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“Potter such an honor. It is who are you dobby. Sir dobby. The house elf elf not to be rude or anything.

But this isn t a great time for to have a house elf in my bedroom. Oh yes. Sir dobby. Understands.

It s just that dobby has come to tell you it is difficult dobby wonders where to begin why don t you sit down. I m sorry. I i think you just offend you or anything. Oh dobie dobie has heard of your greatness.


But never has he been asked to sit down by a wizard like an equal. I haven t dobby had to punish himself. Sir dobby. Almost spoke he loved his family sir the wizard family dobby serve sir dobby is bound to serve one family forever if they ever knew dobby.

Was here dobby has to protect harry potter to warn him must not go back to hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry this year. A plot to make most terrible things happened. See what i ve got to go back. I don t belong here i belong in your world.

A hogwarts friends you don t even write to harry potter. How do you know my friends haven t been writing to me marseilles. He s not going back to school for harry potter s own good. Hello.

Harry potter should have gotten back home..

When he missed the train. It was you used on the barrier from letting rory through indeed. Yes. At least you would be away from here.

Harry potter. Must go home dobby. Feels most aggrieved. Sir dobby.

Had to iron his hands. Don t be is used to death threat. Sir dobby. Gets them five times a day at home.

Not kill you sir never kill you dobby remembers how it was before harry potter triumphed over he who must not be named of course dobby is still treated like a vermin..

This is a mark of the house elves enslavement dobby could only be freed. If his master presents him with clothes terrible things are about to happen at hogwarts. I should have said that tell me dobie when did this happen before who s doing it now dobie cannot say sir dobie mm hmm. I ll do with you later fortunately come derby.

We re leaving cutting w. Diaby master has given dobby a sock what i don t master has presented dobby with clothes dobby is free you shall not harm harry potter hmm. Harry potter freed dobby how can dobby ever repay him. He was only trying to help but dobby saw kreacher in diagon alley.

Which dobby thought was curious and then dobby heard creature. Mention harry potter s name so good to see you toby. What are you doing. It dobby has come to rescue harry potter of course.

But could you take us with you of course..

I m an elf never you re ready. Sir sir i like her very much meet me at the top of the stairs in 10 seconds. You re gonna kill me don t be never meant to kill dobby only meant to maim or seriously injure you take away his wand. How dare you defy your masters.

Dobby has no master dobby is a free elf and dobby has come to save harry potter. And his friends oh hold on okay well cool fix it such a beautiful place go be happy to be with his friend harry potter. There now you could be sleeping. ” .


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