and i said what s the deal what s these things reliable are they what s what s breaking down is the automatic reliable and they re like yeah.

These things are great we re really not having any major issues with them and the one issue. I had with the km rt and i was the rt limited it was top of the line and i had to put a new air shock in the back not only that i think only that one has the air shock. And it was expensive. It was like 800 bucks and then i put a new button to put a new tire on the back also other than that i ve had a bunch of these and a lot of different miles this one only has 2000.

Miles. I ve had a bunch of them and i ve never had any gravel. I don t think i ve ever. I don t think i ve ever had any issues other than this replacing batteries so in my opinion.

The f3 is the sportiest and meanest looking can amp and they come in different colors. The rs s. Also comes in really really cool color schemes. Like like straight up like nickelodeon looking color schemes.

And i think look cool yep with this one because the f3 doesn t have a windshield you re really getting that motorcycle experience. But if you were if you didn t want to learn how to ride a bike you just wanted the open experience you wanted the closest thing to a motorcycle. But you didn t want the fact that a motorcycle could tip over and then fall on you or you can get hurt or if a car runs into you you know it s a little more stable. If that s what you were looking for you can jump you can go from a car and jump right on a km as long as someone shows you how to use it and you even have no problem the brakes are on their floor.

That s normal and twist and go throttle. All you got to do is shifting. I probably do prefer the manuals they re not as easy to find. But i m also just as happy with this these things are a blast to drive in the snow you get a little dusting of snow on the ground.

It s a lot of fun and also the cool thing about the f3 is you can actually adjust the foot pegs forward and back right on that rail down. There for different sized rider..

Who wanted to sit him out here. If you were shorter you put him back here alright guys that wraps up the test drive do not forget some not what your riding. But where you re going always wear a good gear. I m rocking my you know you know i m not wearing i wear a jacket.

I know i always wear a jacket but i m riding 2 km so i don t care if i got my gloves on m1 moto gloves. When the only gloves lined with kevlar. We ll see you guys later. I like when two lanes becomes.

Our one lane becomes back to two lanes. It s like a fool on drag race. Reverie. Ones are good.

We re gone. Everyone s just trying to get up to speed so cruising at highway speeds extremely stable very stable it feels good if i want to pass someone even it even in top gear. Just roll on the throttle. It keeps on accelerating you can always drop this drop.

The speed that you want to it feels great. Merging merging lanes changing. Lanes hills fine. Now of course cuz you re so wide.

You hog up a whole lane like you are an automobile. Another reason seng fact is you really can t you could really can t avoid potholes because the two tires on the side. We ve got one the meadow. So you re what s touching the ground you got a lot of wheel touching the ground.

So you can t really avoid potholes not a huge deal alright guys that wraps it up for ” ..

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