Dogging and dogging etiquette

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” s up my noddy s it s your boy d. The black bull and welcome welcome to my channel. I ve been a bull in the swingers lifestyle for 10 now and my channel gives people a glimpse into the naughty world of swinging today i m going to talk about the naughty activity of dogging for votes who don t know what the word means dogging is the activity of having sex outdoors and being watched by strangers dogging can be either prearranged or it can be a totally spontaneous act. But it usually involves only three people four couple having sex and a person watching butt dogging can also involve multiple people as well.

If pre arranged doggin. Exhibitionist and dogging for years usually meet at an agreed upon public location and each get off on the sexual act. The exhibitionist get off performing and the boyars get off watching. Many believe that the term dogging comes from the expression.

Walking the dog. Where people would take their dog for a walk and stumble across people having sex in public. The dog walker would stick around and watch..


Which was much to the enjoyment of the sexual exhibitionist. Although many people might not have heard of dogging. There are many locations in cities. All over the world that are well known for the activity in your very own city.

Where you live google the words dogging locations and you will see just how popular dogging has become there are even dogging hot spots designated specifically for heterosexual doggers and gay doggers dogging can take place in any public location like a washroom or a park. But dogging is mostly associated with a couple being watched while having sex in a car usually in a parking. Lot dogging is usually arranged on swingers or hookup sites. And some of these sites have sections completely devoted to dogging this allows people to arrange a location to meet and discuss any type of dogging rules prior to meeting in person for safety reasons.

The main rule. Which should be discussed prior to a dogging meet is whether or not the voyeur will be permitted to join the couple and participate in the sex in most cases. The warrior is not permitted to participate in the sex and is only permitted to pleasure himself..


But in many doggin situations. The voyeur certainly can and does join in all involved parties knowing exactly what the ground rules are prior to the meet can help to avoid any awkward or unwanted situations in regards to dogging in cars. There are certain known rules and etiquette rule. Number one if an interior light of the park car is flashing or on this means people are permitted to approach the car and watch rule number 2.

If the headlights of a parked car is flashing. This also means that people are permitted to watch rule number 3. If you haven t been verbally told prior to ordering that you can join in on the sex for know nonverbal signal permitting a person to join in for oral sex. Is a half roll down window for fondling and touching is a fully rolled down window and for a full sex.

The signal is a fully open car door as i mentioned previously diving can be a completely unplanned act involving unsuspecting strangers and many couples prefer to dog this way so. If you happen to be out walking your dog. And you see a parked car with its interior lights or headlights flashing..


There s a good chance that the people inside are doggers looking to put on a show and if there d window or door is open. They might be inviting you to join in as many of you might suspect dogging is pretty much illegal in all countries and participants can be arrested if caught by the police. This is a very big part of the turn on for doggers. They love the thrill of doing something that is against the law and they love the excitement of possibly being caught by the police.

But in most cases as long as there are no children present. The doggers are not disturbing the peace or trespassing on private property. And the dogging is not being done very openly in front of any unsuspecting people who will find act offensive. The daggers.

Most likely won t do any jail time depending on your local laws. You might just get a fine or just be asked to move along darling can be a very fun and exhilarating activity for all involved. If you re going to partake in this activity..


Remember safety should be your number one priority. You never know who you might be inviting to join you i hope you all enjoyed watching this video. If you have any questions about jogging or any other topics please let me know please subscribe to my channel. But more subscribers.

I have for more videos. I will post of my experiences as the black bull. This is your boy d signing off play safe and ” ..


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