Does The LG G6 Bootloop?

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“Made this video just forgot to plug the mic in sick all right. So you you probably all know about lg s previous blue problems. I made a huge video it kind of went semi viral for my channel. You know 70k views semi viral and in that video.

I did tease that maybe the g6 would beat luke because this was before the announcement of the g6 just under a year later we have an answer for that question does the g6 bootloop well hey guys my name is ryan thomas with fail tech. I m gonna tell you when lg first released the g6 they released this piece of marketing material that kind of showed. The outline of the g6 and pointed towards reliability and ruggedness. And this could have meant one of two things.


One that it was hinting on the ip68 water and dust resistance. Which previous lg phones. Didn t really have or it was talking about the bootleg fix either way the phone was like milspec certified. It had this ip rating.

And it felt sturdy in the hand. So it probably was a point towards those certifications and not the boot lid. Problems in fact anyone who bought the g6 or g6. Plus in the us.


Got an extended year warranty so they ve got two years as long as they registered their product. Which is great as long as you live in the us. But for boot looping well the previous lg phones that i covered in the video. Before mostly had a lot of articles written on them and a lot of pieces on the internet and a lot of foreign posts.

A lot of questions a lot of mad reddits and to be fair. It was pretty bad and there was a reason for the public to almost outcry by this but the g6 doesn t seem to have too much on the internet about it i did google and there were some forum posts on xda forums asking about blue loops and how to fix them. But they were mainly trivial and the comments on those were kind of pointing towards user error. Or maybe just a doa don t believe it or not not every phone gets to its user perfectly fine you know iphone samsung lg sony s iphone from pretty much every manufacturer will arrive to the user do a or with some kind of deficiency that s just how manufacturing works of course.


We d love not to have these problems and we designed these things not to break. But there are going to be some defects when you send out such a huge amount of phones. So i ve gathered from this is from researching online. Looking through forums and overall looking at how the public reacted that a g6.

I can safely say that the g6 probably isn t one of those boot looping fiasco s because a year after its release were pretty much on old software. So there aren t any you updates that are gonna bug out the device and when you buy your g6 or g6 plus. It should not boot loop. Then we guys hopefully.


I ve cut this down to a nice and short video. It was one of those ones that i m kind of answering a question and not going into a huge topic. So i ve been ryan thomas that s it from me. Please do share the video with anyone who s buying a g6 or going to buy a g6 like comment subscribe dislike if you like or whatever really helps me out and thanks ross for supporting me on patreon.

My rant or take again and i ll see you ” ..

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